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1870's Twins Freda & Forest Montgomery CDV Newborn Baby Photo

#1006 Twins Forest Montgomery & Freda Montgomery 1870's Photo

On reverse: “Forest & Freda Montgomery” is handwritten in old period pencil. (Note: It could be written as Frida or Freda.) A beautiful original and rare infant photograph of baby twins born about 1870-1880's. The photographer is unmarked and unknown. It was found in Oneida County NY and is somewhat light in tone, but such a rare and beautiful old piece.

Found in Public Genealogy Records: We found a Forest Wallace Montgomery 1878–1944 (Forest W. Montgomery) who lived and died in nearby Schroon, Essex County, New York in the Adirondack Mountains of NY, within 125 miles of where this photo was found in 2005. Was he a twin? and did he have a sister named Freda who may have passed before the next census?

Forest was born on September 8, 1878, in Schroon, New York, to Russell Montgomery 1829-1899 and Lura Bruce Montgomery 1836–1904. His father fought in the Civil War in Company G, New York 61st Infantry Regiment and was mustered out on 14 Jul 1865 at Alexandria, VA. Forest married Mary A. Potter Montgomery and they had two children: Edwin C. Montgomery 1899–1916 and Myrtle Margaret Montgomery 1903–1956. His wife Mary died in 1922 and in 1924 he then married Jennie Rose Welch 1891-1928. They had one son together named Elton. Forest Montgomery 1925–2003. Forest died December 5, 1944 in Schroon at age 66.

It is quite rare to have an image of early infants, however they may have taken them to a nearby studio. We see them as both alive in the photo. This is not a Victorian era post mortem CDV of a dead child, as was the custom.

This is a beautiful Montgomery genealogy photo. Please email Debra if you have any further information. We could not find any siblings in any census records of a Freda or Frida Montgomery and her brother Forest.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy      Note: Hello from ~debra. I have spent years collecting over 10,000 ID’d lost family photos & paper from US flea markets & antique shops. I do the best gen research I can, but am always open to corrections. This is an original antique item, not a reprint. A new high quality rigid sleeve is included for extra protection, especially during shipping. You may buy a piece alone, or large intimate 300 dpi scans of the front and back sent immediately via email, or both. Please search carefully, as they are often found together and many may be related. I also invite you to join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. Thank you, enjoy! ~Debra Clifford (contact info on top bar)

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