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1865 Hazard Gardiner Knowles Civil War signed CDV Photo, Rhode Island

#713 Hazard Knowles Genealogy:

On reverse: "Hazard G. Knowles 1865" is handwritten and autographed in beautiful old period dip pen ink. Photo type: Original Antique Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: H.G. Pearce, 87 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island. (known to be Henry Pearce, Henry G. Pearce who is listed as a daguerreian, daguerreotypist in census records)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Hazard Gardiner Knowles 1828-1892
Born in South Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island in 1828.
His Father: Hazard Knowles 1785-1873, and his parents were William Knowles 1765-1815 and Sarah Stanton Knowles 1769-1821.
His Mother: Susannah Kenyon Knowles 1795-1866, and her parents, were Gardiner Kenyon and Susannah Boss Kenyon.
His Wife: Caroline Knowles 1829-1923, and her parents were Benjamin Stanton Knowles 1784-1880 and Sally Kenyon Knowles 1770–1831.
Their Children:
Herbert Gardiner Knowles born 1855
Anna Lewis Knowles 1859-1883
Jennie Gardiner Knowles Champlin 1862-1942
Mary Jessie Sally Knowles Champlin 1864-1945
Lewis Hazard Knowles 1867-1940
Maria Caroline Knowles 1869-1934
Walter E. Knowles 1875-1896

Marriage: Hazard G. Knowles and Caroline Knowles
Event Date 14 Mar 1854
Event Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age 26, Birth Year (Estimated) 1828
Father's Name Hazard Knowles
Mother's Name Susan S. Knowles
Spouse's Name Caroline Knowles
Spouse's Age: 24, female
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1830
Spouse's Father's Name:
Benjamin Knowles (known to be Benjamin Stanton Knowles)
Spouse's Mother's Name: Caroline Knowles

Hazard G Knowles United States Census, 1870
Event Place: Rhode Island
Age: 41
Birth Year (Estimated) 1828-1829
Birthplace Rhode Island
Household Age Birthplace
Hazard G Knowles M age 41 Rhode Island (Farmer)
Caroline Knowles F age 40 Rhode Island
Anna L Knowles F age 11 Rhode Island
Jennie G Knowles F age 8 Rhode Island
Jessie S Knowles F age 6 Rhode Island
Lois H Knowles M age 3 Rhode Island
Maria C Knowles F age 1 Rhode Island
Lizzie Hazard F age 12 Rhode Island (assumed to be a relative)

This family is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in South Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island. A beautifully signed Civil War era portrait of Hazard G. Knowles, at age 37. This is an important Rhode Island family with early SAR DAR, Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution, Revolutionary War ties. His family is directly related to the New England Gardiner, Knowles, Stanton and Hazard family genealogy. Found in Brentwood, Contra Costa County, California.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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