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1865 Allen Watkins & Hannah Hovey CDV Photo, Belvidere Boone County IL

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On reverse: "Uncle Allen Watkins & Aunt Hannah Hovey Watkins" is handwritten in pencil. Photo type: CDV or Carte de Visite Photograph circa 1864-66. Photographer: H.H. Freeman. Photographer, Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois. (known to be photographer Horace H. Freeman or Horace Freeman, born 1818 in Jamestown, Chenango County, New York)

In August 1864 to August 1866, the US government taxed photographs to help pay for the American Civil war. Revenue stamps were placed on the back of photos, and “hand cancelled" by the photographer. CDV's with revenue stamps are collectible for stamp and vintage photography collectors. It is also a wonderful way to date a Civil War era photograph. This CDV has an orange 2 cent George Washington revenue stamp.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Allen Watkins 1807-1889 born in NY and died in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois
Buried at Bloods Point Cemetery, Flora, Boone County, Illinois with wife Hannah, whom he married in February 1832 in Newark Valley, Tioga County, New York.

His father: John Watkins 1775–1837 son of John Watkins Sr 1754-1819 and Elizabeth Bouker Watkins 1752-1816 of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. His siblings were Betsey Watkins 1781-1864, Artemas Watkins 1786-1865, Aaron Watkins 1788, Arenith Watkins and Polly Watkins.
His mother: Sally Gilbert Watkins 1777-1868 her parents were Henry Gilbert 1754-1831 and Dorcas Ballou Gilbert 1754-1805. Her siblings were: Hepzibah Gilbert born 1778 (Hepsie Gilbert), Silas Gilbert born 1784, Lucy Gilbert Fisher born 1786, Donner Gilbert 1789-1854, Mahala Gilbert 1792-1814, Hannah Gilbert born 1795, and Lydia Gilbert Goldthwaite born 1797.
His siblings:
Newell Watkins 1803-1877
Myrinda Watkins Allen 1806-1884
Infant Watkins Son 1811-1812
Julia Watkins Orton 1812-1885
Stephen Watkins 1815
Infant Watkins 1817-1817
Lydia Watkins Ketchville born 1817
Patty Watkins Hagadorn
Ephraim C Watkins 1824-1894

His wife: Hannah Hovey Watkins 1802–1886 born in Tioga County, New York, and died in Boone County, Illinois.
Her father: Azel Hovey 1763–1838 born in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut, and died in Newark, Tioga, New York. His father was Nathan Hovey 1740–1818 (son of Thomas Hovey 1706–1749 and Abigail Phelps Hovey 1716–1749) and his mother was Jemima Phelps Hovey 1741–1829 whose parents were Paul Phelps 1717–1752 and Jerusha Dewey Phelps 1720–1752.
Her mother: Lucy Rockwell Hovey 1778–1860 was born to Abner Rockwell 1747–1831 and Deborah Carpenter Rockwell 1751–1841.
Her Siblings were:
Julia R Hovey King 1796–1864
Eliza Hovey Councilman 1798–1885
George Hovey 1799–1879
Clarrinda Hovey Watkins 1804–1850
Calvin Hovey 1809–1902
Lucy Ann Hovey King 1811–1884
Sabrina Hovey Brown 1814–1905
William Franklin Hovey 1822–1900
Her Half Sibling: Amanda H Hovey Paine 1819–1879

This is a beautiful old original photo, found in Murphy, Josephine County, Oregon in 2006. When scan is viewed at actual size, you can see a photographers stamp of 1865 behing them in photo backdrop. Allen would have been age 57 at this tim, and Hannah would have been 63 years of age. rare and beautiful, and well signed. This is a DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family with importatn early American roots. A wonderful photo.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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Original Sold, High Resolution Scans Available

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