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1890 Temperance Witt Evans Photo, Gloucestershire England to Canada


On reverse: "Temperance Evans, Hamilton, Ontario" is handwritten old dip pen ink. Photo type: Original vintage Victorian Cabinet Card Photograph, circa 1880-90s. Photographer: Snider, King & McNab Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (known to be photographer Korah Snider, Korah Winfred Snider or Korah W. Snider 1867-1907, who in 1893 moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and worked there with his nephew EB Curlette)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Temperance Witts Evans 1838–1915 born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, came to Canada in 1857, and died age 77 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Her father was George Witts born 1795, the son of George Witts 1762–1819 and Sarah Worgan Witts 1765–1844. Her mother was Ann Clarke Witts born 1796.
Her Siblings:
Mary Ann Witts born 1817
John Witts born 1819
Matilda Witts Dando 1822–1902
Elizabeth Witts born 1824
Martha Witts born 1825
Ann Witts 1827–1891
Tabitha Witts Dickins 1832–1903
Naomi Amelia Witts 1832–1914
Jane Witts born 1836
Temperance Witts 1838–1915
Robert Witts born 1838
George Witts born 1839

Her husband: Thomas Evans 1836–1891
Their Children:
Jane Evans born 1860
George H Evans born 1862
Thomas Evans born 1866
Harriet Evans born 1870
Elizabeth Evans born 1872
Lilly Temperance Evans born 1872
Mary Evans born 1875
Maud Amelia Matilda Evans 1878–1931

Temperance Witts in 1841 England Census
Age: 3
Estimated birth year: abt 1838
Where born: Gloucestershire, England
Civil Parish: Cheltenham
Household Members: Name Age
George Witts 45, occupation: Bricklater & Plasterer
George Witts 1
Ann Witts 45
Ann Witts 15
Matilda Witts 20
Martha Witts 15
Elizth Witts 15
Jane Witts 7
Naomi Witts 9
Temperance Witts 3

Temperance Evans in the 1871 Census of Canada
Age: 30
Birth Year: abt 1841
Birth Place: England, origin English
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Wesleyan Methodist
Province: Ontario, Hamilton, Canada
Subdistrict: St Patricks Ward
Household Members: Name Age
Thomas Beatty 60
Mary Beatty 59
Charles Beatty 25
Margaret Beatty 20
Arthur J N Beatty 16
Catharine Wilson 30
James Conolly 30
Mary Makar 19
Ellen Makar 17
Patrick Finnegan 30
Charles Leyden 20
James Rutherford 24
Thomas Evans 25
Temperance Evans 30
George Evans 8
Thomas Evans 5
Jane Evans 11
Harriet Evans 1

Temperence wears an interesting and unusual black silk veil on her head. It has the appearance of being religious. She was a Wesleyan Methodist as per census. wiki states: "The Wesleyan Methodist Church was the name used by the majority Methodist movement in Great Britain following its split from the Church of England after the death of John Wesley 1703-1791 and the appearance of parallel Methodist movements. The word "Wesleyan" was added to the title to differentiate it from the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists, founded by George Whitefield who, like Wesley and his brother Charles, had been a member of the Holy Club in Oxford to which the (originally derogatory) epithet "Methodist" was first applied, and from the Primitive Methodist movement, which separated from the Wesleyans in 1807."

This wonderful photo was found in the area of Livingston, Ontario & Monroe County, New York, about 50 miles across Lake Ontario to Toronto. Tempe, Tempy, Tempie are also nicknames for Temperance. A beautiful old photo.

Size: 4.5 x 7 inches
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