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1860's Albert Bloxson CDV Photo, son of Josiah & Johannah, Rochester NY

#417 Bloxson African American Genealogy:

On Reverse: "Albert Bloxson" is handwritten in old pencil script of the period. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian CDV Carte de Visite Photograph, circa 1860s Civil War era. Photographer: N.B. Baker, 15 Buffalo Street, Rochester, Monroe County, New York. (known to be photographer Noel Baker, or Noel Byron Baker 1829-1905)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Albert Bloxson 1851-1927 whose occupation was a barber in Rochester NY.
This surname is also seen as BLOXOM and BLAXOM in census. His father was a waiter, laborer named Josiah Bloxson 1825-1886, born in Virginia and married to Johanna Bloxson. He may have been also known as Joe Bloxson.

1850 US Census:
Josiah Bloxson Estimated Birth Year: 1825
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Virginia
State: New York
County: Monroe, Rochester, Ward 7
Ethnicity: American
Race: Mulatto
Name: William H Bloxson. AGE: 5.
Birth year: abt 1845.
Birthplace: New York.
Home In 1850: Rochester Ward 7, Monroe, New York.
Race: Mulatto.
Household Members, age:
Josiah Bloxson 25
Joanna Bloxson 20
William H Bloxson 5
Augustus C Bloxson 3
Josiah Bloxson 1
Rosanna Bloxson 56

Albert Bloxson in the New York, State Census, 1855.
Name: Albert Bloxson
Birth Year: abt 1851.
Age: 4.
Rrelation to head: Son.
Redisdence: Rochester City, Ward 7, Monroe, New York, USA.
Household, Age, Birthplace:
Josiah W Bloxson 33
Johannah Bloxson 28
Augustus C Bloxson 8 (Augustus Bloxson)
Albert Bloxson 4

This rare photo was found in the Hudson Valley of New York, in Albany County. It has an ornate Victorian photographer's backmark.

Albert's occupation was a barber in Rochester, New York. African American photos of this period that are clearly identified are uncommon, This is a beautiful photograph of a young handsome boy wearing a suit with gold watch fob, in his mid teens. Frederick Douglass was living in Rochester at this time and very active in the abolitionist movement. It is assumed this family has southern American Slavery and Civil War roots.

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches
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