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1882 Samuel Freeman Nute CDV Photo, Warren, Worcester County, Mass


On reverse: "Samuel Freeman Nute, picture taken July 25th, 1882, Age 16 Months" is handwritten in old fancy pencil script at top on reverse. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Penfield, Warren, Worcester County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer D.E. Penfield or Daniel Edward Penfield 1843-1914)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Samuel Freeman Nute 1881–1907, born in River Point, Rhode Island
Died in Melrose, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Father: Reverend Frank Issac Nute 1854–1918 born in Milton, New Hampshire
Mother: Elizabeth Frances Trow Nute 1855–1922 (known as Lizzie Nute)
Her parents: Perkins Trow 1813-1897 and Elizabeth French Trow born 1818
His parents married in 1880.
Their children:
Samuel Freeman Nute 1881–1907
Marion Elizabeth Nute Fitz 1883-1907 married Daniel C Fitz, Leicester MA
William Spaulding Nute 1885–1885
Josephine Wyatt Nute born 1886
Jennie May Nute 1888–1970 (known as Jane Nute)
Harold Winfred Nute 1890–1918
Unknown Nute baby born and died 1895
Dorcas W Nute 1897–1916

His Grandparents:
Samuel Freeman Nute 1827-1893 the son of Parents Ezekiel Nute born 1794, and Dorcas Worster Nute born 1797.
Josephine Wyatt Page 1832-1913

His grandmother's genealogy:
Her father: David Page 1791-1868
His parents: Josiah Page 1749–1831 and Sarah Marston Page 1752-1833
Her mother: Caroline Jones Page 1799-1872
Their children:
Sophia W Page 1825–1909
Roxanna Page born 1826
Charles W Page 1829–1914
Josephine Wyatt Page born 1832 in Wakefield NH

"Town of Wakefield, New Hampshire, Carroll County Records: "A hall and chapel combined has been lately erected by members of this society near the railroad station. Rev. Frank I. Nute, son of Samuel F. Nute, of Union, and great-grandson of Josiah Page, who has been some years in the ministry, is a member of this church. The entire church membership of the town is not far from three hundred, and the number
is on the gain."

This is a "hidden mother" studio photo. The baby's mother would be draped behind holding the baby up for the long 30 second or more exposure in the photographer's studio, quite a feat! A beautiful old 1870's clearly signed CDV image of a beautiful and much loved Nute baby boy. This New England family is well documented, as well as Josiah page in Revolutionary war records.

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches  
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