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1884 Elizabeth Amanda Dockery Chavasse CDV Photo, North Carolina

#745 Chavasse Genealogy:

On reverse: appears as "Lizzie Chivasso" is handwritten in old pencil, may be the correct spelling Chavasse, a few letters are illegible, see scans. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: Printed on front, "Exposition, Raleigh, NC" (this photo was known to be taken at the North Carolina Exposition of 1884, held in Raleigh, Wake County, NC. Over 60,000 people came to the expo over a 4 week period, promoted to show NC was a vibrant center of industry after the Civil War. Lizzie would have attended, and had her CDV photo taken at this exciting event)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Elizabeth Amanda Dockery Chavasse 1866-1917 known as "Lizzie" Chavasse, born in NC, and died in Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina. Her parents were John Dockery and Billie Spriggins Dockery. Very little could be found of them. This information came from Lizzie's own 1917 death certificate.  Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here.

Her Husband: Thomas Howard Chavasse 1857-1926, born in Braunston, Northamptonshire, England and died in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina. His 1926 death certificate lists him as a widow (Lizzie died 9 years earlier) and we believe it lists Thomas' occuoation as a "retired policeman."

His father was Nicholas Horace Chavasse 1830–1918 born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, as per his gravestone. His own father was Thomas Chavasse 1800–1884, who was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England and died in Aston, Warwickshire, England. Nicholas's mother was Catherine Margaret Grant 1807–1842, born in Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland and died in Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England at age 35. Her parents were Ludovick Grant, born 1780, and Jane Leadbeater Grant, also born 1780.
His father Nicholas's siblings, all in England, were:
Ludovick Thomas Chavasse 1829–1892
***Nicholas Horace Chavasse 1830–1918 (self)
Jane Anne Chavasse 1832–1863
Catherine Henrietta Chavasse 1834–1915
Howard Sidney Chavasse 1835–1863
Mary Elizabeth Chavasse born 1838
Charles Edward Chavasse 1840–1893
Emily Chavasse 1842–1842

Nichola's father Thomas Chavasse remarried Miriam Sarah Wylde 1817–1884 in 1844, two years after his wife Catherine died.
Nicholas's half siblings, all in England were:
Francis James Chavasse 1846–1928
Miriam Theresa Chavasse 1848–1935
Ada Martha Chavasse 1850–1922
Thomas Frederick Chavasse 1854–1913
Joseph Hodgson Chavasse 1856–1906

His mother was Mary Brown Chavasse, born 1837 in Braunston, Northamptonshire, England and died in Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina.
Their children were:
Thomas Howard Chavasse 1857–1926
(Lizzie's husband, born Northamptonshire, England)
Catherine M Chavasse born 1859 in Braunston, Northamptonshire, England
Florence Mary Chavasse 1860–1929 born Berryfields, Braunston, Northhamptonshire
Amy Jane Chavasse 1862–1880 born Braunston, Northamptonshire, England
Henry Edward Chavasse born 1871 born Birch, Warwickshire, England
Sidney Robert Chavasse 1877–1956 born Henderson, Granville, North Carolina USA

Thomas Howard Chavasse's wife, was this photo, Lizzie Dockery Chervasse 1866–1917. They are buried together at Elmwood Cemetery in Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina.

Marriage record of Thomas H. Chavasse & Elizabeth A. Dockery
Groom: Thomas H. Chervasse
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 25 Apr 1883
Event Place: Halifax, Halifax County, North Carolina
Age: 25
Birth Year (Estimated) 1858
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth A. Dockery Chavasse
Spouse's Age: 18
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1865

Mrs. Lizzie Chavasse in the North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1976
Name: Mrs Lizzie Chavassa (Lizzie Dockery)
Age: 51
Birth Date: 17 Aug 1866
Birth Place: North Carolina
Death Date: 19 Aug 1917
Death Place: Vance, North Carolina
Father: John Dockery
Mother: Bettie Spriggins

This is a wonderful old CDV photo with an unusual Chavasse surname. We are assuming the surname is French in origin, with English / Norman influence and it was easily found in English records back to the 1500's. The photo was found in the US in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, and we also wonder if this family has any northeast US ties.

Lizzie is a beautiful young 18 year old woman in 1884 visiting the Raleigh Exposition and having her photo taken. She is wearing a large gold Victorian cross at her neck. She and Thomas Chavasse, an Englishman, married the year before in 1883 and would have attended the expo as newlyweds. This is a rare and beautiful piece!

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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