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1860 John D. Cooper CDV Photo, Theodosia Wyckoff, Zetus Searle Family


On reverse: "John D. Cooper, age 65, son of Jno. Cooper, who was brother of Theodosia Wyckoff, mother of E.C. Searle, who is mother of H.E. Hussey" is beautifully handwritten in old period sepia brown dip pen ink. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph, Civil war era. Photographer: Unmarked, Unknown. 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Theodosia Cooper: 1775 or 1777-1839
Theodosia married Jacob Wyckoff and had 11 children.
She passed away on 29 Apr 1839.
Spouse: Jacob Wyckoff 1775-1849

Their Children:
Gitty Wyckoff 1795-1885
Elizabeth Wyckoff 1799-1884
Jacob Harvey Wyckoff 1802-1876 (Jacob Wyckoff)
Harriet Cooper Wyckoff 1804-1828
Simon Wyckoff 1807-1875
Fanny Cooper Wyckoff 1808-1889
Jane Barkley Wyckoff, born 1811, also seen as Jane Berkley Wyckoff
Eleanor Covenhoven Wyckoff 1813-1908
Amos Dayton Wyckoff 1816-1871 (Amos Wyckoff)
Isreal Ludlow Wyckoff 1818-1882 (Israel Wyckoff)
Malvina T Wyckoff, born 1820 (Malvina Wyckoff)

Her husband: Jacob Wyckoff: 1774 or 1775-1849
Father: John Wyckoff
Mother: Katarina Wyckoff
Husband of Theodosia Wyckoff
His parents: John Wyckoff 1767-1842 or 1849, born in White House, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. His Wife: Jane Barclay 1770-1857 whom he married 1789. They lived in Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York, where he purchased a large farm.

Their Children:
John Wyckoff
Polly Wyckoff Van Horn, born 1792, wife of Colonel Elijah Van Horn
Nathan Wyckoff
Catharine S. Wyckoff Knapp, born 1799, wife of Dr. Augustus Knapp
Ambrose Spencer Wyckoff
Samuel Barclay Wyckoff
Jacob Wyckoff 1775-1849, married Theodosia Cooper 1776-1839

Jacob & Theodosia's Children:
Gitty Wyckoff Stephenson Cross 1795-1885 married 1st Cornelius Stephenson; married 2nd in 1814 to James Cross
Elizabeth C. Wyckoff Searle 1799-1884 married 1827 to Zetus Searle 1799-1880
(She is the the "E.C. Searle" mentioned in handwriting on this photo)
Jacob Harvey Wyckoff
Harriet Wyckoff (1804-1828) married 1825 to Abraham Van Horn
Simon J. Wyckoff
Fanny C. Wyckoff (born 1808) married Charles Daniel
Jane Wyckoff (born 1811) married Cornelius Clark
Eleanor C. Wyckoff, (born 1813) married (1) Mott Cannon; (2) Stephen Childs
Amos Dayton Wyckoff
Israel Ludlow Wyckoff
Melvina Theodosia Wyckoff (born 1820-1892) born in born in Basking Ridge, Somerset County, NJ, married Edward Thomas, died in Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois.

Birth Records for the Congregation of Blenheim, New York
Births: Jacob Wickoff and Theodoshe Cooper:
Catherina Elisabeth Wyckoff born 1 April 1799
Jacobe Wickoff and Theodolia Cooper:
Jacob Meroy Wyckoff born November 15, 1802
Jacob Wickoff and Theodocia Cooper:
Hariot Cooper Wyckoff born December 2, 1804
Jacob Wyckoff and Theodoria:
James Cooper born November 11, 1808
Jacob Wyckoff and Theodora Cooper:
Jane Berkley Wyckoff born August 20, 1811
John Wyckoff and Theodora Cooper:
Eleanor Covenhoven Wyckoff born March 18, 1818
Amos Dayton Wyckoff born November 12, 1816

Somerset County historical quarterly by Honeyman, A. Van Doren (Abraham Van Doren), 1849-1936; Somerset County Historical Society (N.J.) Published 1916:
"Jacob Wyckoff, born 1775; died Sept. 10, 1849; married Theodosia Cooper, who was born 1776, and died Apr. 29, 1839. He removed to New York, and lived for a time in Brooklyn. He was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery. (we could not substantiate this info)
1. Gitty, born Sept. 27, 1795; died Jan. 28, 1885; married (1) Cornelius Stephenson; (2), Dec. 9, 1814, James Cross.
2. Elizabeth C., born Apr. 1, 1799; died June 27, 1884; married , Oct. 6, 1827, Zetus Searle or Zetus Searles, who was born Mar. 13, 1799, and died May 12, 1880.
3. Jacob Harvey.
4. Harriet, born Dec. 2, 1804; died Apr. 19, 1828; married , Nov. 2, 1825, Abraham Van Horn.
5. Simon J.
6. Fanny C., born Dec. 11, 1808; married Charles Daniel.
7. Jane, born Aug. 20, 181 I; married Cornelius Clark.
8. Eleanor C., born Mar. 18, 1813; married (1) Mott Cannon; (2) Stephen Childs.
9. Amos Dayton.
10. Israel Ludlow.
11. Melvina T., born Sept. 8, 1820; married Edward Thomas.

Simon Wyckoff, born 18, 1782; died 1857; married , Mar. 6, 1802, Mary Catharine Kline, who was born Jan. 5, 1781, and died 1856. Farmer of Hunterdon and Warren counties, New Jersey.
His Children:
Simon Stockton
John S.
Daniel Miller
Jacob I. Schultz, born Mar. 28, 1817; died Aug. 17, 1829
Joseph Theodore, born Oct. 3, 1821; died Mar. 22, 1822

Joseph Wyckoff, born 1784; married Margaret Hardenbergh. Lived in Roxbury, Delaware County N.Y.
His Children:
John Meyers; unmarried
Catharine; married Morgan Ferris.
Agnes; unmarried
Villetta Ann.
John Wyckoff, born Jan. 20, 1771; died Aug. 26, 1842; married , Nov. 14, 1793, Catharine McDonald, who died 1854. He was a farmer near Washington, N.J.
Mary A., born Sept. 6, 1794; died Apr. 16, 1878; married , Sept. 21, 1816, Edward Youmans."

This is an absolutely beautiful personal family photo, handwritten calligraphy by Eleanor C. Searle, wife of Zetus Searle. It was found in Chester, Windsor County, Vermont.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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