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1870's Noah Ridgeway Zelley CDV Photo, Burlington County, New Jersey


On reverse: "Noah Ridgway Zelley" is finely handwritten in old pencil script, see scan. Photo type: Original vintage Victorian CDV Carte de visite photo, circa 1870's. Photographer: Moses S Hagaman & Co. Mount Holley, Burlington County, New Jersey. (Moses Hagaman) 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Noah Ridgeway Zelley 1854-1925 born in Burlington, New Jersey and died in Paulsboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey, age 70.
His Father: Noah Ridgeway Zelley 1797-1878 son of Aaron L. Zelley 1762-1851 (Aaron Zelley) and Ann Nancy Ridgeway Zelley (Ann Ridegway) 1772-1805.
His Father Noah's siblings:
Hannah Zelley 1792–1868
John Ridgway Zelley 1794–1868
Rebeckah Zelley 1800–1872
Rachel Zelley 1802–1823
Aaron Zelley 1805–1851
Joseph B Zelley 1808–
Ridgway Zelley 1811–1878
Richard R Zelley 1812–1878

His Mother: Mary Jane Sever Zelley 1822-1843 born in Burlington, Burlington County, New Jersey, daughter of Daniel Sever 1780–1836 and Elizabeth Sharp Sever 1786–1861.
Her siblings were:
Benjamin Asbury Sever born 1807
Allen Sever 1819–1853
John Wesley Sever born 1821
Allen William Sever 1873–1924
William Sever
Susan Sever
Joseph Sever died 1886
Isaiah Sever
Evemaretta Sever
Emeline Sever
Budd Sever
Elizabeth Sever

His own Siblings:
1. Daniel S Zelley born 1844
2. Hannah Elizabeth Zelley born 1846
3. William Stockton Zelley 1848–1928 married Anna Copeland Antrim 1849–1921 and had 6 children: William Haddaway Zelley 1878–1955, Joseph Antrim Zelley 1883–1973, Grace Stockton Zelley 1887–1967, Robert Harris Zelley 1890–1912 and John Westcott Zelley 1894–1986.
4. Chalkley B Zelley 1849–1911 married Mary K. Zelley 1844–1911. Chalkley Zelley's Children were Mary Susan Zelley born 1870, Caroline Zelley born 1872, Herbert Elwood Zelley 1872–1966, Emmor Zelley born 1875, Pearl Zelley 1879–1958.
5. Noah Ridgway Zelley 1854–1925 (himself)
6. Mary Jane Zelley 1850-1911 married Charles Henry Crammer 1854–1932
7. Virginia Zelley 1856–1926
8. Henry Jefferys Zelley 1859–1942 married Ida Shreve Ida Shreve 1860–1894 and had 2 children: Clara May Zelley 1883–1903 and Edward Shreve Zelley 1885–1970. His 2nd wife was Clara Dobbins Zelley 1867–1919 and his 3rd wife was Martha Golding Zelley 1855–1929. (he is also seen as Henry Jeffrey Zelley and Henry Jeffreys Zelley)

His Spouse: Ellen Elizabeth Trafford Zelley 1861-1945 (known as Nellie Zelley) born in Hammonton, Atlantic County, New Jersey to Thomas Trafford 1822–1894 and Hannah Jones Trafford 1822–1909. They were married by his Uncle Rev. Henry Ridgeway Zelley in 1888 in Hammonton, New Jersey. Noah died on March 24, 1925 in at the age of 70, and was buried in Hammonton, New Jersey. Ellen Zelley died in 1945, 20 years later.
Their 3 Children:
1. Anna Maude Zelley Holzschuh 1889–1973 married Simon Philip Holzschuh 1886–1969
2. Henry Ridgeway Zelley 1893–1960 died Homelake, Rio Grande County, Colorado. (also seen as Henry Ridgaway Zelley)
3. Unnamed Male Zelley born and died assumed 1895

The Zelley family were Quakers and his father Noah Zelley Sr. and his wife Ann Zelley can be found in early U.S. Quaker Meeting Records 1681-1935 for Mount Holly, New Jersey. Ridgeway can also be found spelled both as Ridgway and Ridgeway in census records. A wonderful signed New Jersey Zelley family piece, found in Franklin County, Massachusetts. 

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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