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1860's Rev. Donomey Haring CDV Photo, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ

#189 Haring Genealogy:

On reverse: "(Rev) Donomey Haring" is handwritten in pencil, see note below. Photo type: Original Antique Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: J. Van Emburgh 142 Main St, Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. (known to be photographer Jeremiah Van Emburgh 1834-1908, who worked in Paterson from about 1861-1885, see more info here)

This photograph was removed from a photo album found in the Northampton area of Massachusetts, Hampshire County. A very kind dealer, collector was finding and saving extensive family and genealogy material in the 1970-1990’s in that area. She bought at many MA auctions and flea markets, and carefully rewrote the family names on each photo as they were originally written on the decrepit album sleeves. Most often the early antique photo albums do not stand the test of time. She is gone now and we salute her wonderful work and love for these old ancestors.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
We did find evidence of this Haring family, with a middle initial of D. David's parents would have born in New Jersey in the 1700's:
David D Haring in the United States Census, 1880
Event Place, Harrington, Bergen, New Jersey
Age, 80
Marital Status, Married
Occupation, Farmer
Relationship to Head of Household, Self
Birth Year (Estimated) 1800
Birthplace New Jersey
Father's Birthplace New Jersey
Mother's Birthplace New Jersey
Household, Age, Birthplace:
David D Haring Self M 80 New Jersey
Leah Haring Wife F 77 New Jersey
Hering Blauvelt Grandson M 29 New Jersey

Note: Paterson became part of newly created Passaic County in 1837 from portions of Bergen County and Essex County, lest there be any confusion on NJ counties.

This is a beautiful old photo of an elderly couple born in the late 1700's-1800. Haring is a Holland, Dutch surname, and the reverend's first name may be spelled phonetically, such as Domeni, Donimy, Donamy, Donomey, Domenius, Dominius, Dominious etc. A beautiful image of a loving elderly couple, him holding a book or sermon. It is possible this was 1860's CDV photo was copied from an earlier daguerreotype photo of the 1840's, a common practice then. If this was the case, Reverend Haring and his wife would have been born earlier in the 18th century, in the era of the American Revolutionary War.

Do you have a Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Parson, Priest or Minister in your Haring line? We also found evidence of a Rev. Garret A. Haring or Harring in that area of NJ. Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here.

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches
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