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1880's Frederick & Francenia Alexander CDV Photos, Brooklyn NYC NY


2 original CDV Photos of the Alexander Family:

#1 Photo of young Fred: On reverse: "May 1892" in pencil and "Fred C. Alexander, Born July 24, 1888. Died Dec 14, 1974" is handwritten in old ballpoint pen ink script. Photo type: small Victorian era CDV Photograph. Photographer: I.C. Pardee, Franklin & Fulton Avenues, Brooklyn, New York, Kings County. (known to be Irving C. Pardee, Irving Pardee) 

Size: 1.75 x 3.25 inches. 

#2 Photo of a young mother: On reverse: "January 14, 1871" and "Mama" in pencil and "Francenia Alexander, Mrs. Fred B. Alexander, mother of Fred C. & Florence Alexander" handwritten in old ballpoint pen ink script. (Note: it is possible it is "Florence M. Alexander") Photo type: Victorian CDV Photograph. Photographer: Richardson, 129 & 131 Broadway, Brooklyn E.D. (Enumeration District) Kings County, New York. (known to be Photographer Benjamin Richardson or Benjamin J. Richardson) 

Size 2.5 x 4 inches

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Fred C Alexander in the New York, State Census 1892
Name:  Fred C Alexander
Event Place: Brooklyn, Ward 23, E.D. 16
Age:  3, Birthplace: United States, Birth Year (Estimated):  1889

Frederick C Alexander in household of Frederick B Alexander
New York State Census 1905
Residence Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
Age: 16
Birth Year (Estimated): 1889
Birthplace: United States
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Household Age 
Head Frederick B Alexander 52 years  
Wife Francina A Alexander 50 years  
Daughter Florence M Alexander 18 years 
Son  Frederick C Alexander  16 years  

Francina Alexander in household of Fred A Alexander
United States Census 1900
Event Place: Brooklyn, Election District 16, New York City Ward 23, Kings
Age: 45
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Number of Living Children:  2
Years Married: 16
Birth Date:  Jul 1855
Birthplace:  New York
Marriage Year (Estimated):     1884
Father's Birthplace:  New York
Mother's Birthplace:  Scotland
Household Age Birthplace
Wife Francena Alexander F  45 New York
Son Fred A Alexander M 12 New York
Daughter  Florence A Alexander  F   14  New York
Head  Fred A Alexander  M  53  born Massachusetts
Servant  Kate Mcnerney  F   23     Ireland

A beautiful old 1880's clearly signed image of young Fred, with his 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' look...lace collar, long blunt cut hair and Victorian era tunic. Also a beautiful portrait of his mother. It is wonderful to see how much they resemble each other.

These 2 Alexander family beautiful images. They have Scottish roots, her mother was born in Scotland. Frederick's father was born in Massachusetts. Both photos found together in New England.

Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy      Note: Hello from ~debra. I have spent years collecting over 10,000 ID’d lost family photos & paper from US flea markets & antique shops. I do the best gen research I can, but am always open to corrections. This is an original antique set of 2 photos, not reprints. New high quality rigid sleeves are included for extra protection, especially during shipping. You may buy this set alone, or large intimate 300 dpi scans of the fronts and backs sent immediately via email, or both. Please search carefully, as they are often found together and many may be related. I also invite you to join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. Thank you, enjoy! ~Debra Clifford (contact info on top bar)

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