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1864 Henry Hierth Civil War CDV Photo, 5th & 90th Indiana-Henry Hearth


On front: "Henry Hearth" is handwritten in beautiful old period pencil. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian Carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: Hinsey & Perry, Pontiac, Illinois, Gallery over the Post Office. This is in Livingston or (Saint) St. Clair County, Illinois. (Known to be an earlier daguerreian and ambrotype photographer Alexander Hinsey 1839-1910 and an unknown Pontiac, Illinois Perry photographer, any help appreciated, email Debra here. Alex Hinsey was also in business as Murray & Hinsey, who were were the pioneer ambrotype photographers of Pontiac, Illinois in the early days)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Henry Hearth in United States Civil War Soldiers Index
Name: Henry Hearth, also known as Henry Hierth, Henry Heirth
Event Type: Military Service
Military Beginning Rank: Private
Military Final Rank: Private
Military Side: Union
State or Military Term: Illinois
Military Unit: 9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
Military Company: D
Note: Original filed under Henry Heirth

Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations in State of Illinois:
HENRY HIERTH, born 1846, died Jun 14, 1918, Army, Military, Civil War Private in Co. D 5th Indiana Cavalry, 5th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry (90th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers) Co. C

Henry Hierth:
Regiment Name: 5th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
(90th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers)
Side: Union
Company: C.
Soldier's Rank In and Out: Private

In 1864-66 the US government taxed photography to help pay for the American Civil war. This CDV has evidence of once having a revenue stamp, showing a a lightened area, see photo.

His Wife: Sophie Zeh Hierth 1848-1922
Their Children:
Anna Hierth 1871-1968
William Hierth 1872-1879
Rose Hierth 1874-1874
Josie Hierth 1879-1881 (Josephine Hierth)
Lewis Hierth 1883-1968
Edward Hierth 1886-1886
Frederick Hierth 1887-1956

Henry Hierth in the marriage record of Henry Hierth & Sophia Zeh Hearth
Event Typ:e Marriage
Event Date: 16 Apr 1870
Event Place: Livingston County, Illinois
Spouse's Name: Sophia Zeh Hierth
Spouse's Titles and Terms: Miss Zeh

Buried at South Side Cemetery, Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois

This German surname is seen spelled as Harth, Hearth and Hierth in US census records. A beautiful Civil war piece of a young immigrant soldier. His son Fred or Frederick Hierth was the Mayor of Pontiac, Illinois from 1935-38. A rare piece.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy      Note: The original is sold, but you may still purchase large, detailed and intimate 300 dpi high resolution scans of front and back, sent immediately via email. Please check our site carefully, as many may be related to each other that we are unaware of. Click scan to place in your cart. Thank you, enjoy! ~debra (please also join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. contact info on top bar)

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