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1870's Julia Hester Atwater CDV Photo, Holyoke, Hampden County, Mass

#084: Lucretia Teller, Solomon Teller Family

On reverse: "Julia Atwater" is handwritten in old dip pen ink. Photo type: Original Vintage Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Photographic Studio of J.D. Crane, No. 63 Dwight St. Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer James Crane, James D. Crane) 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
1900 & 1910 Census for a Julia Atwater who lived in Holyoke MA with a Mary Atwater, possibly a sister? Julia is listed as age 64 in the 1910 census.

1870 United States Federal Census
Name: Julia Atwater
Birth Year: about 1843
Age in 1870: 27
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts

1870 United States Federal Census
Name: Louisa Atwater
Birth Year: abt 1847
Age in 1870: 23
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts
Possibly a sister of Julia's

1850 United States Federal Census
Name: Julia Atwater
Age: 8
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842
Birth Place: New York
Home in 1850 Egremont, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Household Members: Name, Age
James S Atwater 42
Lucretia Atwater 32
Albert Atwater 9
Julia Atwater 8
Francis Lee Atwater 4 (female)
George Atwater 6

Julia Hester Atwater Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915
Birth: 26 Sep 1841 New York, New York
Death: 08 Aug 1914 Springfield, Massachusetts
Parents: James Y Atwater, Lucretia Teller
Age: 72

Her mother's death certificate:
Lucretia C. Teller Atwater Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915
Birth: 1819-N.Y. City NYC
Death: 25 May 1902-Holyoke, Massachusetts
Residence: 25 May 1902-Holyoke, Massachusetts
Parents: Solomon T. Teller
Spouse: James Y. Atwater
Event: Death
Event date: 25 May 1902
Event place: Holyoke, Massachusetts
Street address: 76 Newton St.
Age: 83
Marital status: Widowed
Birthplace: N.Y. City
Estimated birth year: 1819
Cemetery: Forestdale
Father: Solomon Teller
father's birthplace: Teller Point, N.Y.
Mother's birthplace: Unknown

Her mother's father and grandfather:
Solomon Teller Sr., Born in Poughkeepsie, New York on 1798 to John Teller and Deborah Waring Teller. Solomon married Cynthia Groo Teller, and had 12 children. He passed away on 1852. 

Solomon Teller Jr, Born in Neversink, New York on 13 Jul 1826 to Solomon Teller and Cynthia Groo Teller. Solomon J Teller married Susan Vandover Teller and had 8 children. He passed away on 25 Oct 1867.

Her father's death certificate:
James W. Atwater Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915
Birth: 1808 Egremont
Death: 09 Apr 1892 Chicopee, Massachusetts
Burial: Holyoke
Residence: 09 Apr 1892 Chicopee
Parents: James W. Atwater & Mary Kilborn Atwater
Mother's birthplace: Granville
Age: 84
Marital status: Married
Occupation: Farmer

Note: We suggest you visit the Croton Westchester History website here. It has extensive into on the Teller Family of Teller's Point, here is a quote from that site:  "Cornelius Van Bursum was the first to purchase Croton Point from the Indians in 1682. A few years later William and Sara Teller were given permission to live on the point and operate an Indian trading post. In the 18th century the area came to be known as Teller’s Point. Soon after, Stephanus Van Cortlandt incorporated the property into his Cortlandt Manor. By the end of the 18th century the Tellers, who married into the Van Cortlandt family, were in full possession of Croton Point. The Van Cortlandt Manor House still stands on the Croton River east of Croton Point Park." 

This is a beautiful old 1870's CDV photo of Julia, who appears to be in her thirties. It was found in Berkshire County MA. This photo has a pink reverse with fancy photographer's backmark showing an urn and flowers on a Victorian table and shelf. A beautiful piece with lots of great genealogy clues. 

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches
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