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1877 Ira Sankey CDV Photo & Dwight Moody & Sankey Boston Tabernacle Ad


Here we have a CDV photo printed with evangelical Ira D. Sankey's name on the reverse, and a beautiful old flyer/handbill for the famous Boston Tabernacle, 2 original 19th century items for sale. You may buy the originals, or scans, or both, See info below. Photographer: Unmarked, Unknown.

Text on the 1877 Souvenir Boston Tabernacle Advertising Handbill/Flyer reads:
The Moody and Sankey Tabernacle, Boston 1877.
The only complete reports of Mr. Moody's Sermons, Prayer Meetings, Talks and of the Tabernacle Services generally are given in the Boston Daily Globe, Sold by all News Dealers. Price 3 Cents. Terms, by mail 75 Cents a month, $2 for three months, $4 for six months, $8 for one year. Postage Free. Address: The Globe Publishing Co., 238 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.
Dimensions 204 Feet.
Width 172 Feet.
Seating Capacity 6,000.
Published by Edmund W. Noyes, Printer, No. Kilby Street, Boston. New England News Co. Wholesale Agents, Boston. Price 5 Cents.

Bio & Info: Ira David Sankey was known as "The Sweet Singer of Methodism." He was an American gospel singer and composer, associated with evangelist Dwight L. Moody. He was born in 1840 in Edinburg, Pennsylvania, near New Castle PA to David Sankey and Mary Sanley (née Mary Leeper Sanley). He served in the Civil War as a young man and married Fanny Victoria Edwards, one of his choir members, in September 1863. They had 2 sons, John Sankey 1868–1912, and Ira Allan Sankey.

Ira David Sankey 1840-1908 by John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907): "Sankey, Ira David, was born in Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1840, of Methodist parents. About 1856 he removed with his parents to Newcastle, Pennsylvania, where he became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Four years afterwards he became the Superintendent of a large Sunday School in which he commenced his career of singing sacred songs and solos. Mr. Dwight Moody met with him and heard him sing at the International Convention of the Young Men's Christian Association, at Indianapolis, and through Mr. Moody's persuasion he joined him in his work at Chicago. After some two or three years' work in Chicago, they sailed for England on June 7, 1872, and held their first meeting at York a short time afterwards, only eight persons being present. Their subsequent work in Great Britain and America is well known. Mr. Sankey's special duty was the singing of sacred songs and solos at religious gatherings, a practice which was in use in America for some time before he adopted it. His volume of Sacred Songs and Solos is a compilation from various sources, mainly American and mostly in use before. Although known as Sankey and Moody’s Songs, only one song, "Home at last, thy labour done" is by Mr. Sankey, and not one is by Mr. Moody. Mr. Sankey supplied several of the melodies. The English edition of the Sacred Songs & Solos has had an enormous sale; and the work as a whole is very popular for Home Mission services. The Songs have been translated into several languages. His Pseudonymns were Harry S. Low­er and Rian A. Dykes."

This is a beautiful set of 2 pieces, found together in Madison County NY. There is a corner crease in flyer, see scan. Does not affect his image at all. A wonderful Sankey family collection.

CDV Size: 2.5 x 4 inches both.
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy    Note: These are 2 original antique items, not reprints. New high quality rigid sleeves are also included for extra protection, especially during shipping. You may buy this lot of 2 items alone, or large 300 dpi high resolution scans of the front and back sent immediately via email, or both. Thank You, enjoy!  ~debra

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2 Original Vintage Photos 1877 Ira Sankey CDV Photo & Dwight Moody & Sankey Boston Tabernacle Ad - 2 Original Vintage Photos - 528 $32.00
Scans-300 dpi Large Scans of Front/Back-Sent via email 1877 Ira Sankey CDV Photo & Dwight Moody & Sankey Boston Tabernacle Ad - Scans-300 dpi Large Scans of Front/Back-Sent via email - Scans $4.99

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