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1866 Bertram Dawson Coleman CDV Photo, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania


On reverse: "Bertram D. Coleman, June 1866" is handwritten beautifully in early dip pen script. Photo type: Original Antique Victorian CDV or Carte de Visite Photograph. Photographer: John Daily, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. ((known to be photographer John Daily 1832-1897 born in Cornwall, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and died in Philadelphia)

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Bertram Dawson Coleman 1865–1933 born Lebanon PA, died Philadelphia.
Parents: George Dawson Coleman 1825–1878 and Deborah Brown Coleman 1833–1904.
His wife: Anna Mason Churchill Coleman 1869–1915, married in 1889.
Their Children:
George Dawson Coleman 1890–1951
Anne Caroline Coleman 1892–1966

Bertram D. Coleman in 1920 census records, born 1864, age 56. He is a widower, living with son and his family in Haverford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Family members are: Son, George D Coleman; Son's wife, Mariana Coleman; Baby Grandson, Bertram D Coleman and many maids from both Ireland and France: Margaret Bodan, Bridget Dougry, Mary E Campbell, Margaret McGonagle, Hermine Doyle, Marguerite Doyle and Elizabeth Doyle.

This was a very wealthy Iron furnace family in Lebanon, with their estates now the Coleman Memorial Park there, from the property of George Dawson Coleman and his brother Robert Coleman, who built the North Lebanon Iron Furnaces in the 1840's. Bertram Dawson Coleman was a Princeton graduate and banker, as well as his son George Dawson Coleman 1891–1951.

This is a wonderful old clearly marked piece. This photo was found in Millerton, Dutchess County, New York. It is a is a stunningly clean and clear portrait of baby Bertram, age about 1.5 to 2 years, much loved and sitting on a velvet couch. The condition is very clean and crisp. it is also beautifully signed in Civil war era dip pen ink presumably by his mother Deborah. A rare photo.

Size: 2.5 x 4 inches
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy      Note: Hello from ~debra. I have spent years collecting over 10,000 ID’d lost family photos & paper from US flea markets & antique shops. I do the best gen research I can, but am always open to corrections. This is an original antique item, not a reprint. A new high quality rigid sleeve is included for extra protection, especially during shipping. You may buy a piece alone, or large intimate 300 dpi scans of the front and back sent immediately via email, or both. Please search carefully, as they are often found together and many may be related. I also invite you to join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. Thank you, enjoy! ~Debra Clifford (contact info on top bar)

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