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1860's Margaret & Archibald Bowen CDV Photo, Bloomington, Illinois


On reverse: "Martha E. Bowen, Bloomington, Ills" is handwritten in beautiful old period fancy dip pen ink. Photo type: Vintage Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Unmarked, Unknown. Bloomington, Illinois is in McLean County, Illinois. 

This is a beautiful old 1860-70 CDV image of  a couple in their fifties to sixties. Mr. Bowen has his arm around Martha, and she with her arms crossed. We believe him to be her husband, Mr. Archie Bowen or Archibald Bowen found in census records.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Archibald Bowen in the United States Census 1870
Event Place: Illinois
Age:  64
Birth Year (Estimated): 1805-1806
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania   
Household  Gender Age Birthplace:
Archibald Bowen, M  64 Pennsylvania 
Margaret E Bowen,  F 52 Virginia  
Rebecca Bowen, F  70  Pennsylvania    
David Bowen,  M  32 Pennsylvania    
Hannah J Bowen,  F  25 Pennsylvania    
Sarah M Bowen,  F  23 Pennsylvania  
Margaret Bowen,  F  21 Virginia    
Cornelia Bowen,  F  18 Virginia    
Jessie Bowen  F   14  Virginia    
Shady Bowen,  M  9  Missouri  (possibly Shade, Shadrack or Shadrach Bowen) 
Dina Demus, F  70  Virginia

This Bowen family seems to have moved from Virginia, to Missouri, to Illinois. She with Virginia roots, he with Pennsylvania roots. It is assumed that it is his mother or sister Rebecca Bowen who also lives with them in census. This is a beautiful old original 19th century Bowen family ancestor piece.

Size 2.5 x 4 inches
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