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1870's Shaw, Applin & Co. Furniture Advertising Trade Card, Boston MA


Daniel W. Shaw and Sumner Applin owned the Shaw Applin & Co. furniture manufaturing company in Boston, Mass. They manufactured Victorian parlor, lodge, office and church furniture at 27 Sudbury Street and at 71 Portland Street. Their actual factory was at 54 Bridge Street in East Cambridge, Boston. They were influential in the history of Boston furniture makers in the 19th century.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Daniel West Shaw 1816-1883, born in Bradford, Orange County,Vermont and died in Winchester,​ Middlesex County,​Massachusetts. His parents were Abraham Perkins Shaw and Mary Jenkins Shaw, both of Vermont. His wife was Jane Ann Johnson Shaw 1819–1902 and Their 6 children were:
Ella Jane Shaw Usher 1846–1907, married Samuel Usher born 1854.
Emma Louise Shaw 1848–1854
Susan E Shaw Keeler 1854–1907, married George Anson Keeler, born 1851.
Adna Balch Shaw 1856–1931 married Gertrude Crook Shaw 1858–1923
Abner B Shaw born 1857, in 1880 census is a bookkeeper, prob in this business.
Edward Lawrence Shaw 1860–1914 married Grace Stanley Boynton 1863–1944.

Sumner Applin 1816-1887, born in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. His father was Isreal Applin 1787–1861 and his mother was Lucy Fessendon Applin 1795–1841. His siblings were Celinda Applin 1817–1818, Benjamin F Applin born 1819, Uriah Applin 1820–1863, Henry Sabin Applin 1821–1864, Lucy Ann Applin born 1823, Sarah Celinda Applin 1827–1866, John Applin born 1829, Mary Sabin Applin 1831–1906 and Nancy Maria Applin 1834. His wife was Flavilla Church Aldrich Applin 1819–1907.
Their 3 children were:
Charles Sumner Applin 1843–1890
Anzella Flavilla Applin 1845–1847, died age 2
Florence Estella Applin Wilmot 1848–1930

In 1862, Daniel W. Shaw and Hodijah Braman, (Hodijah Baylies Braman, Hodijah B. Braman, who was known as H.B. Braman) bought the old established furniture company "Forster, Lawrence & Co.", and opened a new factory in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the Civil War. It ran for 12 years as such.

In 1875, Dan West Shaw (as he was known) bought out his partner Hodijah Braman and went into business with Sumner Applin, both in their sixties. They changed the company name to "Shaw, Applin & Co." Daniel West Shaw brought his sons into the business, before dying in 1883 at the age of 67. Sumner Applin died in 1890 at age 74. His son Charles S. Applin was also in the business, but died the same year. We believe Daniel West Shaw's sons Adna Shaw, Abner Shaw and Edward Shaw may have carried the business on into the 20th century.

The is a wonderful 1870's advertising trade card featuring a Shaw & Applin Co. made Victorian eastlake couch or settee. The text is simple: "Shaw, Applin & Co., 27 Sudbury Street, Boston, established 1780." This refers to the original 1780 owner of the Forster business, Jacob Forster, an esteemed cabinet maker, whose furniture is now very highly prized in the antique world. This a large size for a trade card, and measures about 3 x 5 inches. It was found in Palmer, Hampden County, Massachusetts. A beautiful old original piece. 

Size 3 x 5 inches
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