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1851 Rev. Timothy Tuttle Sermon Book, Ledyard CT Congregational Church


This is a beautiful old original 16 page pamphlet entitled, "Sermon, preached August 14, 1851 by Timothy Tuttle, Pastor of the Congregational Church of Ledyard, Conn. It being the fortieth anniversary of his ordination." It was printed in Norwich by John W. Stedman (John Stedman) in 1851. A list of the church members is in the back of the pamphlet, and transcribed below.

The pamphlet has a paper sticker of its owner, IA Chapman. There are two early Chapman family members listed in the church records below: Hannah Chapman admitted in 1811 and deceased at the book's 1851 printing, and Prudence Chapman (Prudence Eddy, or Prudence Chapman Eddy) admitted to the church in 1817. We believe the owner of the book to be I.A. Chapman, as in Issac Chapman, also known as Isaac A. Chapman or Isaac Albert Chapman.

The story of the church indicates that Robert Allyn, Prudence Morgan, Priscilla Lee, Freelove Morgan and Anna Gallup (later Anna Williams) started the church, then the following members were added. An * asterisk below indicates they were deceased by this book's printing, in 1851. The date after name is the year of each of their church admission:

Agrippa Newton* 1812 (also known as Agrippa Nuton in census)
Dr. John Smith 1812
Joseph Lee* 1813
Warren Williams* 1814
Bela Morgan 1814
Thomas Bellows* 1814
Robert Williams* 1815
Asa Bellows* 1816
Russel Gallup 1823
Erastus Gallup 1823
Oliver E. Gallup* 1827
Isaac Gallup 1830
Nathan P. Avery 1830
Harlan Hyde 1830
Seth Williams, Jr. 1831
William P. Harris 1831
Robert P. Avery 1831
Henry F. Brown 1831
William P. Adams 1831
Seth Williams 1831
Robert Stoddard 1832
Nathan Avery 1832
Jared W. Smith 1832
Samuel A. Newton 1832
Owen M. Avery 1833
Henry Prentice 1833
Orlando Smith 1833
Benjamin S. Gray 1834
Henry Wm. Avery 1835
Frederick D. Avery 1839
Stephen Morgan 1842
William M. Williams 1842
Abel Allyn 1843
Charles Gallup 1843
Christopher M. Gallup 1843
Rufus M. Gallup 1843
Amos G. Avery 1843
Henry Wm. Avery, Jr. 1843
James A. Gallup 1843
Jacob A. Geer - 1843
John Allyn 1843
Denison B. Williams 1843
James Rose 1843
William M. Gray 1843
Asa L. Gallup 1843
Edmund Spicer 1843
Moses E. Norman 1843
James B. Avery 1843
Amos M. Allyn 1843
Asa Perkins 1843
Henry Bill 1843
John W. Miner 1844
Franklin Brewster 1844
Israel Allyn 1846
John Myers 1846
Giddings Maynard 1848
William Smith 1849
Nelson Gallup 1850
Erastus Gallup, 2nd 1851
Charles M. Gallup 1851
John S. Gray 1851

Allyn Hannah* 1811
Martha Gallup* 1811
Hannah Chapman* 1811
Sally Smith 1812
Margaret Morgan 1812
Elizabeth Wood* 1812
Rebecca Allyn Jr.* 1812
Lydia Bellows 1812
Lydia Williams* 1812
Mar Geer 1812
Parthenia Morgan 1813
Betsey Gallup (now Rogers) 1813 (Betsey Rogers)
Abby Williams (now Avery) 1813 (Abby Avery, Abbie Avery)
Eliza Williams (now Hewitt) 1813 (Eliza Hewitt)
Grace Heath 1814
Nancy Havens* 1814
Abigail Williams* 1814
Mary Gallup* 1814
Charlotte Stoddard 1814
Prudence Morgan (now Lord) 1814
Olive Morgan (now Gallup) 1814 (Olive Gallup)
Priscila Avery* (afterwards Lamb) 1814 (Priscila Lamb, Priscilla Lamb)
Jerusha Thomas* (afterwards Rose) 1814 (Jerusha Rose)
Eunice Allyn* 1814
Elizabeth Gallup (now Williams) 1814 (Elizabeth Williams)
Hannah Williams (afterwards Fitch)* 1815 (Hannah Fitch)
Sally Bellows* 1815
Mary Gardner (now Gray) 1815 (Mary Gray)
Mary Hakes (now Allyn) 1815 (Mary Allyn)
Margaret Short (now Spicer) 1815 (Margaret Spicer)
Bashnia Allyn* 1815
Sylvia Newton* 1815
Susan Stark* April 26, 1817
Prudence Chapman (now Eddy) 1817 (Prudence Eddy)
Margaret Gallup* 1820
Hannah Punderson* 1821
Lucinda Hewitt* 1822
Hannah Gallup 1823
Mary Spicer* 1824
Ardeli E. Avery (afterwards Durfey)* 1824 (Ardeli Avery Durfey)
Eunice A. Avery (afterwards Hyde)* 1824 (Eunice Hyde Avery)
Eunice Gallup* 1826
Mary Ann Gallup 1826
Hnnah A. Gallup 1826
Martha Gallup 2nd. 1827
Cecilia Gallup 1827
Louisa Gallup 1827
Betey Avery 1828
Parthenia Gallup* 1828
Nancy Williams 1828
Lucy K. Gallup 1830
Prudence Gallup 1830
Mary Ann Gallup (afterwards Avery)* 1830 (Mary Ann Gallup Avery)
Abigail Bailey* 1831
Nancy Bailey* 1831
Lucy Ann Williams 1831
Cynthia Billings (now Morgan 1831 (Cynthia Billings Morgan)
Ann Maria Tuttle (now Cook) 1831 (Ann Maria Tuttle Cook)
Harriet N. Tuttle (now Smith) 1831 (Harriet N. Tuttle Smith)
Fanny M. Gallup (now Williams) 1831 (Fanny Gallup Williams)
Thankful Geer 1831
Emily N. Avery 1831
Charlotte S. Crandal 1831
Frances E. Hewitt (now Browning) 1831 (Frances E. Browning)
Abby L. Hewitt (now Coats) 1831 (Abby Coats, Abigail Coats)
Sybil Morgan (now Smith) 1831 (Sybil Smith)
Sarah Gray 1831
Margery Avery* 1831
Saran Stoddard* 1832
Henrietta Allyn (now Stoddard) 1832 (Henrietta Stoddard)
Mary Newton 1832
Bethia W. Avery (now Spicer) 1833 (Bethia Spicer)
Mary Tuttle 1834
Julia Ann Wood 1834
Eliza Prentice 1834
Emeline Gallup (now Smith) 1836 (Emeline Smith)
Julia A. Smith (now Rogers) 1836 (Julia A. Rogers)
Hannah S. Norman 1840
Lucretia Stoddard* 1840
Lucy Ann Avery 1842
Lydia Williams 1842
Hannah Gallup 2nd. 1843
Anna S. Gallup 1843
Julia Gallup (now Geer) 1843 (Julia Geer)
Sarah Ann Smith 1843
Eliza W. Geer 1843
Eunice S. Williams (now Avery) 143 (Eunice Avery)
Sarah E. Norman 1843
Mary E. Allyn (now Williams) 1843 (Mary E. Williams)
Esther Gallup 1843
Susan Gallup 1843
Betsey Gallup 1843
Harriet E. Gallup 1843
Henrietta Billings (now Avery) 1843 (Henrietta Avery)
Mary Ann O'Brien (now Allyn) 1843 (Mary Ann O'Brien)
Mary Wells (now Gallup) 1843 (Mary Gallup)
Freelove Allyn* 1843
Abigail Morgan 1843
Margaret Rose 1843
Sarah Gray 2nd 1843
Sarah E. Brewster 1843
Eliza Gallup 1843
Julia Ann Wood 2nd 1843
Mary P. Williams 1843
Hannah Williams 1843
Jenette Perkins 1843
Sarah Ann Bailey 1843
Charlotte Champlin 1843
Cecilis Williams 1843
Emilia A. Miner 1844
France E. Gallup Nov. 19, 1848
Margaret Gallup 2nd 1848
Harriet N. Williams 1849
Julia Ann Gallup 1851
Emily E. Gallup 1851
Harriet N. N. Allyn 1851
Margaret J. Allyn 1851
Ellen J. Hewitt 1851
Phebe J. Geer 1851
Julia Ann Allyn 1851
Cecelia C. Miner 1851
Parthenia Morgan 2nd. 1851
Martha Ann Gallup 1851
Harriet N. Reynolds 1851
Eunice A. Williams 1851
Mary E. Southwick 1851

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Reverend Timothy Tuttle was Pastor of the Congregational Church of Ledyard for 53 Years: He was born Nov. 29, 1781, died June 6, 1864, in the 53rd year of his pastorate in Ledyard, Connecticut. Mary Morton Tuttle, the wife of Rev. Timothy Tuttle was born Aug. 28, 1783, died Feb.14, 1856. They are buried together at Ledyard Center Cemetery, Ledyard, New London County, CT.

Rev. Timothy Tuttle 1781-1864 was born in East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, the son of Joseph Tuttle and Mary Granger Tuttle.
His Spouse was Mary Norton Tuttle 1783-1856.
Their Children were:
Anna Maria Tuttle Cook 1811-1890, she married Rev. Nehemiah Cook
Harriet Newell Tuttle Smith 1814-1895, she married Mr. Leonard Smith

Other names in book: Elder Park Allyn, Mr. Croswell 1742-48, Mr. Davenport, Robert Allyn 1810, Reverend Ebenezer Punderson ordained 1729, Reverend Andrew Coswell ordained 1736, Reverend Jacob Johnson ordained 1749 removed to Pennsylvania, Captain Elijah Bailey, 1811 Groton CT;  Rev. Jonathon Murdock, Bozrah CT; Rev. Joseph Strong D.D., Norwich; Rev. Joseph Vail, Hadlyme CT; Rev. Samuel Nott, Franklin CT; Rev. Walter King, Norwich CT; Rev. Abisha Alden, Montville CT; Rev. David Smith, Durham CT; Rev. Ira Hart, Stonington CT, Rev. Abel McEwan, New London CT; Rev. Horatio Waldo, Griswold CT. Delegates: Asa Woodworth of Bozrah CT; Mundator Tracy of Norwich CT;  Ithamar Harvey of Hadlyme CT; Azariah Huntington of Franklin CT; Nathaniel Otis of Montville CT; Dan Parmelee of Durham CT; Thomas Miner of Stonington CT; Jedediah Huntington of New London CT; Andrew Huntington of Preston CT; Joseph Strong, Moderator and Abel McEwen, scribe.

History of the Town of Ledyard, 1650-1900 By John Avery: "Reverend Tuttle lived to preach on the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination, and to do considerable ministerial work for two or three years longer. He died June 6, 1864. The parents of Mr. Tuttle were Joseph Tuttle, of East Haven, and Mary Granger, of Suffield. He was born, Nov. 29, 1781. The family moved to Durham when he was about eighteen years old. He was graduated, with high rank as a scholar, from Yale College in the class of 1808. (Yale College Alumni 1808) Under the instruction of his pastor, Mr. Smith, afterward Dr. Smith, he studied theology and fitted for the ministry. Mrs. Tuttle, in whom he had a faithful helpmate, was Miss Mary Norton, of Durham. The greater part of their married life was spent in the first house south of the Church, on the road leading to New London. Two daughters were born to them—Anna Maria, who became the wife of Rev. N.B. Cook, and Harriet Newell, who married Mr. Leonard Smith. Mrs. Tuttle died several years before her husband, Feb. 4, 1856, leaving him comparatively alone. But, in a few years a kind Providence opened the way for his oldest daughter and her husband to come and live with him. And by and by, as the infirmities of age came upon the venerable pastor, his son-in-law, Rev. Nehemiah B. Cook, became associated with him in carrying forward the ministerial work of the parish. Mr. Cook was born in Southhampton, L. I., Sept. 20th, 1793."

This is a wonderful piece of early historical Ledyard, Connecticut history. Ledyard is in New London County, located along the Thames River. A beautiful, rare and original antique 1851 piece.

Size: 5.75 x 9.5 inches
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