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1870s Nellie Edith Judson Lawrence CDV Photo, Arlington, Sunderland VT


On reverse: "Nellie Edith Judson" is handwritten in fine old 19th c. period pencil. Photo Type: Original Vintage Victorian CDV Carte de Visite Photograph, 1870's. Photographer: unknown, unmarked. 

Found in Public Genealogy Records: 
Nellie Edith Judson in Vermont Vital Records, 1720-1908
Birth Date: abt 1876
Birth Place: Sunderland
Marriage Date: 31 Oct 1900
Marriage Place: Arlington, Bennington County, Vermont
Marriage Age: 24
Father Name: Eugene M. Judson (Eugene Judson)
Mother Name: Lucey B. Judson (Lucey Judson, Lucy Judson)
Spouse Name: Horace Russell Lawrence 1873-1927
Groom's Father: Edgar Leroy Lawrence (Edgar Lawrence)
Groom's Mother: Susan Bently or Bentley Lawrence, born Sandgate VT

Ellery Russell Lawrence in Vermont Birth Records 1917
Child's name: Ellery Russell Lawrence
3rd child of Nellie E. Lawrence, her age 41
Mother's Name: Nellie Edith Lawrence (nee Nellie Edith Judson)
Mother's Birthplace: Sunderland, Vermont
Father: Horace Russell Lawrence
Father's Birthplace: Sunderland, Vermont (age 42, a merchant)

Nellie E. Lawrence in the 1930 United States Federal Census
Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Vermont
Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Head
Home in 1930: Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont
Street address: Kansas St.
Home Owned or Rented: Owned
Lives on Farm: Yes
Father's Birthplace: Vermont
Mother's Birthplace: New Hampshire
Occupation: Laundress
Household Members: Name, Age
Nellie E Lawrence 54
Leroy Lawrence 21, son, born 1908
Marian Lawrence 21, daughter in law
Ellison J Lawrence, 7 months grandaughter
Ellory Lawrence, 12 son
Mabel T Winch 54, a lodger

Their Children:
1. Ellery Russell Lawrence 1917-2004, married Amelia Young Lawrence 1918-1988. Note: Ellery Lawrence was a WWII veteran: Tec 5 US Army World War II.
2. Ethel Lawrence Benjamin 1905-1995 married Hermon E. Benjamin 1902-1982
3. Leroy Eugene Lawrence, born 1908 married Marion Jepson Blood Lawrence, the daughter of Florence Myrtle Jepson Blood and Harry Manning Blood.
Their children: 
1. Ellison Lawrence (Ellison Jean Lawrence Finney) of the Eugene Trio (circus, trapeze and gymnast artists or performers known as the Finney family). Ellison married David Finney of that troupe.
2. Stanley Leroy Lawrence
3. Linda Lawrence (Linda Ann Lawrence Noyes)
4. Priscilla Lawrence (Priscilla Mary Lawrence Mullett)
5. and a nephew Norman Triggs who lived with them in early census records.
Marion was a genealogy researcher of the following family lines: Andrew, Bellows, Bishop, Blood, Bratton, Eames, Goodrich, Hathaway, Harris, Jepson, Oakes, Pike, Ralston, Smith, Spencer and Wheeler. She published a family genealogy book entitled "The Brattons of New England."

Note: Nellie Judson Lawrence and her husband Horace lived their lives in the area of Sunderland & Arlington, Vermont in Bennington County, which are 4 miles apart. Horace enlisted at age 44 in the US army in WWI. He is listed as in business for himself in a business called "Miller & Farmer." He died in 1927.

This is also an old "hidden mother" studio photo. Nellie's mother, Lucey Judson can just barely be seen behind the chair holding her baby up for the long exposure in the photographer's studio, quite a feat! A beautiful Judson & Lawrence baby family portrait.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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