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Victorian 19th c. Names & Nicknames: Women, Baby Girls, Female, Bible

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Old 19th c. Victorian Women's Female Nicknames for Genealogy
19th Century Women’s Victorian era Great Old Names & Nicknames

...we have found each one of these names in our genealogy searches, hundreds of popular 17-19th century and Victorian nicknames for Genealogy. This is also a great source for girl baby names. Check out our Victorian boys, male nickname page here.  Many of the old American names are biblical in nature. enjoy! ~debra 
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This page is dedicated to my genealogy friend "Charlen"..Helen Charlotte Kyle 1941-2017.

    1. Abbie or Abby is usually a nickname for Abigail.
    2. Achsah
    3. Ada for Zorada, Adelia, Adela, Adelaide, Adele, Adeline, Adelle, Adeline, Adaline,Adelina, Adelpha, Adina, Adine, Adena, Adolpha, Adonia, Adora, Adorabelle, Adorlee, Adorlee.
    4. Adell, Adella, Adelle
    5. Addy or Addie may be a nickname for Adru, Adaline, Adeline, Adelia, Adella, Adelaide, Adelphia, Adda.
    6. Aggie or Aggy is usually a nickname for Agnes, Agnesia, or Agatha.
    7. Agrippa, Aggie
    8. Alfie may be a nickname for Alpha, Alfreda, Alfonsine, Alphonsine.
    9. Allie, Ally or Alli for Allein, Almiar, Alice, Aileen, Alberta, Almena, Alyssa, Alyce, Alvina, Alva, Alura, Alula, Althea, Alta, Alpha, Aloysia, Alonza, Aloha, Almira, Alma, Allison, Allene, Alanna, Allegra, Alisa, Alla, Aliza, Aline, Alina, Alima, Alida, Adelita, Alfonsine, Alexis, Alethea, Aleta, Aldora, Alda, Aldora, Albinia, Alcina, Alarice, Alameda, Alanna, Alamena, Allison, Alison, Alexandra, Alexina.
    10. Alethea, Aletha are female names.
    11. Alderose is a female name, nickname may be Rose.
    12. Alex, Alexandra, Alexina.
    13. Allis, Allice, Alice
    14. Almiar 
    15. Almira 
    16. Almy or Almey for Alma, Almida, Almeda, Almiar.
    17. Alvie or Alvy may be a nickname for Alvenia, Alvena.
    18. Andelilah, Delilah, Ann
    19. Amorancy or Amorancey, Amoransa
    20. Ama for Amabel, Armabelle
    21. Amma or Ammie, Ammy may be a nickname for America, Amelia, Amandine, Amorancy, Amorancey, Amoransa, Amoranca, Amata, Amber, Ambrosine, Amethyst, Amy, Ami, Amity, Amaline, or Amanda.
    22. Angie is a nickname for Angelina, Angela, Angel.
    23. Annie for Annis, Anne, Annabelle, Analine, Anna, Anita, Ann, Antoinette, Antimilla, Antemilla, Anstis, Anzella or Antonia.
    24. Annis is a 19th c. name we found, and Ann may be the nickname for it.
    25. Anzella, Annzella
    26. Ardy or Ardie, Dena or Denie may be a nickname for Ardenia.
    27. Artha, Artemesia, Artemesa
    28. Arvie or Villa may be a nickname for Arvilla.
    29. Aurora, Aurare 
    30. Azubah, Azu
    31. Barb, Baa for Bobbie, Barbara, Barbie or Barbary, Barbery.
    32. Bartie may be a nickname for Barthena.
    33. Bashaba 
    34. Bath or Bathie for Bathsheba, also Sheba below.
    35. Becca, Becky for Rebecca.
    36. Belle for Isobel, Isobella, Isabell, Isabella, Isabelle, Belinda, Rosabel, Rosabella, Arabella, Arabelle, Belia, Belva, Bela, or Bellanca.
    37. Bessie for Bess, Betsy, Bessy, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth.
    38. Beryl
    39. Beth may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Hepzibeth, Hepsybeth or Hepsibeth, Bethel, Bethany, Betha, Jobeth, Bethsaida, Bethan, Bethann, Bethanne, Clarabeth, Lilybeth, Lorabeth, Loribeth, Maribeth, Marybeth, Sarabeth, Sarahbeth, Bethsaida and Corabeth.
    40. Bethan
    41. Bethsaida
    42. Betsy for Elizabeth.
    43. Bertha was found as a nickname for Bethsaida.
    44. Bibiana
    45. Biantha
    46. Biddy or Biddie for Bridget.
    47. Birdie may be a nickname for Bert, Byrd, Birt, Delberta, Roberta, Bertalina, Elbert, Elberta, Alberta, Burt, Bertha, or other names, both male and female.
    48. Bobbie, Bobbi, Bobby for Roberta. Also for Bobbette.
    49. Brownie
    50. Caddy or Caddie for Cadelia, Candace, Caroline or Cadwyn.
    51. Callie and Lindy are nicknames for Caroline, Clarinda, 
    52. Cammie for Camryn, Camille, Cameron, Camilla, Cameo, Camden, Cambria.
    53. Cannie for Americana, Candice, Candace, Candide, Candida, or Candy.
    54. Cara or Carrie for Caraline, Carafilia, Caroline, Carolina, Carolyn, Carol, Carruth.
    55. Cecelia, Ceil, Cele
    56. Celestine, Lessie, Cellie, Tina, Tine
    57. Celia
    58. Celinda
    59. Cenith may be a nickname for Acenith.
    60. Cenea
    61. Charlyn, Helen Charlotte
    62. Charrie
    63. Chas, Chastina, Chassie
    64. Chere may be a nickname for Cheredal.
    65. Christmas
    66. Cinda or Sinda, may be a nickname for Lucinda.
    67. Cintha
    68. Clara may be a nickname for Clarissa, Claribel, Clarabelle, Clarabell, Clarice, Clarinda, Claramae, Claresta, Clarimond, Claire. 
    69. Clar, Clare, Clarrie, Clarie, Rinda for Clarinda, as well as Lindy.
    70. Clementine, Clemmie, Clem
    71. Clyde, Clydia
    72. Comfort
    73. Corie, Cory, Corry, Corrie may be a nickname for Cory, Cora, Corrine, Cornelia, Corella, Corette, Corrina, Correne, Corene, Corra, Coretta, Corabelle, Coral, Coraline, Cordelia, Corissa, Corisa, Corrissa, Corliss, Corey, Corence.
    74. Cordelia, Dilly
    75. Cornie short for Cornelia.
    76. Corolin, Corolynn, Coroline
    77. Crece or Crese for Lucretia.
    78. Dacie, Dacia, Dasia for Lodasia, Lodacia, Lodecy
    79. Damaris
    80. Damona
    81. Danie for Danielle, Dana, Dane, Alydane, Daniela, Daniella, Danella, Danelle, Danica, Danika, or Danya.
    82. Debra, Deborah, Debora, Deboram, Debory
    83. Delia for Cordelia, Fidelia, Fedilia.
    84. Dell, Del, Dellie, Delly, Della for Odelia, Fidelia, Fedelia, Deliverance.
    85. Deliverance
    86. Demerius
    87. Desdemona, Desdemonia, Mona, Dessie
    88. Desire
    89. Diantha
    90. Dicy, Dicey for Candice, Denize, Darcy, Darcey, Dicia, Eurydice, Eurydicia, Edith, Diana, Laodicea, Lodicy, Lodicia, Luradice, Leodicia, Theodocia, Theodosia and it also became a name on its own (seems to be seen more in the South) in the 19th century. May be related to Deezy, Deezey. 
    91. Docie, Docia for Theodocia, Theodocie.
    92. Dolores, Dodie, Dode
    93. Dolly, Doll for Dorothy.
    94. Dora or Dorrie, Dorry for Medora, Midora, Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, Theordoria, Theodora, Eldora, 
    95. Dorcas
    96. Dorlisca, Lissie
    97. Dot or Dottie may be a nickname for Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, Theodora.
    98. Dulcema, Dulcie
    99. Duty
    100. Eda may be a nickname for Edith or Edna.
    101. Edely, Edella, Edelia
    102. Eddie for Edwina.
    103. Effie, Effa for Josephine, Erphelia, Ephelia, Ophelia, Orpha, Orphelia, Euphemia, Evelyn, or Efa.
    104. Ella or Ellie may be a nickname for Elitha, Elata, Elatta, Elloney, Elmina, Helen, Helene, Elva, Elvina, Elvira, Elsie, Elsa, Eloise, Elna, Elmira, Elnora, Eleanore, Ellice, Elma, Elyse, Gabriela, Gabriella, Elnora, Eleanor, Elenore, Ellenore, Ellen or Luella.
    105. Eleth, Elith, Elethiane
    106. Eleanor, Elinor, Elnor, Elonor, nora
    107. Ellice
    108. Elloney, Ellany, Elleney
    109. Elma may be a nickname for Gulielma.
    110. Elsie for Eliza, Eloise, Eloisa, Elissa, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elsa, Elise.
    111. Emarintha, Rintha
    112. Emma may be a nickname for Emily, Emmagene, Emaline, Emiline, Emmy, Emmy Lou, Emeline, Emelina, Emelyne, Emmeline, Emmaline, or Ema.
    113. Epsabia, Sabe, Sabia
    114. Erphie or Erphy may be a nickname for Erphelia or Erphilia.
    115. Etha may be a nickname for Ethalinda, Etheline, Ethelia.
    116. Etta, Ettie, or Etty may be a nickname for Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Margaretta, Lenetta, Lenette, Jeanetta, Jeanette, Ethel, Georgietta, Antoinette, Euretta, Izetta or Loretta.
    117. Euddie, Eudy, Euddy may be a nickname for Eudora.
    118. Euphemia, Phemie, Effie
    119. Eskell
    120. Estamond, Esta, Mondie
    121. Ethel may be a nickname for Ethelind.
    122. Euna
    123. Eugenia, Genia, Gena or known as "Jennie"
    124. Eunetia, Eunitia
    125. Euroxa, Roxa, Uroxa
    126. Eusalia, Eusabia, Euzalia
    127. Euzeba, Euzebia
    128. Eva may be a nickname for Eveland, Evangeline, Evaleen, Evelyn, Eve, Evaline, Evie, Eveline, Evette, Evetta, or Evita.
    129. Evanella, Evenella
    130. Eveland
    131. Experience
    132. Fannie, Fanny, Fran, Franny, Frannie may be a nickname for Frances, Franzenia, Franzia, Francelia.
    133. Farewell
    134. Fear is seen as both a female and male name.
    135. Ferliebell, Ferliebelle
    136. Fina for Josephina
    137. Flavilla
    138. Flora, Flo or Florrie may be a nickname for Florence.
    139. Flossie is a nickname for Francine, Florence Frances.
    140. Floy
    141. Freda for Freida, Fredia, Freda, Fredella, Fredericka, Frieda, Frida, Frederique.
    142. Freegift
    143. Friend
    144. Galen is seen as both a female and male name.
    145. Garaphelia is a female name.
    146. Georgie for Georgene, Georgina, Georgine, Georgette, Georgia, Georgiana, George or Georgina.
    147. Gert, Gertie, Trudy are nicknames for Gertrude, Gertruda.
    148. Gerusha, Jerusha
    149. Ginny for Virginia.
    150. Glad, Gladden
    151. Godsgift
    152. Godsend
    153. Gollie or Golly is a nickname for Goline, Golinda.
    154. Grizzie (or in its proper form Grizel) is an old Scots, Scottish name for Grace. Grizzie also may be a nickname for Grizelle, Grizelda or Griselle.
    155. Gussie may be a nickname for Augustina, Augustine, August, Augusta, Gustava.
    156. Haddie, Haddy or Heddy, Heddie may be a nickname for Hedda, Hedy, Hedda, Hedwig, Hadria, Haidee, Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Hadden.
    157. Hallie may be a nickname for Mahala, Mahella, Mahalla Mahalia, or Mahaley.
    158. Hattie for Harriet, Harriett, Henriette, Henrietta, Haidee, or Hadria.
    159. Henryette, Henryetta, Henrietta
    160. Hepsy, Heppy, Heppie, Hepsa, Hepsi, Hepsie, Heps or Beth may be a nickname for Hepsybeth, or Hepsibeth, Hepsabah, Hepsiba, Hepsibah, a Victorian era woman’s name.
    161. Hertie or Herty for Hortense, Hertha, Herta, Hertense, Hertensia.
    162. Hettie or Hetty may be a nickname for Henryetta, Henrietta, Natalie, Hazel, Hester, or Mehitable.
    163. Hollena
    164. Hope
    165. Honor, Honnor
    166. Huldy is a nickname for Huldah.
    167. Ida for Idalie, Idalin, Idalu, idaluh, idella, Idell
    168. Imelda, Melda 
    169. Isyphenia
    170. Ivey or Ivy may be a nickname for Ivanilla.
    171. Irena, Irene
    172. Jane for Virginia.
    173. Jeannie for Jeannette, Jeanette, Jeanne or Jean.
    174. Jemima, Jamima
    175. Jemmelle, Jem
    176. Jennie may be a nickname for Jennette, Jennet, Jennett, Eugenia, Genevieve, Jane, Jennifer, Jenny, Jenevieve, Gennifer, Genna, or Jenni. Jenny has also been used as a nickname for Johanna. As in the famous singer Jenny Lind in the 19th century (Johanna Maria Lind (1820-1887), known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale").
    177. Jerrie or Jerry may be a woman’s nickname for Jerusha.
    178. Jerusha, Gerusha
    179. Jessie, Jess for Jessee, Jessica, Jane, Janet, Jeanette, Jesse, Jessamine.
    180. Jo, Josey, Josie, Fina for Josephine, Josephin or Josephina.
    181. Judia, Jude
    182. Jules or Jule may be a nickname for Julia, Juliam.
    183. Juna
    184. June may be a nickname for Junetta.
    185. Justina
    186. Keturah, Kettie, Urah
    187. KezzyKezzie, Kizzy, Kizzie may be a nickname for Keziah, Kezia, Kizia, Kiziaha which are all Victorian era woman’s name.
    188. Kate, Katie, Katey, Katy, Kitty, Kittie or Kit may be a nickname for Kate, Katherine, Katharine, Catherine, Catharine, Kathleen, or Cathleen.
    189. Lallie may be a nickname for Ellen, Laila, Layla, Lelia, Laura, Helen, Eleanor, Lalage, Eulalia, Eula, Delilah, lalah, Lalita, Lilah, or Lillian.
    190. Lavina, Vina, Lavinia, Vinnie
    191. Lena may be a nickname for Celine, Selina, Celina, Magdelina, Magdelena, Madeline, Helen, Helena, Helene, Evaline, Darlene, Kathleen, Arleen, Arlena, Arlene, Aileen, Adaline, Adeline, Caroline, Carolyn, Nicolena.
    192. Lettice
    193. Lettie or Letty may be a nickname for Letta, Letha, Leta, Leatrice, Lettice, Leticia, Violet, Violetta, Viletta, Louisa, Loretta.
    194. Levanch
    195. Levity, Levina, Levvie, Lev
    196. Libbie or Libby is a nickname for Elizabeth or Elisabeth. It can also be a nickname for for Libelia, Liberia, Isabel, Liberty, Lydia, Libertad, and Olivia.
    197. Lillie or Lilly may be a nickname for Lillias, Lillius, Lilla, Lillian, Lilian, Lily, Lilith, Lill, Lila, Lilia, Lilli, Liliana, Liliane, Lilyan, Lilias, Lili, Lilibet, Lila, Lilah, Lilac, Lila, Liliah.
    198. Lindy is a nickname for Clarinda, Linda, Celinda.
    199. Linny, Linnie, Mallie for Malinda.
    200. Lissie for Allissa, Alisa, Alice, Alicia, Lisa, Lisbeth, Malissa  or Melissa.
    201. Livvie, Livinda, Livinia, Lyvina
    202. Lizzie may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Eliza, or Liza.
    203. Lodacia, Lodacie, Lodasia, Lodecy, Lodacy
    204. Lonah
    205. Lorany, Loreny, nickname Lora, Lany, Reny, Rany
    206. Lorena
    207. Lottie may be a nickname for Charlotte, Lotta, Carlotta, Loretta, Charlotta.
    208. Lucretia, Crete, Lu, Cretia
    209. Lucy may be a nickname for Lucelia, Lucilia, Luciana, Lucida, Lucile, Lucette, Lucettie, Lucita, Lucerne, Lucerna, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucia, Lucretia, or Lucina.
    210. Luddie, Ludy for Ludacia, Ludasia
    211. Lufanna, Lufauna, Lufannie, Lufanny, Lufany
    212. Lulu or Lula may be a nickname for Laura,  Luella, Luellen, Lucia, Lucretia, Louella,  Luelle, Ludella, Eulalia, Eula, Louise.
    213. Lura
    214. Luthera, Lutheria
    215. Lutita, Lutie, Luttie
    216. Lydia, Dede, Dee
    217. Lyvina
    218. Mable, Mabel
    219. Maggie or Maggy may be a nickname for Magdelina, Magdalena, Magdeline, Magdelina, Magda, Margaret, Margaretta, Magnolia, Margarita, Margareta, Margery, Marge, Madeline.
    220. Maha may be a nickname for Mahabeth, Mahala, Mahalia.
    221. Maie, Mai
    222. Mallie is a nickname for Malvenia, Malvena, Malvina, Mallory.
    223. Mamie or Mame for Marget, Margaret, Mary, Marie, Maria, or Marietta.
    224. Madge for Magdelina, Magdeline, Margaret, Marjorie.
    225. Manoah, Manoa, both male and female.
    226. Maurine
    227. Marsey, Marsina, Marsena
    228. Margaret, Peg, Peggy
    229. Margeteta
    230. Margret: We see many Irish immigrant women with the spelling of Margret, as opposed to the more common Margaret.
    231. Marilla, Mary
    232. Mary, Marey
    233. Marrette
    234. Marthey, Marthy, Marty, Marge, Patsy is a nickname for Martha.
    235. Mattie for Martha, Meg, Margaret, Matilda, Mathilda, Madeline.
    236. Matilda, Tillie
    237. Maud, Maude, Maudie
    238. Mae, May
    239. Manage
    240. Marniba
    241. Matie for Matilda
    242. Mayotta, May
    243. Maytee, May
    244. Meda is a nickname for Almeda.
    245. Medorah, Med, Meddie, Dorah
    246. Mehitable
    247. Melda, Imelda
    248. Mena for Minerva, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Mina, Almena, Euphemia.
    249. Melvina, Mellie, Mel, Vina
    250. Mercy may be a nickname for Amercia.
    251. Meri, Meriwether, Meriweather, Meribah, Meryl
    252. Meryl, Meril
    253. Metta, Meta, Mita
    254. Mexico
    255. Mice or Mesie we've seen used as a nickname for Alice. 
    256. Milcah
    257. Millie for Mildreth, Millana, Milana, Amelia, Millicent, Mildred, Mildreth, Antemilla or Antimilla.
    258. Mindy for Melinda, Arminda.
    259. Minnie may be a nickname for Mary Ann, Elmina, Minerva, Minna, Minetta, Mintha, Minta, Minette, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Armina, Arminda, Rasmine or Mina.
    260. Mina, Minnie or Ellie for Elmina, Rumina.
    261. Minerva, Nerva
    262. Minta for Arminta.
    263. Molly or Mollie can be a nickname for Mary or Margaret. Polly is another nickname for Mary. Both can also be used as a name in their own right.
    264. Mona, Desdemona, Damona
    265. Moroa
    266. Mornilva
    267. Myrtie, Myrty, Myrt, Mertie, Mert, Merty are nicknames for Mertense, Myrtis, Myrtle or Mertle.
    268. Nancy for Anne, Ann.
    269. Nabbie for Abigail.
    270. Nannie for Nancy.
    271. Namee
    272. Naomi, Naoma, Omi, Omie
    273. Nattie or Nat for Natalie, Nadine, Natalia, Renata or other names.
    274. Neamy, Naomi
    275. Neeva, Neava, Neevah
    276. Nellie, Nella or Nelly for Ellen, Cornelius, Cornelia, Eleanor, Nelda, Helen, Helene, Janelle, or Janella.
    277. Nettie or Netta for Annette, Eunetia, Jennette, Henrietta, Natalie, Harriett.
    278. Nev, Nevada
    279. Nina may be a nickname for Ehnina, Karenina, Antonina, Antonia.
    280. Nita, Juanita
    281. Nora for Elinor, Elnora, Eleanor, Eleanora, Leonora, Norah and in Scotland, the female name Norman.
    282. Norman, Scottish female name
    283. Obedience, Obediently
    284. Ollie may be a nickname for Olive, Ophelia, Olga, Ola, Olympia, Olena,  Olva, Olinda, Olivette or Olivia.
    285. Oma, Omie (Omie may also be a nickname for Naomi)
    286. Offie for Theophilus, Theophilius.
    287. Ona, Una
    288. Orpha or Orphie may be a nickname for Orphelia.
    289. Ora or Orie may be a nickname for Victoria, Aurelia, Aurilla, Aura, Isadora, Orianna, Oriana, Oredie, Orressia, Orlena or Orilla, Orcelia.
    290. Orda, Ordel or Ordie may be a nickname for Ordelyea.
    291. Orlena
    292. Oressia
    293. Orcell, Orsell, Orsella
    294. Orilla, Rilla
    295. Ortie may be a nickname for Orthha, Ortha, Orthelia.
    296. Otilla, Tillie
    297. Ovie or Ovid may be a nickname for Ova, Ovidia, Ovedia.
    298. Palmaneda
    299. Pardon
    300. Parthy
    301. Parthy or Parthie may be a nickname for Parthena, Parthenia.
    302. Pat, Patsy, Patty, Pattie for Patience. Martha Washington's nickname was Patsy.
    303. Pearl, Perletta, Perlettie, Perliettie
    304. Peggy or Peg for Margaret.
    305. Penthesilia, Penthesia, Pentha
    306. Permelia, Pemelia
    307. Perces, Persis
    308. Pharis, Pharady
    309. Pheby, Phoebe, Phebe
    310. Phenie for Tryphena
    311. Philomena, Mena, Phila
    312. Phinetta
    313. Phy, Lema, or Dema may be a nickname for Phydema, Phylema.
    314. Polly is a nickname for Maria or Mary, which was derived from another nickname for Mary, Molly. Both are sometimes used as a name in their own right. (Note: Maria “Polly” Jefferson, (1778-1804) Daughter of Thomas Jefferson)
    315. Preserved
    316. Prissie or Prissy for Priscilla.
    317. Prudence
    318. Purlie, Pearlie for Pearl or Perle, Perla, Pearle, Perline.
    319. Rass or Rassy for Rasmine. also Minnie for Rasmine.
    320. Rebecca, Rebechah, Rabecha, Rebechak, Rabachak, Rebacah, Rebichak
    321. Rena for Lorena, Renata, Rene, Renita, Renee, Renate, Irene, Serena.
    322. Renewed
    323. Reethie, Reeth, Rethie, Reethy, Rethy may be a nickname for Retha.
    324. Rhea or Ria for Maria.
    325. Rhett for Henrietta, Henriette
    326. Rhodie, Rhodey or Rodi for Rhoda.
    327. Rilla, Orilla
    328. Rindy for Marinda.
    329. Rintha for Emarintha
    330. Roe for Roella, Roelia, Roellia.
    331. Rosey is a nickname for Rosealiza, Alerose, Rose, Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabelle, Rosabella, Rosalie, Rosalinda, Rosalind, Roslyn, Rosaline, Roseline, Rosaleen, Rosina, Rosamond, Rosanna, Rosannah, Rosmond, Roseann, Roseanne, Rose Ann, Roselle, Rosetta, Rosella, Rosalia, Roena or Rosemary.
    332. Roxa, Roxie, Rox for Roxanne
    333. Rue or Ru for Rue, Ruthy, Ruie, Rumina, Rumena, Ruhema, LaRue, Ruella, Ruenna.
    334. Ruhema, Ruhie
    335. Sabina, Sabra, Sabara, Sabarah
    336. Sadie, Sadye or Saro may be a nickname for Sarah or Sara.
    337. Sal, Sally or Sallie for Sarah.
    338. Sal, Salome, Salomie, Saloma, Salume, Salinda
    339. Sarepta, known as "Reppie"
    340. Sarah, Sally
    341. Sarra, Sarrah, Sarrie
    342. Sep or Sephie may be a nickname for Sepha, Sephora.
    343. Sepha for Josepha.
    344. Sheba for Bathsheba.
    345. Shubel
    346. Sibbiah, Sibbia, Sibbie, Sibah
    347. Sibilla, Sibillia, Sibilia, Sibila
    348. Silence
    349. Silomus, Siloma
    350. Silvia, Silvie
    351. Sinia, Sina, Sinah
    352. Snow
    353. Sohila
    354. Sophina, Sophronia, Sophia, Sofia, Sophila, Sophilia: Sophie
    355. Statie is a nickname for Anastasia, Statia, Staci, Stacie, Stacey.
    356. Susie is a nickname for Sue, Susan, Suzanne, Susannah, Susie, Susanne, Susanna, Suzanna, Susette, or Suzette.
    357. Suvia
    358. Sydia, Sydnah, Synthia, Syndah
    359. Sylva
    360. Tab, Tabby or Tabbie for Tabitha.
    361. Tamar, Tam, Tahhy
    362. Tamson, Tammy
    363. Tempe, Tempy, Tempey, Tempie are nicknames for Temperance.
    364. Texas (Appalachian singer Texas Gladden), Texie
    365. Thankful
    366. Theodicia, Theodocie, Theodosia: Docia, Docie
    367. Theordora, Theodorah, Theordoria: Dora
    368. Thirza, Thyrsa, Therza, Therzie, Thursy, Thurza, Theriz
    369. Tillie, Tilly, Tildy for Otilla, Matilda, Natalie, Tilda or Tallulah.
    370. Tiff or Tiffy for Tiffany, Tiffani, Tiffanie.
    371. Tina for Christine, Christina, Celestine, Celestina.
    372. Tirza, Tirzah, Tirzie, Tirzey
    373. Tish is short for Letitia.
    374. Trinity, Trin
    375. Trixie may be a nickname for Bea, Beatrix, Beatrice, Trixy.
    376. Truda for Gertruda.
    377. Trudy, Trude, Gert, Gertie are nicknames for Gertrude.
    378. Tryphena, Phena, Phenie
    379. Ulyssa, Lyssa
    380. Una, Euna
    381. Unicy
    382. Ura, Ketura, Keturah
    383. Uvie, Uvvy or Uvy may be a nickname for Uvabelle.
    384. Vera for Guinevere, Veronica, Lavera, Verlene, Verena, Verene, Verina, Verine, Verla, Verlia.
    385. Vesta, Vestie, Vesty may be a nickname for Silvestra or Vesteria.
    386. Vi, Vivie may be a nickname for Viola, Violet, Viessa, Virginia, Vida, Vicenza, Vica, Vigilia, Violante, Virtue, Viveca, Victory, or others.
    387. Vinnie for Lavinia, Lavina
    388. Victory
    389. Wanola, Ola
    390. Welthy, Wealthy, Weltha
    391. Willa or Willie may be a female nickname for Willia, Wileen, Willene, Wilhelmine, Willabella, Willabelle, Willamina, Willamine, Willeen, Willene, Willemina, Willetta, Willette, Williamina, Willie, Williebelle, Wilmette, Willmina, Willmine, Willy, Willybella, Wilma, Wilmette, Wilmina, Wilna, Wilhelma or Wylma.
    392. Winnie for Winona, Winifred, Winnefred, Winefred, or Edwina.
    393. Zeline
    394. Zillie, Zilpha, Zilphia
    395. Zina may be a nickname for Zinaida. 
    396. Zora, Zorrie, Zorry for Zoretha.
    397. Val for Valerie.
    398. Vannie for Vanzula.
    399. Veda or Vede for Nevada. 
    400. Vel may be a nickname for Velzora, Velmira, Velina, Vellina.
    401. Vergie for Virginia.
    402. Verity
    403. Vide, Vira may be a nickname for Alvira.
    404. Vida for Violet.
    405. Vise (pronounced Vi cee) was a nickname for Louvisa.
    406. Zelah, Zella, Zella, Zellah
    407. Zenda, Zinda
    408. Zermah
    409. Zerua
    410. Zilpah
    411. Zorada
    412. Zula, Zule for Vanzula, Zulaica.

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