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1840's Mahala Richmond Southworth Daguerreotype Photo, Middleboro MA


This beautiful old 1840's antique daguerreotype photo was found in Massachusetts in 2016. The wooden case size is 3.25 x 3.75 inches. The old straight pinned note to silk on the dag case reads: "Mahala Richmond, Mrs. Henry Southworth, Grandpa Jonathan's Sister." The seals have not been broken, with original untouched glass over the daguerreotype plate. She was the wife of Henry K. Southworth. Photographer: Unmarked, Unknown.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Mahala Maria Richmond Southworth 1814-1853 born in Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
Her Father: Walker Richmond 1788–1875
Her Mother: Chloe Padelford Richmond 1789–1857
Her Siblings:
1. Jonathan Richmond 1816–1870
His 1st spouse: Hannah Southworth Richmond 1823–1857
His 2nd spouse: Mariah Southworth Richmond 1830–1870
2. Mary Washburn Richmond 1817–1834
3. Amanda Richmond born 1820
4. James Walker Richmond 1824–1833
5. Laura A. Richmond King born 1828, married Benjamin M. King
6. Harriett E. Richmond 1830–1834

Her Husband: Henry Keith Southworth 1809-1877 was born in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts and died in Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
His father: William Southworth 1778-1861
His mother: Phebe Keith Southworth 1779-1855 of Middleboro MA, married March 15, 1804 in Lakeville, Mass and lived in Middleboro MA.
Their Children
William Henry Southworth 1805-1876
Calvin Haskell Southworth 1807-1883
Henry Keith Southworth 1809-1877
Otis Southworth born 1814
Charles Frederick Southworth 1821-1853

Henry's 1st spouse: Elizabeth Terry Southworth 1829-1907
Henry's 2nd Spouse: Maria Richmond Southworth 1814–1853 they married February 24, 1833 Burial: Richmond Cemetery, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass.

Mahala died in 1853, which makes this daguerreotype photograph as taken pre-1853. Sadly, she was 29 years old when she died. Was this family related to the famous Southworth photographer? Much more research can be done. It is wonderful to see her beautiful fresh face after 160+ years! Would you like to learn more on the history of daguerreotypes? click here.

Size: wooden case size is 3.25 x 3.75 inches
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