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1885 Dr. Charles Harrison McChord CDV Photo, Lebanon, Marion County KY


On front: "5 mos old" is handwritten in old dip pen ink. On reverse: "Charles H. McChord" handwritten in faded period dip ink, same hand as the front. Also, in ballpoint pen handwritten in a different and later hand is boldly written "Charlie McChord, Charles Harrison McChord, born May 5th 1884." Photo type: Original Antique Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Sellier, Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky. (We found a Jules Sellier or Jules Francois Sellier 1831-1891, born in France in census, also seen spelled as Selier and Seiler. Any help appreciated, email Debra here)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Dr. Charles Harrison McChord 1884-1968
His parents: Robert Caldwell McChord, born 1852 and Elizabeth Harrison McChord. (we believe she can be seen hidden, holding him up in this photo) 
His Spouse: Mary Calloway Squires McChord 1885-1949 (also seen as Caloway)
Their Son: Hood Squires McChord, 1919-1978 married Catherine Crain Gayle, daughter of Walter Winn Sr Gayle and Anne Holt. Children of Hood McChord and Catherine Crain Gayle are Anne Gayle McChord, Charles Harrison McChord II, Mary Galloway McChord.
Burial: Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Source: Book: History of Kentucky (Volume v.4) by Charles Kerr. Publisher: Chicago: The American Historical Society: Dr. Charles H. McChord, for years a well-known member of the medical profession, is a descendant from one of the oldest families in this part of Kentucky, where for generations they have been well and favorably known. Charles H. McChord is a native of Lebanon, Kentucky, where he was born May 5, 1884, a son of Robert Caldwell and Lizzie Harrison McChord, the former a prominent surgeon, still active in his profession at Lebanon. He is a son of Robert Caldwell McChord, of Washington County, Kentucky, whose father was John Caldwell McChord. These men, in their respective generations, were well-to-do and worthy citizens of Kentucky, who nobly did their part in the upbuilding and development of the state. Charles H. McChord received his preliminary education in the public schools of Lebanon. He later entered Center College, from which institution he was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in 1905. He then entered the University at Louisville and in 1910 received his degree of M.D. Doctor McChord immediately began the practice of his profession at Lebanon, where he was associated with his father in general practice and surgery. On October 14, 1915, Doctor McChord was united in marriage to Mary Callaway Squires, a daughter of the late Richard M. Squires, the ceremony taking place in the same room that witnessed the marriage of her parents. The Doctor and his wife are the parents of one son; Hood Squires McChord. During the progress of the World war. Doctor and Mrs. McChord were active in war work and in the Red Cross, giving freely of their time and ability to help in all the good deeds connected with the latter organization. Since January, 1919, Doctor McChord has had charge of the Squires estate at Meadowbrook Farm, located about eight miles from Lexington, and on this place he superintends the operations of general farming and stock raising. He gives his support to the Democratic party, but has never been a seeker after office. He is an earn- est member of the Presbyterian Church, as were all his ancestors. He is affiliated with the Masonic Order and in the Knights Templars.

Surnames: Squires, Gayle, Caldwell, Harrison, McChord, Crain, Winn, Holt, Callaway, Calloway, Caloway, and Galloway, as well as the surname spelling McCord.

A wonderful image found in the northeast in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. This family may also have some New England ties. This is a "hidden mother" studio photo. Charlie's mother is draped behind holding the baby up for the long 30 second or more exposure in the photographer's studio, quite a feat! A much loved baby in a beautiful long handmade lace gown, a physician, and well accomplished man. This is one of those baby photos where you can seem to really see the character of this beautiful kid. A rare McChord family piece.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
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