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19th c. Old Victorian Nicknames Boys Male Baby Biblical Names Men

19th Century Men’s Victorian era Old Names & Nicknames

male boy 19th c nicknames baby names biblical names

19th c. Names: Hundreds of popular 19th century Victorian nicknames for Genealogy We collect old nicknames, can you help? email us with more. This is also a great source for boy baby names. Check out our Victorian boys, male nickname page here. Many of these old American names are Bible, Biblical names.

Boys Male Victorian Nicknames, baby Names, Biblical Names......

        1. Abiel, Abial, Able, Abel, Abiram, Abram, Abraham, or Abel: Abe
        2. Abednego, Abednigo: Abed
        3. Abel, Able, Abiel.
        4. Abanese, Aban
        5. Abinago
        6. Abiram, Abiran
        7. Abner
        8. Absolom
        9. Achsah
        10. Adoniram, Adonyah: Adon
        11. Adelbert, Del, Delbert
        12. Agrippa
        13. Al may be a nickname for Aldus, Alton, Alderon, Allesaph, Alford, Alfred, Alson, Alsen, Alico, Alphonse, Alonson, Alanson, Albus, Alpine, Allan, Allen, Alan, Albert, Alastair, Alton, Alcott, Alden, Aldrich, Aldo, Alexander, Alex, Alec, Alfred, Alger, Algernon, Alison, Allister, Allard, Alonzo, Albion, or Alvin.
        14. Alan, Alanson, Alonson
        15. Alderon, Alder, Ron
        16. Aldus
        17. Allasaph, Alasaph
        18. Alf, Alph, Alford, Alphus, Alphes, Alphas, Alphias, Alphord, Alfred
        19. Alpheas, Alpheus
        20. Alsen or Alson: Alson Deforest Blye, 1860's photographer, Syracuse NY, 
        21. Alton
        22. Alvon or Glen may be a nickname for Glenalvon.
        23. Amasa, Ammon, Ammy, Ammie, Amon
        24. Ambrose, Ambro
        25. Andoniram, Andy, Andon, Don
        26. Andrew, Andy
        27. Aphias, Aphus, Aphas, Aphis, Aphes, Aph
        28. Alphias, Alphas, Alphas, Alph, Alf
        29. Aarne, Aaron
        30. Aquilla
        31. Archibald, Archer, Arch
        32. Arkill
        33. Armin, Arminius, Armenius
        34. Arthur, Art
        35. Arunah
        36. Artemus, Artemas
        37. Asahel, Asaph, Asa
        38. Ashael, Ash
        39. Ashbel, Ash
        40. Asher
        41. Aubrey, Aubry: Aub, Aubie, Aubey, Auby
        42. Aza
        43. Baborn
        44. Beriah
        45. Bert may be a nickname for Berton, Albert, Bertram, Bertrand, Bertran, Cuthbert, Egbert, Gilbert or Gilburt, Burt, Herbert, Hubert, Lambert, Norbert, Robert, Wilbert, Berthold, Berton, Burton, Delbert, Inglebert, Engelbert, Filbert or Hulbert.
        46. Ben may be a nickname for Benedict, Benjamin, Benjamine, Benaiah, Bendiah.
        47. Betham
        48. Bethuel, Beth
        49. Blaise
        50. Bliss
        51. Brown
        52. Burch, Birch
        53. Bushrod, Bush
        54. Caleb, Cal, Cale
        55. Carleton, Carlton, Carlin, Carlisle, or Charles: Carl
        56. Cebern
        57. Cesar, Ceasar
        58. Cephas
        59. Challis
        60. Chesney, Chess, Ches
        61. Clane
        62. Clayton, Clay
        63. Clellan
        64. Clement, Clemen, Clemens: Clem
        65. Clifford, Cliff
        66. Clio
        67. Clyford
        68. Colson, Cole
        69. Coonrod, Coon, Rod
        70. Cornelius, Con, Cornelian
        71. Corydon, Cornelius: Corie, Cory
        72. Cleon
        73. Cloah, Cloe
        74. Cloyd
        75. Culver
        76. Cuthbert, Cuth
        77. Cyrenius, Cyril, Cyrus, Cy
        78. Cypreau, Cy
        79. Dan’l is often written for Daniel.
        80. Darrus, Darius, Darrius
        81. Del may be a nickname for Adelbert, Delbert, Delburt, Delmar, Delling, Delwyn, Delwin, Delevan, Adelbert, Delano, Delmer, Delmar, Delman, Delmore, Dell, Delray, Dellray, Delroy, Dellroy.
        82. Derris, DerisDerrie, Derry
        83. Dick: Richard or Melchezedick, Dick
        84. Dillay, Dillaye
        85. Dilwyn, Dillwyn
        86. Dolph: Randolph, Rudolph.
        87. Don: Andoniram, Andon, Donald, Donovan, Donell, Donnell, Donel, Donnel, MacDonald.
        88. Dougal, Doug, Douglas
        89. Doris (boy)
        90. Dovis, Dove
        91. Dyl, Dill may be a nickname for Dylan or Dylone.
        92. Early
        93. Ebben, Ebbon
        94. Eben may be a nickname for Ebeneezer.
        95. Eberhart, Hart
        96. Ed or Eddie may be a nickname for Edder, Edden, Edward, Edwardo, Eduardo, Edgar, Edmin, Eden, Edmiston, Edmund or Edwin.
        97. Eden
        98. Elder
        99. Eli may be a nickname or variant of Eliakim, Eliphalet, Elijah, Elihu, Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Ely, Eleazar, Elias, Elijah, Elisha, Elliot.
        100. El or Nathan may be a nickname for Elnathan.
        101. Elam
        102. Eldred
        103. Elephalet, Eliphalet, Elaphalet
        104. Eliab
        105. Eliakim
        106. Eliphat
        107. Elvin
        108. Elton
        109. Eman, Emanuel
        110. Emmons
        111. Enoch
        112. Ephiram, Ephraim, Epher
        113. Ernst, Ernest, Ernie
        114. Eskell
        115. Estep
        116. Eu or Eus may be a nickname for Eustace.
        117. Euripides
        118. Evan
        119. Ez may be a nickname for Ezra, Ezer.
        120. Ezer
        121. Fen may be a nickname for Fenton.
        122. Fergus, Ferguson
        123. Fielden
        124. Fin, Phineas, Finley
        125. Flavel
        126. Floyd, Floyde
        127. Fordy or Fordie may be a nickname for Ford, Fordyce, Fordice, Fordham, Forde, Forden. Erford or Fordon.
        128. Forrest
        129. Francis is male and often had the nickname Frank. The spelling Frances is female and usually called Fanny, Franny, Frannie, or Fran.
        130. Frank may also be known as Francis or Franklin in census records.
        131. Fred is a nickname for Frederick, Fredrick, Frederic, Frederich, Frederico, Frederik, Fredric, Fredrik, Wilfred or Alfred.
        132. Freegift is a wonderful 18th c first name we found.
        133. Free, Freeman
        134. Fritz for Frederic, Frederick.
        135. Gabe is a nickname for Gabriel.
        136. Gale may be a nickname for Galen.
        137. Gamliel, Gmali
        138. Garry or Gary may be a nickname for Garrick, Gerald, Gareth, Garret, Garrett.
        139. Garnet
        140. Gem, Gemmy, Jem, Jemmy for Jim, Jimmy, James.
        141. Gershom, Gersham
        142. Gideon, Gid
        143. Glen may be a nickname for Glenalvon.
        144. Gobind
        145. Goodwyn, Goodwin, Godwin, Godwyn
        146. Greville
        147. Greenleaf, Green
        148. Gus or Guss may be a nickname for August, Augusta, Augustus, Gustaf, Gustave, Gustauvus, Gaius, Angus, Gust, Argus, Augustin, Gustavo.
        149. Guy may be a nickname for Guysbert, also William, James in some families.
        150. Green, Greenberry, Greenberg, Greenman
        151. Hale may be a nickname for Halen.
        152. Harry or Harrie may be a nickname for Harald, Harailt, Herold, Harold, Henry, Harris, or Harrison.
        153. Hart, Hartman, Eberhart
        154. Haskel
        155. Haym
        156. Hazard
        157. Hector, Hec, Heck
        158. Hence 
        159. Hendry (Scottish, nickname can be Henry or Harry)
        160. Henry, Henery
        161. Hepsibath
        162. Heptasoph, Heptisoph
        163. Heran
        164. Hibbard
        165. Hieronymus, Hiero, Hero, Hiram, Hironemus
        166. Hippolyte
        167. Hollis
        168. Horsham
        169. Hosephat, Hosaphat, Hosiphat
        170. Hosiah
        171. Howd or Howie may be a nickname for Howard
        172. Hypatis
        173. Idris
        174. Isaac, Isac, Isaacher, Issacher
        175. Isaih, Isah, Isaiah
        176. Israel
        177. Jack may be a nickname for John, Jonathan, Jacob, Jacques, Jackman, Jackie, Jacquin, Jacqin
        178. Jahiel
        179. James, Jim
        180. Jar, Jari, Jary, Jarry may be nicknames for Jarius.
        181. Jasper, Jap
        182. Jedediah, Jed, Ede
        183. Jer or Jerry may be a boys nickname for Jerauld, Jeremiah, Jerome,  Jeremy, Jered, Jerod, Jerold, Jerzy, Jheronimus, Jeronimus, Jehovah.
        184. Jerah
        185. Jher, Jheron, Jeron may be a nickname for Jheronimus, Jeronimus.
        186. Jehoshaphat, Jehosaphat, Jehosephat
        187. Jess or Jessie may be a nickname for Jesse.
        188. Job, Jobe
        189. Joe, Joey, Joie may be a nickname for Joseph, Josue, Joel, Josephat, Joemar.
        190. John: Census records might read John, Jon, Jonathon, Jonathan or Johnathon.
        191. Jonh for Jonathan.
        192. Jos or Jose is a nickname for Joseph, Josiah, Josephat, Josue, Joshua, Joemar, Joss or Jos.
        193. Joshua, Josh
        194. Josiah, Josia, Jose
        195. Junius, June, Juna
        196. Ladack
        197. Larnard
        198. Late is a nickname for Laton, as in Laton Alton Huffman 1854-1931, American western photographer known as “Late Huffman.”
        199. Lauris may be a nickname for Lauriston.
        200. Lee may be a nickname for Leeander, Leander, Leo, Leopold, Leonard, Leroy. Leland, Leighton, Leith, Levi.
        201. Leo may be a nickname for Leopold, Leon, Leonard, Leonardo, Lee, Leander, Leroy.
        202. Lent
        203. Levi as in Levi Strauss (1829-1902), also Levis.
        204. Leviah
        205. Levity
        206. Let
        207. LLewen or Lew may be a nickname for LLewelyn, LLewellyn.
        208. Lon may be a nickname for Alonzo, Lonnie, Leonard, London, or simply Lon, which is a Gaelic name meaning “Fierce”.
        209. Lot is a biblical name, also Lott.
        210. Louvisa
        211. Luddie or Lud is a nickname for Ludger.
        212. Lum may be a nickname for Columbus.
        213. Lyman
        214. Lyric
        215. Mac or Mack may be a nickname for MacDonald, MacLean, McKenzie, McKinley, MacKenzie.
        216. Magnus, Mag
        217. Mahlon
        218. Major
        219. Mannie may be a nickname for Manoah, Manheim, Maynard, Manford, Manfred, Maynard, Manuel.
        220. Manoah
        221. Mark, Markman, Markaman, Marcus
        222. Mat, Mattie or Matt may be a male nickname for Mather, Matias, Mathias,  Matthias, Mattias, Matthew, Mateus, Mathieu, Mathian, Mateo, or Mathew.
        223. Marcus
        224. Mather
        225. Medorah, Med, Meddie, both male and female.
        226. Mel may be a nickname for Melvin, Melanchthon, Melchezedick.
        227. Melanchton, Melancthon
        228. Melchezedick, Mel, Dick
        229. Mercy (male)
        230. Meriweather, Meriwether
        231. Meshach, Meshack
        232. Mexico
        233. Montraville, Montreville
        234. Morrie, Mory or Morry may be a nickname for Mora, Morris, Moris, Moreland, Morland, Morford, Mortimer, Mordecai, Moore, Morgan, Morell, Morten, Maurice, Mortin.
        235. Mont, Monty may be a nickname for Montague, Montraville, Montreville
        236. Mora
        237. Mordecai, Mord
        238. Moses, Mose
        239. Moss
        240. Mott
        241. Nathan may be a nickname for Elnathan.
        242. Nebuchadnezzar, Nebikanejah
        243. Ned may be a nickname for Edward, Edgar, Edmin, Theodore (as in Neddy or Teddy) or Edwin, Edwardo, Eduardo, Edmin, Eden, Edmiston, Eddie, or Edmund.
        244. Nehemiah
        245. Newton
        246. Nin, Ninian
        247. Niram, Adoniram, Andoniram "Ni"
        248. Nirum, "Ni"
        249. Noah, Noahdiah
        250. Oba
        251. Obad, Obadiah
        252. Octavius
        253. Odell
        254. Ollie may be a nickname for Oliver, Olaf, Olney, Olav, Olivier,  Olan, Ollan, or Olin.
        255. Omer
        256. Oremus, Orenus
        257. Oris
        258. Orliff
        259. Orrie, Orry may be a nickname for Orris, Orlando, Oremus, Orliff, Orson, Orville, Orton, Orvin, Orland, Oren, Orrin, Orin, Ora, Orlo, Orwin, Orford, Orman, Oura, Ort.
        260. Orm or Ormie may be a nickname for Orman, Orma, Ormel.
        261. Ort, Orth, Orthy may be a nickname for Orthello.
        262. Ossill, Orsell, Orcill, Orsil
        263. Ovid, Ovide
        264. Oz or Ozzie may be a nickname for Ozro, Ozrah, Oswald, Ozias, Osman, Oswin, Oscar, Osmar, Osborn, Osgood, Osmond. 
        265. P names: John and Mary Austin had these children between 1739 and 1755: Plevus, Pavis, Paulus, Prisimus, Parvis, Picus, Anstis, Lettice, Polepas, Phineas, and Percius, all in one family! (All the P names are male.)
        266. Pacificus
        267. Pardon
        268. Park, Parke, Parker
        269. Pel, Pell may be a male nickname for Pelam or Pelham
        270. Pericles
        271. Percival, Percy, Percey, Perce
        272. Perry may be a nickname for Pericles, Peramice, Percival, Perland, Perrin, Perauld, Perlin.
        273. Percy or Perce may be a nickname for Percival, Persival, Percius.
        274. Pewman
        275. Pharady
        276. Pharas, Pharis
        277. Phil may be a nickname for Philomath, Philemon, Philo, Phillip, Philip, Philander, Philbert.
        278. Philemon, Philaman, Philamen, Philoman
        279. Philetus
        280. Philomath
        281. Philemon
        282. Phincas
        283. Phinney, Phin, Fin may be a nickname for Phineas
        284. Pimm
        285. Placidus, Placidius
        286. Plymouth, Plymmouth
        287. Purtyman, Purty
        288. Pryor
        289. Pyam, Py
        290. Quitman
        291. Rafael, Raphael, Rafe
        292. Ray may be a nickname for Raymond, Rayburn, Raynor, Ramon.
        293. Reece, Rhys
        294. Robah
        295. Rob't is often written for Robert.
        296. Rod, Coonrod, Rodney, Roderick, Rodrick, Alderod
        297. Rogerus, Roger
        298. Rolandus, Rolandis, Rolandas
        299. Ron, Ronald, Alderon
        300. Rich'd is often written for Richard.
        301. Roy may be a nickname for Elroy, Royal, Royce, Royd, Roydon.
        302. Rule, Rully, Ruly or Rul may be a nickname for Ruliff.
        303. Sabina, male.
        304. Sam may be a nickname for Samuel, Samson.
        305. Sam’l is often written for Samuel.
        306. Sarra, Sarrah
        307. Schuyler
        308. Seaborn
        309. Seddie or Seddy may be a nickname for Sedrig.
        310. Selah is a nickname for Methuselah.
        311. Seligman, Seligmann
        312. Selim
        313. Semiranis, Semi
        314. Seneca
        315. Shirley (male)
        316. Sinia
        317. Sep may be a nickname for Septimus.
        318. Shadrach, Shadrack, Shady, Shade
        319. Sharron
        320. Simeon
        321. Si or Cy: Sion, Zion, Josiah, Simon, Simeon, Silas, Cylas, Sylas, Cyrus.
        322. Smith
        323. Snow
        324. Solon, Solen
        325. Soloman, Solomon, Sollie, Sol
        326. Solvie, Sol or Sal may be a nickname for Salvatore, Salvador, Solvador.
        327. Spencer
        328. St. Clair, Clair
        329. Stillman
        330. Stoten
        331. Squire
        332. Sydenham
        333. Sylvanus
        334. Taron
        335. Tarrant
        336. Teddy is a nickname for Ted, Theodore,  Theophilus, Tedmund, Edward, Edwin, Edmund.
        337. Terry may be a nickname for Terrence, Terence, Terrell, Tarrance, Terry.
        338. Thad or Tad may be a nickname for Thadius, Thaddeus, Thaddius
        339. Theron
        340. Timm
        341. Titus
        342. Thos is often written for Thomas.
        343. Thurston
        344. Theo, Theophilus, Theodore.
        345. Uriah, Ure
        346. ValentineVal, Volentine, Vol
        347. Vanderbilt, nickname Van
        348. Vince may be a nickname for Vincil or Vincent.
        349. Volentine
        350. Volomon
        351. Watson
        352. Welcome
        353. Wiley
        354. William, Wm., Bill, Billie, Will, Willie
        355. Willie may be a nickname for William, Willis, Wilson, Wilton, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilhelm, Wilson, Willie, Willard, Wilmer, Wilbur, Wilbert, Wilburt, Wilford, Wilmot, Wilfred, Wilfrid, Willaby, Will.
        356. Winfield, Winford
        357. Whipple Clark, husband of Eliza, Madison NY.
        358. Worth may be a nickname for Worthing.
        359. ZadZaddy or Zaddie may be a nickname for Zadder, Zadock, Zadoc, Zadius, Zadmen, Zadman, Zada.
        360. Zadock, Zadoc
        361. Zadoe
        362. Zavala, Zavalah
        363. Zeb or Zib may be a nickname for Zebina, Zebedee, Zebediah, Zebulon
        364. Zeba, Ziba
        365. Zebina
        366. Zed or Zeddie may ne a nickname for Zedder.
        367. Zenos or Senos is a first name.
        368. Zeph: Zephonia, Zephicus, Zepherell, Zephidas, Zephas, Zephus, Zepha
        369. Zeri may be a nickname for Zared, Zero, Zerah, Zerahiah, Zeredah, Zeresh, Zereth, or Zer.
        370. Zerua, Zeruah, Zerah, Zera
        371. Zetus
        372. Zurishaddai, Zuris
        373. Zore, Zora or Zoro may be a nickname for Zoraster, Zoroaster, as in Zoroaster Dike of Vermont born 1803.

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