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1878 Anna Bausman Crispell CDV Photo (Rev. Cornelius Eltinge Crispell)


On front: "Wife of C.E. Crispell" is handwritten in old dip pen ink. On reverse: "These pictures taken somewhere about 1878 when they first came to Spring Valley which was in 1877, I think. A.G.S" is handwritten in old black fountain pen ink. Photo type: Victorian Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Forshew, Hudson, NY, Columbia County. (known to be Francis Forshew)

Found in Public Genelogy Records

The Biographical Dictionary of America, vol. 3, Edited by Rossiter Johnson in 1906 and published by the American Biographical Society in Boston: "Cornelius Eltlnge Crispell, clergyman, was born in Marbletown NY in 1820; son of Dr. Peter and Catherine (Eltinge) Crispell; grandson of John and Jane (Hasbrouck) Crispell, and of Cornelius, and Blandina (Elmendorf) Eltinge, and a descendant of Antoine Crispell, a French Huguenot, who arrived at New Amsterdam in the ship "Gilded Otter" and settled at Esopus-on-the-Hudson. He attended Kingston academy 1833-36, and graduated from Rutgers 1839, Theological seminary of the Reformed church, New Brunswick NJ, in 1842. Ordained ministry in 1842; pastor at Piermont NY, 1842-47; of the Linlithgow church at Livingston NY 1847-57; and Schoharie, NY, 1857-63. In 1863 rector of the grammar school of Rutgers, and served 3 years as chair of history in the college in 1865-66. In 1866 he was chair of mathematics, philosophy, astronomy in Hope college, Michigan until 1878. Professor of didactic and polemic theology of the Reformed church of America there 1867-78. In 1879 pastorate of Reformed church of Spring Valley. He was married in 1842 to Sarah Richmond, dau of Dr. Frederick Richmond of New Brunswick NJ. She died in 1848, and in 1850 he married Anna Bausman b. 1830, dau of Dr. John Gabriel Gebhard and granddaughter of the Rev. John Gabriel Gebhard, who was for 50 years pastor of the Reformed church of Claverack NY. Rutgers college gave him degree of D.D. Doctor of Divinity in 1867." 

A beautiful and rare piece of this illustrious Rev. Crispell DD family of Spring Valley, NY. Reverend Cornelius Eltlnge Crispell is also seen listed as Elting in census records. Found in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, a beautiful piece from an important family.

Size 2.5 x 4 inches
Debra Clifford Ancestorville Genealogy     Note: The original is sold, but you may still purchase large, detailed and intimate 300 dpi high resolution scans of front and back, sent immediately via email. Please check our site carefully, as many may be related to each other that we are unaware of. Click scan to place in your cart. Thank you, enjoy! ~debra (please also join me at Ancestorville Genealogy on facebook. contact info on top bar)

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