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1860's Magnus Koechling CDV Photo, Washington DC & Maryland, Civil War


On reverse: "Magnus Koechling" is handwritten and autographed in old fancy period pencil script. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: J.D. Heywood's Photographic Art Rooms, New Berne, North Carolina, Craven County. (known to be photographer John Heywood or John D. Heywood)

Note: Magnus added the rest of the word Carolina at the end of N.C. for it to read "N. Carolina" in his fine pencil handwritten script. New Berne is the previous 19th c. spelling of what is now known as New Bern, NC.

In August 1864 to August 1866, the US government taxed photographs to help pay for the American Civil war. Revenue stamps were placed on the back of photos, and “hand cancelled" by the photographer. CDV's with revenue stamps are collectible for stamp and vintage photography collectors. It is a way to date a Civil War era photograph. This CDV has a cancelled 3 cent revenue stamp with initials written over stamp in dip pen ink.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Magnus Before Civil War:
Magnes Kochling, Maryland, Baltimore Passenger Lists Index
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: Oct 1 1846
Event Place: Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Age 5, Birth Year (Estimated) 1841
Birthplace: Rosenthel
Ship Name: Harvest
Note: We are not sure this is him, census records say born in Maryland, but  it is interesting to note nonetheless.

Magmes Koechling: possibly his father or relative?
United States Census, 1870
Event Place: Maryland, United States
Age 70
Birth Year (Estimated) 1799-1800
Birthplace Prussia
Magmes Koechling M 70 Prussia (Magnus)
Julia Koechling F 53 Prussia
Julius Koechling M 26 Maryland

Magnus Koechling Civil War records:
Magnus Koechling United States Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army
Event Type: Military Service
Event Date: 29 Sep 1868
Event Place: Fort McHenry, Maryland
Age: 26
Birth Year, Estimated: 1842

New Jersey. Adjutant-General's Office: Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865, Vol. 2, 1876
Date: Between 1861 and 1876
Place: New Jersey
Publication date: 1876
Publication place: Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Magnus Koeckling, Hos (assumed to mean Hospital Steward)

Magnus Koechling in the US Civil War Soldier Records & Profiles 1861-1865
Rank at enlistment: Hospital Steward
State Served: Regular Army
Service Record: Enlisted in the Regular Army Hospl Stewards Infantry.
Sources: Index to Compiled Military Service Records
Residence was not listed; Enlisted as a Hospital Steward (date unknown).
He also had service in: US Army Hospital Stewards

Magnus Koechling in the US Civil War Pension Index 1861-1934
Place Filed: District of Columbia, USA
Relation to Head: Soldier
Spouse: Regina M Koechling

National Archives Article: January—March 2014, volume 40, number 1:
Article called: Did your Union Civil War ancestor have an artificial limb? By Claire Prechtel-Kluskens: "The “List of Veterans Furnished Artificial Limbs, 1871–1872” is a single 251-page volume that contains a list of men furnished artificial limbs under laws enacted before 17 June 1870, according to the explanation written at the front by U.S. Army Steward Magnus Koechling, Surgeon General’s Office, 1 April 1872. He noted the list included records for 3,021 arms, 4,464 legs, 48 feet, and 214 apparatus for resection."

After war...After 1865:
1st Marriage to Amelia Monck:
Magnus Koechling in the 1870 United States Federal Census
Age in 1870: 28
Birth Year: abt 1842
Birthplace: Maryland
Home in 1870: Washington Ward 4, Washington, District of Columbia
Post Office: Washington
Household Members: Name Age
Charlotte Monck 49
Ida Monck 20
Edward Monck 18
Magnus Koechling 28
Amelia T Koechling 25
Joseph Reese 45
Edward Reese 15
Emma Reese 13
Jeff Barrett 27
James Thompson 29
Wallace Hills 25

Magnus Koechling in the record of Magnus Koechling & Amelia T Munck
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 23 Sep 1869
Event Place: District of Columbia, United States
Spouse's Name: Amelia T Munck (also seen as Monke, Monch)

2nd Marriage, to Regina Robinson Koechling:
WASHINGTON. D.C. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1879. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. PUBLISHED DAILY. Except Sunday, RTAA BUILDING. Pennsylvanfa Avenue. Corner 11th Street by The Evening Star Newspaper: "MARRIAGE Licenses have been issued to Magnus Koechling, of Baltimore, Maryland and Regina Robinson of Philadelphia.

Magnus Koechling in the District of Columbia Compiled Marriage Index, 1830-1921
Marriage Date: 29 Sep 1879
Marriage Place: Washington, District of Columbia
Spouse: Regina M. Robinson

Listed as s a "Son in law:"
Magnus Koechling United States Census 1880
Event Place: Washington, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Age: 38
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Clerks Sgo War Dept
Relationship to Head of Household: Son-in-law
Birth Year, Estimated: 1842
Birthplace: Germany
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Household: Age, Birthplace
Henry B Robinson Self M 58 Pennsylvania
Ellen C Robinson Wife F 49 Maryland
Clara B Robinson Daughter F 21 Pennsylvania
Magnus Koechling Son-in-law M 38 Germany
Regina Koechling Daughter F 25 Pennsylvania
Marie Koechling Granddaughter F 8 District of Columbia

Magnus Koechling District of Columbia Deaths
Event Date 16 Mar 1889
Event Place District of Columbia
Address 935 T. St., N.W.
Age 48
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Government Clerk
Birth Year, Estimated: 1841
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Burial Date: 18 Mar 1889
Cemetery: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Parent's Birthplace: Both Germany

Regina M Koechling United States Census 1910
Event Place: Precinct 8, Washington, District of Columbia
Age 52
Marital Status Widowed
Birth Year, Estimated: 1858
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Maryland
Household Age Birthplace
Regina M Koechling Head F 52 Pennsylvania
Ellen C Koechling Daughter F 28 District of Columbia
Lilliam M Koechling Daughter F 24 District of Columbia
Henry M Koechling Son M 21 District of Columbia

Lillian Koechling: Howard Russell Barnes 1877-1930 married Lillian M. Koechling Barnes 1886-1979 on 19 Sept 1921 in Washington, DC. She was born in Washington, DC, to Magnus Koechling 1841-1889 and Regina M. Robinson Koechling, born Feb 1860. In the 1930 U.S. Census, Howard and Lillian were living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lillian died in Washington, DC.

Magnus was a medical hospital steward or nurse during the American Civil war. We shudder to think of the life he led during the war, and the experiences he saw. He died young with small children, at age 48 in Washington, DC as a government clerk, presumably in the medical field. This photo was found in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County PA in the vicinty of Harrisburg. Alternative spellings in census are Koeckling, Kochling, Kockling, Kechling, Keckling and Mangus, Magnas, Magnes. He has NJ, NC, DC, MD, Germany and PA ties,and an interesting but short life.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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