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1870's Andrus Bowen / Andrews Bowen Family CDV Photo, Bennington VT


On reverse: "Uncle Andrus Bowen" is handwritten in old dip pen ink script at bottom front. Photo type: Carte de visite CDV Photograph. Photographer: Perkins, 33 Center Street, Rutland, Vermont, Rutland County. (known to be A.D. Perkins, Alvin D. Perkins, Alvin Perkins) Found in Rochester, NY, Monroe County, NY. 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Andrews Bowen
Birth: 1813, Dorset
Bennington County, Vermont, USA
Death: Jan. 18, 1892
Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont, USA
1st wife: Sophia Bowen 1806-1866
2nd wife: Sarah Jane Williams Bowen 1837-1912
Children: Buffum Pris Bowen 1847-1917 (Buffum Bowen)

The following bio (most likely of his father in law) in was found in old public genealogy records in "The history and Map of Danby, Vermont" published in 1869: "Caleb Buffum from Providence, Rhode Island, in 1797, settled at the Borough, in the blacksmithing business. He married Huldah Parris, daughter of Elkanah Parris. In 1806, he purchased the triphammer and shop of Samuel Dow, and continued the business for ten or twelve years. He was a man of sound morals, and was a highly respected citizen. In 1818, he removed to his farm in Mt. Tabor, where he continued to live for many years, during which time he gained many friends, as being a man of strict integrity and uprightness of character. He was a justice of the peace twenty nine years in Mt. Tabor; town clerk and selectman several years, and was a prominent citizen of that town. In 1841, he removed back to Danby, and kept tavern several years. He died at Rutland in 1857, aged 76. His wife died in 1866, aged 86. Their family consisted of eleven children : Lucy Buffum, married Larned Bowen ; Sophia Buffum, married Andrus Bowen, of Dorset ; Almira Buffum, married Dr. Knowlton ; Parris Buffum; Daniel Buffum; Heman M. Buffum (Herman Buffam?); Huldah Buffum; Amanda Buffum, m. Rev. Wm. W. Pierce, and died in LS44, aged 25 ; Caleb Buffum, Jr. ; Hannah Buffam, died in 1831 ; and Larned Buffum. Parris, married Ann Soule, daughter of Wesson Soule, and lives in Dorset. Herman, married Almira Buffum, and lives in Dorset, and has raised a family of several children. He has secured a good property, and is a worthy member of society. Caleb Buffum, Jr., married Nancy Griffith, daughter of Hiram Griffith, and settled at the Borough. He afterwards married Sally Ann Slocum. He now lives in Rutland, and is a man of good business talent."

Dorset VT is in Bennington County. We see his first name spelled different ways, not uncommon in genealogy. Also, if you look at the handwritten signature on the scan, it could read either Andrus Bowen, or Andrews Bowen. This is a beautiful old 1870's clearly signed CDV portrait of Andrus Bowen. He appears as a large burly gentleman with a full beard. 

Size 2.5 x 4 inches
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