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1890 Nina Towne Ball Rose Cabinet Photo, Cooperstown, Otsego County NY


On reverse: "Nina Towne, Aunt Nina Ball, Married George Ball. He died, then she married a Rose." handwritten in old pencil. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian Cabinet Card Photograph. Photographer: Smith, Cooperstown, New York, Otsego County. (known to be Washington G. Smith, Washington Smith)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Nina Towne born 1869 in Otsego County, New York
(She is also seen as Nina Town in census records)
Father: Elisha G. Towne 1842–1874 of Exeter, Otsego County, New York
Mother: Adaline E. Rose 1843–1880
Leva Towne born 1872
Half Sister Adeline M. Pierson Hodge 1864–1925 married Henry Spencer Hodge 1851–1926. She is her half sister by mother Adeline's previous marriage to Nathaniel Piersons 1837–1864 (also seen as Nathaniel Persons. He died of disease in Wash DC during the Civil War)

Her 1st husband: believed to be George A Ball, son of Harrison Ball and Harriett E Ball, who were both born about 1839-1842. Harrison was the son of Lyman Ball 1796-1854 of Cooperstown.
His siblings:
Ada M Ball born 1865
Cora A Ball born 1871
We cannot find a record of his death, but the photo states "He died, then she married a Rose." therefore his death would have been before 1898. We did find a George A. Ball who died at age 80 in 1895, born in 1815.

Her 2nd Spouse: Chester Kingman Rose 1861–1929, a Cooperstown hotel keeper, they married in 1898. He was the the son of Eli Rose 1811–1895 and Maria Kingman Rose 1828–1917. He later married Clara Palmer Rose 1862–1926.

We cannot find any record of Nina's burial, assumed to be in Cooperstown NY, but did receive her death notice, included here on site. Any help on her gravesite is appreciated, email Debra here.

This photo was found in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.; A beautiful old 1880's close up image of Nina, about 20 years old, who sports an unusual spiked brush cut, with very beautiful thick hair, she looks very hip and contemporary! The dark background is unusual on a cabinet card photo. A beautiful and intimate portrait.

Size: 4.5 by 7 inches
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