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1890's Elmer Prescott Libbey 2 Cabinet Photos, Vermont & New Hampshire


2 Identified Cabinet Photos of Elmer P. Libbey:
1. On reverse: "Elmer Libbey" is handwritten in old pencil, and "Floyd's Father" is handwritten in brown period ink on the side, by another hand. Photo type: 1890's Antique Victorian Cabinet Card Photograph. Photographer: C.F. Bracy, Wells River, VT Orange County, and Woodsville, NH, Grafton County.

2. On reverse: "Elmer" is beautifully and boldy handwritten in fine old pencil. Photo type: 1890's Victorian Cabinet Card Photograph. Photographer: C.F. Bracy, Wells River VT Orange County, and Woodsville NH, Grafton County. Photographer: Charles Bracy, Charles F. Bracy or C.F. Bracy worked in Fairlee, Vermont.  Also in Warren, Meredith, and Woodsville, New Hampshire. Worked in Ocala, Florida. Charles Colby or Charles H. Colby 1850-1895 known as C.H. Colby was in partnership with him as "Bracy & Colby". He also is known to have worked with photographers Amos Franklin Clough 1833-1872 and Aldrick Lovell Adams 1863-1940. This is a beautiful close up portrait Of Elmer Libby looking directly in the camera, and was found with other photo below.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Elmer Prescott Libbey born 1861, death date unknown, died before 1930
Father: John Abbot Libbey 1822–1887
Mother: Rachel Angeline Prescott Libbey 1824–1916
His Siblings:
William A Libbey born 1843
Emily A Libbey Underhill 1845–1886
Ellen Caroline Webster 1848–1927
John E Libbey born 1851

His Wife:
Inez A Jackson Libbey, born in 1862 in Topsham, Orange County, Vermont, died after 1930, her last address was in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. Her father was John Jackson.

Their children:
Fay Jackson Libby 1885-1971 their son, Fay Libbey married Sabrina Gertrude Kelley 1880–1941 with one child, Doris Abbott Libbey 1913–1987.
Elmer Floyd Libbey 1889 son, known as Floyd, married to Ethel Mildred Quilty
with 2 children: Benjamin Luke Quilty 1838–1893 & Hannah Augusta Stone Quilty 1841–1906.

His mother's Death Record in NH Death Records 1754-1947
Name: Angeline Libbey (aka Rachel Angeline Prescott Libbey)
Birth Date: abt 1825
Father: Joseph Prescott
Mother: Rachel Abbot Prescott
Death Date: 15 Feb 1916
Death Place: Lisbon, New Hampshire
Age at Death: 91

His Father's Death Record in NH Death Records 1754-1947
Name: John Abbott Libby
Event Date: 9 Jun 1887
Event Place: Piermont, Grafton County, New Hampshire
Age 64
Birth Year (Estimated): 1823
Birthplace: Warren
Marital Status: Married
Father's Name: George Libby
Mother's Name: Sally Abbott Libbey

Father: John A Libbey in United States Census 1870
Event Place New Hampshire, United States
Age 48
Birth Year (Estimated) 1821-1822
Birthplace New Hampshire
Household Age Birthplace
John A Libbey M 48 New Hampshire Blacksmith
Angeline Libbey F 46 New York wife
John E Libbey M 20 New Hampshire
Elmer P Libbey M 9 New Hampshire Blacksmith
Rachel Prescott F 81 New Hampshire

Elmer P Libby in 1880 US Federal Census (incorrectly spelled as Elmer Lobby)
Name: Elmer P Libby
Age: 19, single
Birth Year: abt 1861
Birthplace: New Hampshire
Home in 1880: Piermont, Grafton, New Hampshire
Relation to Head of House: Son
Father's name: John A Libby
Father's Birthplace: New Hampshire
Mother's name: Angelina Libby
Mother's Birthplace: New Hampshire
Occupation: Blacksmith
Household Members: Name Age
John A Libby 57 (Blacksmith)
Angelina Libby 55 (keeping house)
Elmer P Libby 19 (son, Blacksmith)
Ellen C. Webster 32 daughter
Earle N. Webster 12 grandson

Elmer P Libby in the New Hampshire, Marriage Records Index 1637-1947
Marriage Date: 1 Feb 1882
Marriage Place: Piermont, Grafton County, New Hampshire
Birth Date: abt 1862
Birth Place: Piermont, New Hampshire
Age: 20
Father's name: John A Libby
Spouse Name: Inez A Jackson
Spouse Birth Place: Topsham, Vermont
Spouse Age: 19
Spouse Father's Name: John Jackson

Elmer P Libbey mentioned in the record of son Elmer Lloyd Libbey
Wife Inez A Jackson (Inez A Jackson)
Son Elmer Lloyd Libbey
Birth Date 15 Jun 1889
Birthplace Piermont, Grafton County, New Hampshire
Father's Name Elmer P Libbey
Mother's Name Inez A Jackson
Place: Piermont, Grafton, New Hampshire

Caroline Ellen Webster Libby 1847-1927, died age 79, NH
Caroline Ellen Webster Libbey
Parents: John Abbott Libby & Rachel Angeline Libby (born Prescott).
John was born 1822, Warren, Grafton, New Hampshire.
Rachel was born 1824, Dorset, Bennington, Vermont.
Caroline married Israel Nelson Webster, Israel Webster, Israel N. Webster born 1839 in 1865, at age 18.
Their Son: Earl C. Webster.

A beautiful abd exceptionally clear set of photos found together of Elmer P. Libbey, a blacksmith, like his father John Abbott Libbey and brothers also. Found in Chester, Windsor County, Vermont with a wide range of 19th c. New England family Photos. The full body pose is a wonderful portrait of Elmer, standing with off center hat, striped silk bow tie, handlebar moustache and much personality.

Size: 4.5 by 7 inches
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy     Note: Hello from ~debra. I have spent years collecting over 10,000 ID’d lost family photos & paper from US flea markets & antique shops. I do the best gen research I can, but am always open to corrections. This is an original antique item, not a reprint. A new high quality rigid sleeve is included for extra protection, especially during shipping. You may buy a piece alone, or large intimate 300 dpi scans of the front and back sent immediately via email, or both. Please search carefully, as they are often found together and many may be related. I also invite you to join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. Thank you, enjoy! ~Debra Clifford (contact info on top bar)

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