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Fritcher Genealogy: 1860-70s CDV Photos 9 of the Fritcher Family NY PA

9 PHOTOS: 1860-70s Fritcher, Williams, Nolan, Riegel, Pomeroy, Syracuse NY, Onondaga County, Waverly New York, Westchester, Tioga County, Williamsport Pennsylvania, Northampton, Lycoming County #409:

-Original antique photo, when sold, no more
-9 Original hand signed 1860-80s CDV Photos
-Syracuse, Waverly, Onondaga, Westchester & Tioga County History
-Fritcher, Williams, Nolan, Riegel & Pomeroy Genealogy

This is a wonderful collection of the Fritcher family 1860-70's CDV photos, 9 all found together and all clearly identified on reverse with clear old handwriting.

Photos are, as follows: 

Note: These 4 images below were taken by photographers Bonta & Curtiss of 16-24 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY. (known to be Samuel Bonta (1812-1910) and his son-in-law Nathan S. Curtiss or Nathan Curtiss)
1. "Uncle Silas Fritcher" handwritten in old pencil.
2. Myra Fritcher Nolan (Myra Nolan) Known to be Almira Myra Fritcher.
3. "Julia Fritcher, Mrs. Riegel" is handwritten on reverse in old pencil (she may be known as Julia Riegel, Juia Fritcher Riegel in census.
4. "Eliza F_" is handwritten in pencil by the same hand as others on reverse and "Eliza Fritcher" on front by same hand.
Note: This photo below was taken presumably by photographer C.E. Myers, Hornellsville NY. (known to be Civil War veteran Charles E. Myers, Charles Myers) Steuben County, New York.

5. "Mamie Pomeroy & Charles Fritcher" is handwritten on front in old dip pen ink.
6. "Charles Raymond Fritcher" is  handwritten on front in old dip pen ink, and on reverse is handwritten "Charles Raymond Fritcher, age four years and 1 month, Feb 26, 1880" (illegible last number of date, appears to be 1880) Photographer: Mac Collin, S.E. Cor. Third and Pine Streets, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Lycoming County. 
7. "Jule Myers Fritcher" is handwritten on the front. She eould also be known as Julia Fritcher or Jule Fritcher in census. Photographer: M. Mead, Waverly NY. (known to be photographer Montgomery Mead) Tioga County, NY.
8. "Amelia Fritcher (Mrs. Thomas Williams) Jennie's mother" is handwritten on reverse in pencil. She would also be known as Amelia Williams. Photographer: Winter, Savings Bank Building, North Salina Street, Syracuse NY (known to be John Winter) Onondaga County.
9. "Julia Fritcher" is handwritten on front. Photographer: Blye Brothers, No. 8 South Salina Street, Syracuse, New York. (known to be Alson Blye, Alson D. Blye, Alson DeForest Blye, or misspelled in census as Alsen Blye) He and his brother George Blye or George D. Blye worked together as the Blye Bros. Photographers in Onondaga County.

The 9 photos were all found together in Rockland Maine, Knox County and are an amazing original Fritcher Civil War era family collection.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches all.
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy   Note: The 9 originals are sold, but you may still purchase large, detailed and intimate 300 dpi high resolution scans of all 9 photos front and back, sent immediately via email. Please check our site carefully, as many may be related to each other that we are unaware of. Click scan to place them in your cart. Thank you, enjoy! ~debra (please also join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. contact info on top bar)

Original Sold, High Resolution Scans Available

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