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1870 Charles Irving Cooley CDV Photo, Barnesville, Belmont OH Quakers


On reverse: "Charley Schooley" handwritten in old pencil in same hand as other photo of his cousin Charles Miles Schooley here, both found together. Original Vintage Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph. Photographer: Frank Wilson, Successor to H. Vance, Corner Main and Arch Sts., Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio. (Frank Wilson is known to be a successor to photographer Handel Vance 1819-1895)

Note: See his cousin Charles Miles Cooley here.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Charles Irving Schooley 1860-1947, also known as Charles I. Schooley) also seen in census incorrectly as Charles J. Schooley. He was born in Barnesville, Ohio.
His 1st Wife:
Josephine Paxson Schooley, married in 1886 in Ohio (Paxson, Paxon, Paxton)
Their 2 Children:
Minerva Belle Schooley Moss Tinleyborn 1888, known as Nerva or Belle Schooley
Addison Paxson Schooley born 1890
His 2nd wife: 
Sophia Palmer Schooley 1868–1901
Their Child: John Palmer Schooley Sr. 1899–1966
His 3rd wife:
Mary Grace Axline 1879–1927
Their Child: Jane Axline Schooley 1906–1995

His Father: Dr. Addison Schooley 1827-1890, born in Belmont, Ohio.
Addison's Parents: William Schooley 1794-1860 and Agnes Dillon Schooley 1800-1872, daughter of Ezer Dillon and Elizabeth Dillon. Agnes married William Schooley and had 3 children.

Note: Addison Schooley is listed in the U.S., Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I–VI, 1607-1943 Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. IV

Addison Schooley married Sarah Conners Webster Schooley 1832–1910 of Horsham, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Her father: Naylor Webster 1801–1883
Her mother: Jemima Mendenhall Vickers Webster 1806–1883
Her sister: Mary Vickers Webster Trimble, born in 1841, married Abraham Trimble, had 3 children.
Their Children, Charles' siblings:
Zeline Schooley 1854–1854
Minerva Dillon Schooley 1855–1892
Mary Agnes Schooley 1857–1933
Charles Irving Schooley 1859–1947
Rosa Belle Schooley 1862–1946, also seen as Rosabelle or Rosabel Schooley
D. Neeva Schooley, daughter, born 1866
George Webster Schooley 1867–1945
Clarkson Raymond Mead Schooley 1870–1932

Dr. Addison Schooley in the 1870 United States Federal Census
Age in 1870: 43
Birth Year: abt 1827
Birthplace: Ohio
Home in 1870: Somerset, Belmont County, Ohio
Post Office: Barnesville, Ohio
Household Members: Name Age
Addison Schooley 43
Sarah Schooley 47
Minerva Schooley 15
Mary Schooley 13
Charles Schooley 10
Rosabel Schooley 8
George Schooley 3

Book: "History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio" by Caldwell, published in 1880 chapter concerning Somerset, Ohio: "WILLIAM SCHOOLEY, M.D., was born July 24, 1794, at Sandy Springs, Maryland. When quite small his parents moved to Loudon county, Virginia, where he received the best education the place afforded. His parents were (Quaker) Friends and young William was reared strictly in that faith. In 1815 he left Virginia and came to Belmont, Belmont county, Ohio, and engaged in teaching school at that place, which he continued eight years. In the meantime, April 23, 1818, he married Agnes Dillon, of Belmont, and in 1823 commenced preaching in the Friends meetings. About the same time, Jan. 1823, he began the study of medicine which he continued for three years. He located at Somerton in 1826, and commenced the practice of medicine. In the year 1828 there arose a division in the society of Friends and William Schooley joined his fortunes with the body known as "Hicksites." Dr. Schooley continued to practice medicine and preach equally acceptable to his patrons and brethren until the 11th day of September, 1860, when he died, having exercised an influence for good on society not easily effaced. His children are named as follows: Clarkson, Lindley, Addison and Mary. Amongst the physicians who have studied medicine with Dr. Schooley were Drs. Strahl, Dillon, Waters, Berry, McNichols, Sharp, Plumley, Steele, Wildon, Sawyer, Stanton, Sweeney, Hodgin, and his three sons."

Note: His 3 sons were doctors:
Dr. Clarkson Schooley
Dr. Lindley Schooley
Dr. Addison Schooley

"ADDISON SCHOOLEY, M.D., was born May 21, 1827, at Somerton, Belmont county, Ohio. Went to school at Lloydsville, Ohio, under the superintendence of Prof. Boyd. In December, 1848, commenced teaching school at Somerton. Studied medicine with his father, Dr. William Schooley, and commenced to practice with his father in 1852. At his father's death Addison succeeded to his practice which he has continued ever since. June 23, 1852, Dr. Schooley married Sarah C. Webster, of Jefferson county, Ohio, and to them were born seven children: Minerva, Mary A., Charles I., Rosa B., George W., Clarkson R. and Guy."

Charlie appears about 16-18 years old years in this photo. We have a photo of his cousin Charles Miles Schooley, found with this photo, see it here. Their fathers were brothers, Addison and Lindley Schooley, and they both named a son Charles. Their mothers were both named Sarah. These photos were were found together in New England and the family may also have ties there. A beautiful and rare, original CDV photo.

Note: See his cousin Charles Miles Cooley here.

Size: 2.5 by 4 inches
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