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1860 Roger Butterfield CDV Photo, Lawyer in Muskegon County, Michigan


On reverse: "Roger Butterfield, son of Isaac Butterfield, pastor of Baptist Church at Davenport" is handwritten in old period pencil. Photo type: Vintage Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: unmarked, unknown.

Davenport, Iowa is in Scott County IA. This family photo is slightly trimmed on edges, usually to fit into tight paper photo albums, as most were. Does not affect his image in any way. 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Roger Williams Butterfield 1844-1920: Princeton alumni
Born at: Elbridge, Onondaga County, New York
Father: Isaac Butterfield 1812-1895
Mother: Sarah Ann Templeton Butterfield 1811-1898
Sibling: Sarah Butterfield Smith (1842-1935)
Wife: Lenora Ida Drake Butterfield 1849-1920, also seen as Leonora Butterfield, born in Indiana to parents Moses Drake & Lenora Craw.
Their Children:
Catherine Butterfield, infant, died at 3 months, 1887
Mary Butterfield
Roger Champlin Butterfield Jr.
Isaac I Butterfield 
Archibold D Butterfield (Archibald Butterfield)

Died in Muskegon County, Michigan
Buried at Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

In the 1870 Census, at age 26, Roger lives with the Jerome B. Gouldsberry family. Jerome is age 33, and a listed as a book keeper. Jerome is listed as having been a Civil War Soldier in the 1st Regiment, Engineers and Mechanics, Michigan. It appears this surname was also shortened to Gould in Michigan records.

Roger Williams Butterfield in the 1880 United States Federal Census
Age: 35
Birth Year: abt 1845
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1880: Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
Spouse's Name: Leonora I. Butterfield
Father's Birthplace: Vermont
Mother's Birthplace: Vermont
Occupation: Lawyer, Attorney
Household Members Name Age:
Roger W. Butterfield 35
Leonora I. Butterfield 32
Mary Butterfield 2
R. Champlin Butterfield (Roger Champlin Butterfield)

Roger W Butterfield in the 1900 United States Federal Census
Age: 44
Birth Date: Apr 1856
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1900: Grand Rapids Ward 3, Kent County, Michigan
Ward of City: Third Street: 27 Paris Ave, Grand Rapids
Spouse's Name: Leonora I Butterfield
Marriage Year: 1876
Years Married: 24
Father's Birthplace: Vermont
Mother's Birthplace: Vermont
Occupation: Farmer
Household Members, Name Age:
Roger W Butterfield 44
Leonora I Butterfield 46
Mary Butterfield 23
Roger C Butterfield 21
Isaac L Butterfield 17
Archibald D Butterfield 15
Bettie Johnson 19, born Sweden, servant
Gusta Pierson 17, born Sweden servant

Rodger W. Butterfield in the 1910 United States Federal Census
Name: Rodger W. Butterfield (misspelling of Roger)
Age in 1910: 66
Birth Year: abt 1844
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1910: Grand Rapids Ward 3, Kent County, Michigan
Street: 27 Paris Ave, Grand Rapids
Spouse's Name: Leonora I Butterfield
Father's Birthplace: Vermont
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Occupation: Lawyer, General Practice
Years Married: 33
Household Members: Name Age
Rodger W Butterfield 66
Leonora Butterfield 62
Mary Butterfield 32
Rodger C Butterfield 30
Isaac I Butterfield 28
Archibold D Butterfield 25
Annie Johnson 24 born Sweden, servant
Bettie Johnson 60 born Sweden, servant (she was with this family for years)

Leonora Ida Butterfield in the Michigan, Death Records, 1867-1950
Name: Leonora Ida Butterfield (Leonora Ida Drake]
Marital Status: Widowed
Birth Date: Oct, 1849
Birth Place: Indiana
Death Date: 3 Oct 1920, age 70
Death Place: Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, USA
Father: Moses Drake
Mother: Leonora Craw

Baxter, Albert, HISTORY OF THE CITY OF GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN, Munsell & Company, Publishers, New York and Grand Rapids, 1891, Pgs. 755-756: "ROGER WILLIAMS BUTTERFIELD was born April 23, 1844, in the village of Elbridge, Onondaga County, N.Y. His father, the REV. ISAAC BUTTERFIELD, was a Baptist minister, a polished speaker, logical in his deductions, and a good sermonizer. His reputation as a gospel minister was already extensive, and the demand for his ministration among the people of that denomination was ever calling him to new and more extended fields of labor, which accounts for the many removals of the family during the minority of the subject of this sketch. When Roger was two years old the family removed to Oswego NY and resided there until 1855; then removed to Watertown NY and two years later to Davenport, Iowa. At the age of fifteen Roger entered upon a preparatory course for college. Griswold College, at Davenport, was a denominational school, supported by the Protestant Episcopal Church, and here, and later at Adrian College, Michigan, he prepared himself for Princeton College, NJ which he entered as a junior "half advanced," Feb. 1, 1865. He was a close student, hard working, and advanced so rapidly that he graduated with honor in 1866. He was at an early age baptized in, and has since always been an earnest and active member of the Baptist Church. Upon leaving college he disappointed the fond wishes of his father, who had hoped that, like himself, his son Roger would follow the ministry. He chose, however, the profession of the law, and entered that department at the University of Michigan immediately after he had graduated from Princeton. During vacations he studied in the law office of Moore & Griffin at Detroit, Michigan. He graduated at the Law School in the senior class of 1868. Having determined to make Michigan his home, he proceeded to Grand Rapids in the summer of 1868, and entered the law office of J.W. Champlin as a clerk. Mr. Champlin was not slow in recognizing the superior ability of his young clerk, and on January 1, 1869, offered him a partnership. They continued in partnership until 1876; in the meantime, in 1873, taking into the firm the Hon. J.C. FitzGerald, then late from Marshall. In March, 1876, Mr. Butterfield withdrew from the firm and practiced alone until, in 1878, the law firm of Butterfield & Withey was formed. This firm dissolved in 1880, and Mr. Butterfield continued the practice of the law alone until, in 1887, the present firm of Butterfield & Keeney was formed. Mr. Butterfield is a man of marked traits of character. His efforts upon all questions, whether of business, of politics, or of religion, are first directed toward forming correct conclusions, and these he reaches by thorough investigation, in a manner satisfactory to himself. He is outspoken and fearless in support of his convictions. His investigation of every subject is careful, painstaking and conscientious. He will not permit himself to be deceived by his sympathies or wishes to make the worse appear the better reason, or by the glamour which false logic too often throws over the subject of investigation. He is an energetic student of history and of law. His reading has been varied and extensive. He is thoroughly acquainted with English literature upon both sides of the Atlantic, and his mind is stored with the erudition of authors of recognized ability and high standing. His private library is one of the largest collections of miscellaneous literature to be found in the State, covering every branch of belles-lettres. As the body absorbs the food we feed upon, and thus obtains added vigor and strength, so the mind is sustained, developed and improved by absorbing the ideas of the best authors and thinkers who have committed the results of their brain-work to paper, and placed it within reach of the reading public."

"Mr. Butterfield purchases books to read, not to occupy shelf-room for show. It is doubtless true of him that, aside from the affectionate regard he has for his family, he derives the keenest enjoyment of life perusing the writings of the authors whose works line the shelves of his library. He pursues miscellaneous reading as a rest from the more exacting duties of his profession. To the successful practitioner in the law, these duties are ever present and inexorable. To become and hold the position of a successful lawyer, one must be ever a student, alert and active. He must give to its attainment his best energies and most careful consideration. It is a race in which the laggards are left behind. The genius whom nature has gifted with abilities for display in the former, and who is satisfied with his natural gifts, but is too lazy to apply himself to the acquirement of legal principles, and the application of them to the transactions of life, remains at the foot of the ladder, while the plodder with less brilliancy of address, less gifts of oratory, but with a determination to climb, passes on and upward to the higher rungs, to success and fame. Mr. Butterfield is a successful practitioner, a good counselor, and his integrity is unquestioned and unquestionable. He has attained his success by hard study and close attention to the interests entrusted to his care. He enters into the cause of his client with zeal, and pursues it with ardor."

"He is a fluent speaker, somewhat vehement and excitable in manner, but never loses grasp upon the firm points of his own side of the case, nor loses sight of the salient points of his adversary. His strong human sympathies bring him in touch with his fellow men, and make him an efficient and convincing advocate before a jury. He is sociable and strong in his feelings of attachment; a firm friend to those whom he has chosen as such; and to serve them no sacrifice within his power is too great. Bacon, in speaking of friendship, says: "A crowd is not company, and faces are but a gallery of pictures, and talk but a tinkling cymbal where there is no love.""

"Mr. Butterfield enjoys the companionship of his numerous friends, in whose society his conversation is no "tinkling cymbal." In May, 1876, he married LEONORA I. DRAKE, of Fort Wayne, Ind. The union has been a happy one, and the family now comprises one girl and three boys."

"He is a lover of learning and an ardent admirer of the University of Michigan. His well known reputation acquired for him the nomination and election to the office of Regent of the University at the Spring election of 1887. He brings to the discharge of the duties of that office the same painstaking regard for its best interests that he employs in his private affairs. In politics Mr. Butterfield is a Republican. The practice of the law does not engross his entire time and attention. He is identified with the welfare and prosperity of the city which he has chosen for a home, and is connected with some of the largest manufacturing interests carried on in the city and its suburbs. In conclusion it may be said that Mr. Butterfield is yet only at the meridian of life, with a future before him full of hope, and rich with the promises of usefulness and success. These lines have been written by one who has had the pleasure of a long and intimate acquaintance with the subject of this sketch, and who speaks from personal knowledge of the character and worth of the man. ~~JOHN W. CHAMPLIN."

Note: In August 1864 to August 1866, the US government taxed photographs to help pay for the American Civil war. Revenue stamps were placed on the back of photos, and “hand cancelled" by the photographer. CDV's with revenue stamps are collectible for stamp and vintage photography collectors. It is a way to date a Civil War era photograph. This CDV has a revenue stamp.

This is a beautiful old 1860's CDV vignette image of young Roger Butterfield, about 20 years old, during Civil War times. He was a Princeton University graduate, alumni and attorney. A wonderful, historical photo, with both Davenport Iowa and Muskegon County, Michigan history. It was found in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. 

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches
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