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1880's Henry Ascott, New Inn Pub Billhead, Bideford, Devon, England

#878 Bideford History: 3 Piece Lot: Vintage Advertising Billhead, 1897 Travel book page & early color picture postcard for Henry Ascott's New Inn:

Mr. Henry Ascott was the licensee of the New Inn Pub, Hotel or Inn from 1878 until 1914. He died in 1915, as well as his wife, Jane Ascott. This is a beautiful 1880's bill invoice for the 1880's early stay of a guest named A. Thornbury, and is paid in full. It lists the tab of bath, carriage, teas, breakfast, attendance, maids and luncheons. Printed text reads: New Inn Hotel, Bideford, Family Commercial & General Posting House, Henry Ascott, Proprietor. This house is pleasantly situated in the most central part of the town. Commanding ver extensive views of the River Torridge & Surrounding County. Printed by J. Tite, Tiverton. (known to be early Tiverton printer James Tite)

There is also an 1897 advertising page from a travel book, and an early color postcard, all included.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Henry Ascott 1839–1915 born in Halberton, Devon, England & died in Bideford, Devon, England at age 77. He was the proprietor of the New Inn Pub in Bideford for 36 years.
His father: Thomas Ascott 1806–1872
His father's line: Henry Ascott born 1745 & Sarah Phillips Ascott born 1749 Halberton, Devon, England; John Ascott born 1706 & Jane Webber Ascott 1704–1764 Shobrooke, Devon, England; William Ascott born 1700 & Mary Ascott 1700, of London, England.

His mother: Elizabeth Upton Ascott 1801–1871
Her father: Henry Upton born 1773 of Halberton, Devon, England.
Her mother: Charity Coles Upton born 1780 of Halberton, Devon, England.
Her siblings:
James Upton born 1799
John Upton born 1802–
Charity Upton 1807
Henry Upton born 1810
William Upton born 1812
Harriet Upton born 1815
Joseph Upton born 1817
George Upton born 1819

His siblings:
George Ascott 1822–1874
Mary Ascott 1825–1881
Elizabeth Ascott 1825–1908
Harriet Ascott 1828–1908
Thomas Ascott 1831–1893
Jane Ascott Maw 1832–1909
William Ascott born 1836
Susanna Ascott born 1841
Emily Ascott born 1841
Embling Ascott 1843–1931
James Upton Ascott 1845–1929

Henry's wife: Jane Parkhouse Ascott 1835–1915, the daughter of John Parkhouse, born 1796 and Sarah Sweet Parkhouse 1811–1868. They married in 1858.
Their 3 children:
1. Thomas Ascott 1859–1914 married Amy Isobella Heath 1855–1931 and they had a daughter, Mary Florence Ascott Carey 1886–1908 who died at age 22. She married Albert Ernest Carey 1881–1951 and they had a son Ernest Clarence Carey 1908–1984. She may have died in childbirth when he was born.
2. Elizabeth Ascott Baker, 1861-1925, married John Cooke Baker 1852–1898 in 1880 and they had 4 children: John Isaac Baker born 1882, William Montague Baker 1883–1951, Christine Winifred Baker 1886–1930. She died in Bideford.
3. William Ascott born 1865, a Veterinary Surgeon. He married Frances Annie Keyte Ascott born 1864. They had 2 children: Henry William Ascott 1890–1954 and Vincent John Dawson Ascott 1892–1914.

1915 Bideford Archive News: "Following the death of Henry Ascott JP, the licensee of the New Inn, his executors have instructed J.J. Braddick to sell by auction a unique and extensive collection of carriages and stable paraphernalia from the ‘New Inn’ stables. Among the vehicles advertised are 6 varnished Brakes, two of them with detachable hoods, and the two largest able to carry over 20 passengers each. There are also 2 Landaus, 2 Victorias, a waggonette, 2 dog-carts, a colt-brake and various luggage carts, as well as an extensive range of harness and tack. Mr. Ascott had been the licensee from 1878 until 1914 when it was transferred to Richard G. Court. The manageress in 1915 was Miss Light."

Henry Ascott 1881 England & Wales Census
Birth Year: 1839
Birth Place: Halberton Devonshire Bideford
AGE: 42
Residence: 7, Market Place, New Inn Hotel, Bideford, Devonshire
Household Members:
Henry Ascott age 42
Jane Ascott age 45, wife
William Ascott 16, son
Charles M Vicar 23
Jane Ann Hairel 36
Ellen Grant 24
Mary Madge 24
Emma Pillman 22
Annie Baskerville 22

Henry Ascott in the 1891 England Census
Age: 52, head
Birth Year: 1839
Spouse: Jane Ascott
Birth Place: Halberton, Devon, England
Residence Place: Bideford, Devon, England
Household Members: Name Age
Henry Ascott 52
Jane Ascott 55
Susan Ottara 19
Mary Ottara 12
Ada A Babb 24
Robert Rendle 27
George Gould 18
Alice Rendle 24
Lucy Borey 26
Susan Delve 21
Mary Walkins 22
Louisa Phillips 19
William B Bradbury 33

This is an original signed Ascott hotel billhead, with Henry's beautifully printed name at top, signed in old period script. It was found in Topsham, Exeter, Devon, England together with a beautiful old circa 1910 RPPC photo postcard scene of the New Inn, in its day, and a small paper 1897 ad from a travel book for the Ascott business. The postcard has some creasing, but is a beautiful early image of the pub. 

All 3 pieces will be included when you buy original or scans. We found Henry Ascott listed in White's Directory as a the "victualler" of the New Inn from 1878-1902, although we know he held this post until 1914, dying in 1915.

5 x 10.25 inches. Size of Billhead
3.5 x 5.5 inches, Size of Postcard
4 x 6 inches, Size of Advert
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy         Note: The originals are sold, but you may still purchase large, detailed and intimate 300 dpi high resolution scans, sent immediately via email. Please check our site carefully, as many may be related to each other that we are unaware of. Click scan to place in your cart. Thank you, enjoy! ~debra (please also join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. contact info on top bar)

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