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1860 Schuyler Legg CDV Photo, Tompkins County NY DAR Revolutionary War


On reverse: "Mr. S. Legg" and "1 coppy or (copy) & frame, Speedsville" is handwritten in old period pencil, see scan. These are most likely the photographer's handwritten notes about Mr Legg's order. These early albumen photos could be enlarged and framed. Photo type: CDV Carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: Unmarked, Unknown.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Note: Speedsville NY is in Tompkins County, New York, between Ithaca and Binghamton, and near Tioga. There is a also a Legge Hill Rd in this area. The town is named after early Tioga County settlers from Virginia, John J. Speed and William Speed. A former name for the town of Speedsville is Jenksville, New York. It is also seen referred to as Speedville and Speedwell NY in early census records.

Schuyler Legg 1783-1872
Born Massachusetts in 1783, died in 1872, Berkshire, Tioga County NY.

From Public Domain Book: "Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York" by John H. Selkreg, Published in 1894 in Syracuse by D. Mason & Co.: "Reuben LEGG, from Massachusetts, was the ancestor of the LEGG family, and settled on the STEARNS farm below the hill from Speedsville. He had seven sons."

Gay's Gazetteer: "Historical Gazetteer and Directory" of Tioga County New York 1785-1888 by W.B. GAY: "Schuyler Legg lived on the hill (in Berkshire), on the southeast quarter of lot 301, where his son, Layton J. Legg, has since lived. His farm joined on the west end of Luther Hamilton's farm. He was a son of Reuben Legg, and grandson of David Legg. He had children b. 19 July 1811; 24 Oct 1812, and 28 Aug 1820. His wife, Hannah Legg, died 11 Oct 1860, aged 74 years."

Schuyler's Parents:
Reuben Legg 1754-1832, Revolutionary War Veteran (Ruben Legg)
Elizabeth Fletcher Legg 1752-1831
His Spouse: Hannah Osburn Legg 1786-1860 (also seen as Hannah Osborn)
Their Children:
Martha Legg Blanchard 1810-1894 (wife of Arnold Blanchard)
Experience Legg 1820-1868
David Johnston Legg 1822-1901
Layton J. Legg 1825-1889

Note: Many of the early Legg family are buried in the Jenksville or Glen Hope Cemetery, New York. In 1927, the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) compiled a list of all burials in this old Cemetery, as many of the stones are missing or broken. Here are Legg family members buried there:
Martha Legg Blanchard 1810-1894, wife of Arnold
Joseph Borthwick 1819-1900
Mary S. Legg Borthwick 1818-1884, Joseph's Wife
Marette Elizabeth Legg Comstock 1844-1936, known as "Emma" Legg
David Johnston Legg 1822-1901, known as Johnston Legg
Dillay E. Legg 1852-1855, 3 years old, son of Johnston & Jane Legg
Jane Wilts Legg 1828-1893, wife of David Johnston Legg
Elizabeth B. Legg, died 1873
Experience Legg, 1820-1868
Hannah Osburn Legg, 1786-1860
Larnard Legg, 1816-1878
Permelia Legg 1816-1847, wife of Larnard
Layton J. Legg 1825-1889
Louis Parker Legg 1805-1897
Lydia Comstock Legg 1809-1884, Wife of Louis Legg
Lizzy J. 1831-1862, assumed to be Lizzie J. Legg,  wife of George W. Allen
Phebe Anson Legg 1834-1891, wife of Layton Legg
Schuyler's Father: Reuben Legg 1754-1832 Revolutionary War Soldier
His Mother: Elizabeth Fletcher Legg 1752-1831, wife of Reuben Legg
Stillman J. Legg 1829-1917 Civil War veteran Co. B. 141st PA Volunteers
Elizabeth B. Legg 1835-1873, wife of Stillman Legg
Schuyler Legg 1783-1872
Hannah Osburn Legg 1786-1860, wife of Schuyler Legg
(also seen as Hannah Osborn Legg)
Experience Legg 1820-1868, daughter of Schuyler & Hannah Legg

This is a beautiful CDV photo, was found in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. We rarely see those born in the 1700's, 18th century in 1860's CDV photos. A rare portrait of an important family.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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