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1858 William H Varney & Martha Dudley Victorian Calling Card, Maine


Printed on card: Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Varney and Martha E. Dudley, his wife's maiden name in lower left corner.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
William H Varney 1829–1914 was born in Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine and died in Windham, Cumberland, Maine. His father was Ezekiel Varney 1800–1890, the son of David Varney 1757–1844 and Peace Morrell Varney 1762–1837. His mother was Annie Gould Varney 1799–1876 and his sister was Elizabeth Watson Varney born in 1823. His wife was Martha Ellen Dudley Varney 1838–1914 and their children were: Mary Ellen Varney 1861–1945; Fred William Varney 1863–1930 who married Florence Atherton 1850–1909 (known as Flora Atherton) and 2nd: Minnie H. Orne born 1867; Frank Hall Varney Sr 1864–1946 who first married Edith M Maines Varney 1881–1940 and secondly married Ida May Baltzer Varney 1862–1905; George Linden Varney 1872–1959 who married Mabel Louisa Lincoln Varney 1873–1922; Alpheus Gould Varney 1874–1940 and Mildred Ann Varney Philpot 1881–1967, who married Harry Boody Philpot 1880–1954.

We rarely see the extra clues of a wife's maiden name printed on a card. This fancy card is most likely their marriage card, a beautiful piece, and most likely the only copy in existence. This beautiful piece was found in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts. It is most likely the only copy in existence.

Size: 3 x 1.25 inches
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