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1896 Dr. Lewis Hallock Cabinet Card Photo, NYC NY Homeopathic Doctor


On reverse, autographed and signed: "From an old friend, Lewis Hallock M.D. May 9, 1896, Taken in 1895." is handwritten in old period fountain pen ink. Photo type: Vintage Victorian Cabinet Card Photograph. Photographer: Rockwood Photographers, 1440 Broadway, NY, 40th street, Holland Building, dated 1895. New York is in New York and Kings County. (known to be photographer George Rockwood 1832-1911)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Dr. Lewis Hallock 1803-1897
His Parents:
Jacob Hallock 1770–1813
Sarah Mather 1780–1812
His Spouse: Emily Louise Seeley Hallock 1812–1893
His Children:
Sarah Mather Hallock 1829–1910
Emily Seeley Hallock 1836–1937
Lewis St John Hallock 1838–1881
William Kingsland Hallock MD 1840–1864
Delia Kingland Hallock 1845–1908
Horace Warren Hallock 1851–1872
Frederick Seely Hallock 1853–1855

Obituary and Bio of Dr. Lewis HALLOCK (1803-1897) From March 4, 1897, The New York Times, New York, New York: "Dr. Lewis Hallock Dead. Dr. Lewis Hallock died at his home, 34 East Thirty-ninth Street, yesterday afternoon. He was the oldest practicing physician in this city, and probably in America. He was born in this city June 30, 1803, and resided here without interruption, except during a few years of his boyhood, when he attended school. His father, Jacob Hallock, was a lineal descendant of Peter Hallock, first of the name in this country, and one of the Pilgrim Fathers, who came to America in 1040. and, with the colony of thirteen members, purchased from the Indians a large tract of land in Southold, Long Island. They were the first white settlers in that part of the island. Jacob Hallock, soon after his marriage to Miss Sarah Mather, moved to this city, and engaged in mercantile pursuits until his death, in 1813. He left two sons, Horace, the younger son, who settled In Detroit, Mich.; the other. Dr. Lewis Hallock, finished his preparatory studies at Clinton Academy. East Hampton, L.I., then the second incorporated academy in the State. The latter commenced the study of medicine with a relative. Dr. Elisha Hallock of Southold, L.I. In the following year he returned to this city and entered the office of Dr. John W. Francis. Professor of Obstetrics in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in this city, from which he was graduated in 1836. After, practicing allopathy with average success for fifteen years. Dr. Hallock was induced to try the efficacy of homoeopathic remedies in some special cases. The result was so gratifying that, after a careful trial and comparison of a year, he became an avowed convert, and joined the homoeopathic ranks, being about the twelfth member of the small association. In the year 1841 he united with others in founding the American Institute of Homoeopathy, and subsequently became a member of the county. State and National societies, and one year held th office of President of the city and county society. He twice declined the office of a professor in the Homeopathic College, but acted as a member of the Board of Censors since the organisation of that body for examining each graduating class of students. He was one of the Trustees of the New York Homeopathic Medical College and" Hospital, and represented Flower Hospital at the Saturday and Sunday Association. On the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation. Dr. Hallock received the honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine from the Faculty and Trustees of the Homeopathic College. The diploma was presented at a dinner given in his honor by his early friend and classmate. Dr. John Grey, at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. On the evening of March 15, the New York Medical Club gave Dr Hallock a complimentary dinner at the Hotel Savoy, the occasion being the anniversary of the seventieth year since he was graduated In medicine. Dr. Hallock was one of the incorporators of the City Mission and Tract Society, and a member of the Consistory or the Collegiate Church for many years. He has been in failing health for months. His wife died four years ago. Three daughters survive him."

This is a beautiful old photo of a famous homeopathy doctor, Dr. Hallock...still spry in his nineties, sitting in an armed chair. It is a a stunning portrait. He died a year after this signing. We found a reference to his wife Emily Seeley 1812–1893, as also being related to Dr. Amos G. Hull. The photo was found in Kingston, Ulster County, New York. 

Size: 4.5. x 7 inches
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