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Victorian 19th c. Names & Nicknames: Women, Baby Girls, Female, Bible

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Old 19th c. Victorian Women's Female Nicknames for Genealogy

Welcome! 4,000 19th c. Female Girl Names: 
Over 4,000 
popular 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th and early 20th century Victorian women's forenames, Biblical names, baby names, odd names, uncommon names, rare names, strange names and nicknames for genealogy research, all found in census records are listed below, as well as early Revolutionary war era 18th c names. We also collect old nicknames, can you help? email us with more. This is also a great source for searching for old antique baby girl names. Thanks! ~debra from Ancestorville, find us on FB here. This page is dedicated to "Charlen" or Helen Charlotte Kyle 1941-2017.

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Many of these old American names are from the Bible, Biblical names. Many are English from England, Scottish from Scotland, irish from Ireland, Welsh from Wales, British from the United Kingdom and brought to America USA, Canada, Australia and the colonies. They range from the Georgian era to the Victorian era to the Edwardian era.

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                          1. Abbie or Abby is usually a nickname for Abigail
                          2. Abigail, Abigale, Abagale, Abagail
                          3. Abilene, biblical, book of Luke
                          4. Abisska
                          5. Absalom, Abbie
                          6. Achsah Nacheus, she went by Nacky 1850's.
                          7. Ada for Zorada, Adelia, Adela, Adelaide, Adele, Adeline, Adelle, Adeline, Adaline,Adelina, Adelpha, Adina, Adine, Adena, Adolpha, Adonia, Adora, Adorabelle, Adorlee, Adorlee.
                          8. Adah, biblical
                          9. Adalia, biblical
                          10. Adelia
                          11. Adelgunda Gunda
                          12. Adell, Adella, Adelle, Delia
                          13. Addy or Addie may be a nickname for Adru, Adaline, Adeline, Adelia, Adella, Adelaide, Adelphia, Adda, Adeline.
                          14. Adlenia
                          15. Adley, biblical, hebrew
                          16. Adeliza
                          17. Adelle, Adele, Addele
                          18. Adriel, biblical
                          19. Aggie or Aggy is usually a nickname for Agnes, Agnesia, or Agatha, Aguste
                          20. Agrippa, Aggie
                          21. Alantha, Lanthie
                          22. Albenia, Albie, Alby
                          23. Alberda, called Bird, Birdie, Berdie
                          24. Alexandrina: Queen Victoria 1819-1901 "Alexandrina Victoria" was called "Dina" when young.
                          25. Alexandria, Alex, Lexxie, Drina, Dria
                          26. Alfie, Alpha, Alfreda, Alfonsine, Alphonsine.
                          27. Allie, Ally, Alla or Alli for Allein, Almiar, Alice, Aileen, Alberta, Almena, Alyssa, Alyce, Alvina, Alva, Alura, Alula, Althea, Alta, Alpha, Aloysia, Alonza, Aloha, Almira, Alma, Allison, Allene, Alanna, Allegra, Alisa, Alla, Aliza, Aline, Alina, Alima, Alida, Adelita, Alfonsine, Alexis, Alethea, Aleta, Aldora, Alda, Aldora, Albinia, Alcina, Alarice, Alameda, Alanna, Alamena, Allison, Alison, Alexandra, Alexina.
                          28. Alethea, Aletha are female names.
                          29. Alderose is a female name, nickname may be Rose, Allie, Alder
                          30. Alex, Alexandra, Alexina, Alexandrina
                          31. Allis, Allice, Alice
                          32. Almiar 
                          33. Almira, Mira
                          34. Almy or Almey for Alma, Almida, Almeda, Almiar, Alminda
                          35. Alphronia, Alphie, Phronie, Phronia
                          36. Alta, Alty
                          37. Alvah, biblical
                          38. Alveda, Veda, Vedie
                          39. Alvie or Alvy may be a nickname for Alvenia, Alvena, Alvera, Alvira
                          40. Alveretta, Veretta, Alvaretta, Rettie, Alvy
                          41. Alycanne, Aly
                          42. Andelilah, Delilah, Ann, Andy
                          43. Amanda, Manda, Mandy
                          44. Amadie, Ammie
                          45. Amorancy or Amorancey, Amoransa
                          46. Ama for Amabel, Armabelle
                          47. Amma or Ammie, Ammy may be a nickname for America, Amelia, Amandine, Amorancy, Amorancey, Amoransa, Amoranca, Amata, Amber, Ambrosine, Amethyst, Amy, Ami, Amity, Amaline, or Amanda
                          48. Amelia
                          49. Amercia, Mercy
                          50. America
                          51. Angie is a nickname for Angelina, Angela, Angel.
                          52. Annie for Annis, Anne, Annabelle, Analine, Anna, Anita, Ann, Antoinette, Antimilla, Antemilla, Anstis, Anzella or Antonia.
                          53. Annalise
                          54. Anastasia, Anistasia, Anistacia, Anastasa
                          55. Annis is a 19th c. name, Ann may be the nickname
                          56. Anzella, Annzella
                          57. Antoinette, Antoinetta
                          58. Antonia
                          59. Appha, Apphia, Aphia
                          60. Ardy or Ardie, Dena or Denie may be a nickname for Ardenia
                          61. Areli, biblical
                          62. Armada, Armanda
                          63. Arizona
                          64. Arkansas
                          65. Artha, Artemesia, Artemesa
                          66. Arvazine, Arva
                          67. Arvie or Villa may be a nickname for Arvilla.
                          68. Asenath, known as Nathie, Senna or Sennie
                          69. Asher, biblical
                          70. Assunta
                          71. Athaliah, Liah, Athie, Athy
                          72. Atarah, Attie, biblical
                          73. Augustus, Augusta, Gussie, Gusta, Gustus, Gussy
                          74. Aura, Aurie
                          75. Aurelia
                          76. Aurora, Aurare 
                          77. Avarilla, Averilla, Rilla, Rillie
                          78. Awilda, Wilda
                          79. Azelee, Azel, Lee, Zellie, Zelee
                          80. Azubah, Azu, Bah
                          81. Baize
                          82. Balonda
                          83. Barb, Baa, Bah for Bobbie, Barbara, Barbie or Barbary, Barbery.
                          84. Barthena, Bart, Barthie
                          85. Bartholdy, Bartha
                          86. Bashaba, Basheba, Bathsheba, Bahsheba
                          87. Bath or Bathie for Bathsheba, also Sheba below
                          88. Beady, Beadie
                          89. Beatrice, Bea, Beah
                          90. Becca, Becky for Rebecca
                          91. Bela, biblicla
                          92. Belle for Isobel, Isobella, Isabell, Isabella, Isabelle, Belinda, Rosabel, Rosabella, Arabella, Arabelle, Belia, Belva, Bela, or Bellanca.
                          93. Bennedetta, Benna
                          94. Bernadine, Bernie, Berna, Dina
                          95. Bessie for Bess, Betsy, Bessy, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth.
                          96. Beryl
                          97. Bertha
                          98. Bessah, Bessa
                          99. Beth may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Hepzibeth, Hepsybeth or Hepsibeth, Bethel, Bethany, Betha, Jobeth, Bethsaida, Bethan, Bethann, Bethanne, Clarabeth, Lilybeth, Lorabeth, Loribeth, Maribeth, Marybeth, Sarabeth, Sarahbeth, Bethsaida and Corabeth.
                          100. Bethan
                          101. Bethsaida
                          102. Betsy for Elizabeth.
                          103. Bertha was found as a nickname for Bethsaida
                          104. Bezzie
                          105. Bexley, Olde English
                          106. Bibiana
                          107. Biantha
                          108. Biddy or Biddie for Bridget.
                          109. Bincy
                          110. Birdie may be a nickname for Bert, Byrd, Birt, Delberta, Roberta, Bertalina, Elbert, Elberta, Alberta, Burt, Bertha, or other names, both male and female.
                          111. Birdina
                          112. Bithia
                          113. Blaine, Blaina, Blainah
                          114. Blanche, Blanch
                          115. Bly, Blyth, Blythe
                          116. Bobbie, Bobbi, Bobby for Roberta. Also for Bobbette.
                          117. Brittan, Brittanica, Britt, Britty
                          118. Briton, Brittany
                          119. Brownie
                          120. Brittania, Britty
                          121. Buena Vista, known as Bunie, Buenie
                          122. Bunny, Bunnie for Bernice
                          123. Burland, Burlie
                          124. Caddy or Caddie for Cadelia, Candace, Caroline or Cadwyn.
                          125. Callie and Lindy are nicknames for Caroline, Clarinda
                          126. Caldonia, Doney, Dona
                          127. Cammie for Camryn, Camille, Cameron, Camilla, Cameo, Camden, Cambria.
                          128. Camley
                          129. Candice, Candace, Candy
                          130. Cannie for Americana, Candice, Candace, Candide, Candida, or Candy.
                          131. Canique
                          132. Capitola, Cappie
                          133. Cara or Carrie for Caraline, Carafilia, Caroline, Carolina, Carolyn, Carol, Carruth.
                          134. Carmela, Carmelia, Carm
                          135. Cecelia, Ceil, Cele
                          136. Celestine, Lessie, Cellie, Tina, Tine
                          137. Celesta
                          138. Celestia, Tia, Lestie
                          139. Celia
                          140. Celinda
                          141. Cenith may be a nickname for Acenith.
                          142. Cenea
                          143. Charlyn, Helen
                          144. Charlotte, Charlotta, Charlotty, Lotta, Lottie
                          145. Charrie, Char
                          146. Chas, Chastina, Chassie
                          147. Chastene, Chastena
                          148. Chere may be a nickname for Cheredal.
                          149. Chessie, Chess
                          150. Chrilla
                          151. Christmas
                          152. Ciccigambus, known as Gam or Gammie
                          153. Cinda or Sinda, may be a nickname for Lucinda
                          154. Cinderella, Rella, Cinder, Derella
                          155. Cintha
                          156. Clara may be a nickname for Clarissa, Claribel, Clarabelle, Clarabell, Clarice, Clarinda, Claramae, Claresta, Clarimond, Claire. 
                          157. Clar, Clare, Clarrie, Clarie, Rinda for Clarinda, as well as Lindy.
                          158. Clarence for a female, Clare
                          159. Clementine, Clementina, Clemmie, Clem, Tine, Tiny, Tina
                          160. Cleophee, Cleo, Cluff, Cluffie
                          161. Clyde, Clydia, Clyda
                          162. Conantine, Conant, Connie, Tina, Tine
                          163. Concetta, Cettie, Connie
                          164. Comfort
                          165. Corie, Cory, Corry, Corrie may be a nickname for Cory, Cora, Corrine, Cornelia, Corella, Corette, Corrina, Correne, Corene, Corra, Coretta, Corabelle, Coral, Coraline, Cordelia, Corissa, Corisa, Corrissa, Corliss, Corey, Corence.
                          166. Corda
                          167. Cordelia, Dilly
                          168. Corinda, Rinda, Rindy
                          169. Cornie short for Cornelia.
                          170. Corolin, Corolynn, Coroline
                          171. Crece or Crese for Lucretia.
                          172. Cyntha, Syntha
                          173. Cynthia, Cindy, Cyndy, Cyn, Cynnie
                          174. Czarina, Czar, Rina
                          175. Dacie, Dacia, Dasia for Lodasia, Lodacia, Lodecy
                          176. Dafney, Daphne
                          177. Daisy
                          178. Damaris
                          179. Damona
                          180. Danie for Danielle, Dana, Dane, Alydane, Daniela, Daniella, Danella, Danelle, Danica, Danika, or Danya.
                          181. Daphne, Daphm Daphie
                          182. Dashiel, Dashie, Dashy
                          183. Debra, Deborah, Debora, Deboram, Debory
                          184. Decima, Deccie
                          185. Dierdre
                          186. Deezy, Deesie, Dezie
                          187. Delia for Cordelia, Fidelia, Fedilia
                          188. Delicia, Dellie
                          189. Dell, Del, Dellie, Delly, Della for Odelia, Fidelia, Fedelia, Deliverance.
                          190. Deliverance
                          191. Delphia, Delphy, Delphine
                          192. Demerius
                          193. Derella, Rella
                          194. Derenda, Renda
                          195. Desdemona, Desdemonia, Mona, Dessie
                          196. Desire
                          197. Diana
                          198. Diantha
                          199. Dica, Dicas
                          200. Dicy, Dicey for Candice, Denize, Darcy, Darcey, Dicia, Eurydice, Eurydicia, Edith, Diana, Laodicea, Lodicy, Lodicia, Luradice, Leodicia, Theodocia, Theodosia and it also became a name on its own (seems to be seen more in the South) in the 19th century. May be related to Deezy, Deezey. 
                          201. Dina, Alexandrina Victoria was the full name of Queen Victoria 1819-1901who was called Dina when she was young.
                          202. Dinah
                          203. Docie, Docia for Theodocia, Theodocie.
                          204. Dolores, Dodie, Dode
                          205. Dolly, Dollie, Doll for Dorothy.
                          206. Donalda
                          207. Doney, Donie
                          208. Donata
                          209. Doe
                          210. Doie
                          211. Dora or Dorrie, Dorry for Medora, Midora, Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, Theordoria, Theodora, Eldora, 
                          212. Dorcas
                          213. Dorlisca, Lissie
                          214. Dorothy, Dotie, Dottie
                          215. Dorothea, Dolly, Dot, Dottie
                          216. Dot or Dottie may be a nickname for Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, Theodora.
                          217. Dove, Dovie
                          218. Drusilla, Drewsilia, Drucilla
                          219. Duella, Dueuella
                          220. Dulcema, Dulcibella, Dulcinea, Dulcia, Dulcie
                          221. Duty
                          222. Dweria
                          223. Eaditha
                          224. Earie
                          225. Echo
                          226. Eda may be a nickname for Edith or Edna
                          227. Edely, Edella, Edelia
                          228. Eddie for Edwina
                          229. Edis
                          230. Edith, Edie. Eidith
                          231. Edlizia, Eddie, Lizia
                          232. Edna
                          233. Edwina
                          234. Effie, Effa for Josephine, Erphelia, Ephelia, Ophelia, Orpha, Orphelia, Euphemia, Evelyn, or Efa.
                          235. Eidith
                          236. Eileen, Aileen, Irish
                          237. Ella or Ellie may be a nickname for Elitha, Elata, Elatta, Elloney, Elmina, Helen, Helene, Elva, Elvina, Elvira, Elsie, Elsa, Eloise, Elna, Elmira, Elnora, Eleanore, Ellice, Elma, Elyse, Gabriela, Gabriella, Elnora, Eleanor, Elenore, Ellenore, Ellen or Luella.
                          238. Eleth, Elith, Elethiane
                          239. Eleanor, Elinor, Elnor, Elonor, Nora
                          240. Elephalet, Eleph, Lettie
                          241. Elaretta, Retta, Rett, Rettie, Ella
                          242. Elcie
                          243. Ellice
                          244. Elisha
                          245. Elizia 
                          246. Elinor
                          247. Ellender, Ellen
                          248. Elmer
                          249. Elmina, Elminah, Elmy
                          250. Elloney, Ellany, Elleney
                          251. Elma may be a nickname for Gulielma.
                          252. Ellowyin, Ello, Wyn
                          253. Elsabe
                          254. Elsbeth, Elspeth, Beth, Ellie
                          255. Elsie for Eliza, Eloise, Eloisa, Elissa, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elsa, Elise.
                          256. Elsleth, Lethie
                          257. Eltha, Elthie, Elth
                          258. Elva
                          259. Elveda
                          260. Elverta, Verta, Vertie, Elvie
                          261. Elvira
                          262. Emaline
                          263. Emarintha, Rintha
                          264. Emerald, Esmeralda
                          265. Emlyn
                          266. Emma may be a nickname for Emily, Emmagene, Emaline, Emiline, Emmy, Emmy Lou, Emeline, Emelina, Emelyne, Emmeline, Emmaline, or Ema.
                          267. Emmolia, Emmoliah
                          268. Ena
                          269. Enid, Ened
                          270. Enis, Enas, Enes
                          271. Enid
                          272. Ennis
                          273. Eola
                          274. Eona
                          275. Epsabia, Sabe, Sabia
                          276. Epsqueine, Epsy
                          277. Esme
                          278. Erie
                          279. Erme, Ermie
                          280. Ermes
                          281. Ermin, Ermentrude
                          282. Erphie or Erphy may be a nickname for Erphelia or Erphilia.
                          283. Esleth, Essie, es, Leth, Lethie
                          284. Esler, Essie
                          285. Estella, Estelle, Stella
                          286. Esther
                          287. Etha may be a nickname for Ethalinda, Etheline, Ethelia.
                          288. Ethel
                          289. Etherlinda
                          290. Etta, Ettah, Ettie, or Etty may be a nickname for Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Margaretta, Lenetta, Lenette, Jeanetta, Jeanette, Ethel, Georgietta, Antoinette, Euretta, Izetta or Loretta. In Scotland, It is seen as a nickname for Margaret.
                          291. Euddie, Eudy, Euddy may be a nickname for Eudora.
                          292. Eugenia, Eugenie
                          293. Eula
                          294. Eunice
                          295. Euphemia, Phemie, Effie, Ephie
                          296. Eustace
                          297. Eskell
                          298. Estamond, Esta, Mondie
                          299. Ethel may be a nickname for Ethelind.
                          300. Euna
                          301. Eugenia, Genia, Gena or known as "Jennie"
                          302. Eunetia, Eunitia
                          303. Euphrosine, Euphro, Euphie, Euphrie
                          304. Euroxa, Roxa, Uroxa
                          305. Eusalia, Eusabia, Euzalia
                          306. Eusebia, Eusabia
                          307. Euzeba, Euzebia
                          308. Eva may be a nickname for Eveland, Evangeline, Evaleen, Evelyn, Eve, Evaline, Evie, Eveline, Evette, Evetta, or Evita.
                          309. Evangeline
                          310. Evadne, greek
                          311. Evelyn, Eveleen, Eveline, Evelina, Evvie, 
                          312. Evanella, Evenella
                          313. Eveland
                          314. Experience
                          315. Ezrina, Ezzina, Ezzie, Ezzy
                          316. Fae
                          317. Faedra
                          318. Fair
                          319. Faith
                          320. Fannie, Fanny, Fran, Franny, Frannie may be a nickname for Frances, Franzenia, Franzia, Francelia.
                          321. Farewell
                          322. Fayette, Fay, Faye
                          323. Felix, biblical
                          324. Feraby, Ferrie
                          325. Fear is seen as both a female and male name.
                          326. Ferliebell, Ferliebelle
                          327. Filomena, Filomina, Filo
                          328. Fina for Josephina
                          329. Flavilla
                          330. Fleta, Fletie
                          331. Flora, Flo or Florrie may be a nickname for Florence.
                          332. Flossie is a nickname for Francine, Florence Frances.
                          333. Floy
                          334. Frankie for Frances
                          335. Freda for Freida, Fredia, Freda, Fredella, Fredericka, Frieda, Frida, Frederique.
                          336. Fredora
                          337. Free
                          338. Freegift
                          339. Friend
                          340. Frieda, Frida
                          341. Gail
                          342. Gailyn
                          343. Galen is seen as both a female and male name.
                          344. Garaphelia is a female name
                          345. Garnet, Garnette
                          346. Gay, Gaynell, Gaynella, Nell
                          347. Gayther
                          348. Georgie for Georgene, Georgina, Georgine, Georgette, Georgia, Georgiana, George or Georgina.
                          349. Genevieve, Gen
                          350. Genevra
                          351. Genesis, biblical
                          352. Gertrude, Gertruda, Gertie, Trudy
                          353. Gerusha, Jerusha
                          354. Giacinta, Cinta
                          355. Giaginta
                          356. Giddy, Gid, Gideona, Gidona, Dona
                          357. Gill, Jill, Gillian, Gilian, Jillian
                          358. Ginny for Virginia.
                          359. Giselle
                          360. Giuseppa
                          361. Glad, Gladden
                          362. Godsgift
                          363. Godsend
                          364. Gollie or Golly is a nickname for Goline, Golinda.
                          365. Golda, Goldie
                          366. Grace, Gracia
                          367. Gregorian
                          368. Gretchen
                          369. Grizzie (or in its proper form Grizel) is an old Scots, Scottish name for Grace. Grizzie also may be a nickname for Grizelle, Grizelda or Griselle.
                          370. Gudrun, Guddie
                          371. Gussie may be a nickname for Augustina, Augustine, August, Augusta, Gustava.
                          372. Gwenllian, Gwenillian, Gwenillan, all Welsh, Gwen, Gwennie
                          373. Haddie, Haddy or Heddy, Heddie may be a nickname for Hedda, Hedy, Hedda, Hedwig, Hadria, Haidee, Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Hadden.
                          374. Hallie may be a nickname for Mahala, Mahella, Mahalla Mahalia, or Mahaley.
                          375. Halsey
                          376. Hannah, Hanna
                          377. Hattie for Harriet, Harriett, Henriette, Henrietta, Haidee, or Hadria.
                          378. Hazel, Hazeltine, Hazeltina
                          379. Henryette, Henryetta, Henrietta
                          380. Hepsy, Heppy, Heppie, Hepsa, Hepsi, Hepsie, Heps or Beth may be a nickname for Hepsybeth, or Hepsibeth, Hepsabah, Hepsiba, Hepsibah, Hepziba, Hepzibah, a Victorian era woman’s name.
                          381. Hermeline, Hermie
                          382. Hermione, Hermie
                          383. Hertie or Herty for Hortense, Hertha, Herta, Hertense, Hertensia.
                          384. Hesperance, Hessie
                          385. Hettie or Hetty may be a nickname for Henryetta, Henrietta, Natalie, Hazel, Hester, or Mehitable.
                          386. Hilda, Hildie, Hildy
                          387. Hilma
                          388. Hollena
                          389. Holly
                          390. Hollybranch
                          391. Hope
                          392. Honey
                          393. Honor, Honour
                          394. Hortensia, known as Hortie, Horten, Tensia, Tensie, Ten or Tennie
                          395. Huldy is a nickname for Huldah, Hulda, Mahuldah, Mahulda
                          396. Hyacinth, Cinth, Cinthie, Cin, Hy
                          397. Ianthia, Ian
                          398. Ibby, Ibbie, Iberia
                          399. Icephemia, Isaphemia, Isephemia, Isyphemia: Phemie, Icey, Pheme
                          400. Ida for Idalie, Idalin, Idalu, idaluh, Idella, Idell
                          401. Iley
                          402. Ilizabeth, Iliza, not a typo
                          403. Ima
                          404. Imelda, Melda 
                          405. Isyphenia, Isyphena
                          406. Ivey or Ivy may be a nickname for Ivanilla.
                          407. Irena, Irene
                          408. Izora, Izzie
                          409. Jaala, biblical
                          410. Jaaziah, biblical
                          411. Jacintha, Jacie, Cintha
                          412. Jacqueline, Jackie
                          413. Jacobina, Bina
                          414. Jael, one who ascends, Hebrew
                          415. Jaila, Jaily, Jail
                          416. Jamesina
                          417. Jan, Jannie, Janny
                          418. Jane for Virginia
                          419. Janet, Jannet, Janette
                          420. Janice, Jan
                          421. Jasmine
                          422. Jeannie for Jeannette, Jeanette, Jeanne or Jean.
                          423. Jeanette, known as Nettie
                          424. Jemima, Jamima , Jemimah
                          425. Jemina
                          426. Jemmelle, Jem, Melle, Melley, Melly, Mel
                          427. Jennie, Jenny may be a nickname for Jennette, Jennet, Jennett, Eugenia, Genevieve, Jane, Jennifer, Jenny, Jenevieve, Gennifer, Genna, or Jenni. Jenny has also been used as a nickname for Johanna. As in the famous singer Jenny Lind in the 19th century (Johanna Maria Lind (1820-1887), known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale").
                          428. Jerrie or Jerry may be a woman’s nickname for Jerusha.
                          429. Jerica
                          430. Jerusha, Jerosha, Gerusha, Jerrie, Jera
                          431. Jessie, Jess for Jessee, Jessica, Jane, Janet, Jeanette, Jesse, Jessamine.
                          432. Jill, Gill, Jillian, Gillian
                          433. Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Johanna, Johannah, Jo, Joe
                          434. Joannem
                          435. Jo, Josey, Josie, Fina for Josephine, Josephin or Josephina, Josefina
                          436. Jocelyn, Jocelin, Joccie, Joce
                          437. Joellen
                          438. Johnnie
                          439. Josepha
                          440. Joy
                          441. Joyce
                          442. Juanita, Nita
                          443. Jude, Judah, Judia
                          444. Judith, often called “Judah”, West Virginia family.
                          445. Juliet, Juliette, Julia
                          446. Jules or Jule may be a nickname for Julia, Juliam.
                          447. Juna
                          448. June, Junetta
                          449. Junia, biblical
                          450. Jussie, Juss
                          451. Justina, Jus, Jussie
                          452. Kamary, Kammie
                          453. Kerenhappuck, Kerenhappuch, Keren Happuch, Biblical name of one of Job's 3 daughters, sister to Jemimah and Keziah.
                          454. Keturah, Ketura, Kettie, Urah, Ura, Ketty
                          455. KezzyKezzie, Kizzy, Kizzie may be a nickname for Keziah, Kezia, Kizia, Kiziaha which are all Victorian era woman’s name.
                          456. Kate, Katie, Katey, Katy, Kitty, Kittie or Kit may be a nickname for Kate, Katherine, Katharine, Catherine, Catharine, Kathleen, or Cathleen.
                          457. Lacie, Lace, Lacey, Lacia
                          458. Lallie may be a nickname for Ellen, Laila, Layla, Lelia, Laura, Helen, Eleanor, Lalage, Eulalia, Eula, Delilah, lalah, Lalita, Lilah, or Lillian.
                          459. Landa
                          460. Laska
                          461. Lavanta, Lavantia
                          462. Lavar
                          463. Laverna, Laverne, Verna, Lavvie
                          464. Lavina, Vina, Lavinia, Vinnie
                          465. Leagrona, Lagrona, Leahgron, Legron, Legrona
                          466. Leah, Lea
                          467. Lee, Leeann, Leeanna
                          468. Leia, Leah
                          469. Leona
                          470. Lena may be a nickname for Celine, Selina, Celina, Magdelina, Magdelena, Madeline, Helen, Helena, Helene, Evaline, Darlene, Kathleen, Arleen, Arlena, Arlene, Aileen, Adaline, Adeline, Caroline, Carolyn, Nicolena.
                          471. Leonia, Leona, Leona, Leonah, Leontine
                          472. Lestina, Lestie, Lestah, Tina
                          473. Lestiva
                          474. Lettice
                          475. Leticia
                          476. Lettie or Letty may be a nickname for Letta, Letha, Leta, Leatrice, Lettice, Leticia, Violet, Violetta, Viletta, Louisa, Loretta.
                          477. Levanch
                          478. Levease
                          479. Levity, Levina, Levvie, Lev
                          480. Libbie or Libby is a nickname for Elizabeth or Elisabeth. It can also be a nickname for for Libelia, Liberia, Isabel, Liberty, Lydia, Libertad, and Olivia.
                          481. Lidia, Liddia, Liddie, Liddy, Lydia
                          482. Lillie or Lilly may be a nickname for Lillias, Lillius, Lilla, Lillian, Lilian, Lily, Lilith, Lill, Lila, Lilia, Lilli, Liliana, Liliane, Lilyan, Lilias, Lili, Lilibet, Lila, Lilah, Lilac, Lila, Liliah.
                          483. Lilith
                          484. Lindy is a nickname for Clarinda, Linda, Celinda.
                          485. Linny, Linnie, Mallie for Malinda.
                          486. Lissie for Allissa, Alisa, Alice, Alicia, Lisa, Lisbeth, Malissa  or Melissa.
                          487. Livvie, Livinda, Livinia, Lyvina
                          488. Lizzie may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Eliza, or Liza.
                          489. Loantha, Loanthia
                          490. Lodacia, Lodacie, Lodasia, Lodecy, Lodacy
                          491. Lodentia
                          492. Lodusky
                          493. Lola, Lolah
                          494. Lonah
                          495. Loneal
                          496. Lonnie
                          497. Lorabelle
                          498. Loraleen
                          499. Lorany, Loreny, nickname Lora, Lany, Reny, Rany
                          500. Lorellen
                          501. Lorena
                          502. Louella, Luella
                          503. Louisiana
                          504. Louvisa, Vicie, Visie
                          505. Lovina, Lovey
                          506. Lottie may be a nickname for Charlotte, Lotta, Carlotta, Loretta, Charlotta.
                          507. Lucretia, Crete, Lu, Cretia
                          508. Lucy may be a nickname for Lucelia, Lucilia, Luciana, Lucida, Lucile, Lucette, Lucettie, Lucita, Lucerne, Lucerna, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucia, Lucretia, or Lucina.
                          509. Ludema
                          510. Luddie, Ludy for Ludacia, Ludasia
                          511. Luella
                          512. Luenda, Luendra
                          513. Lufanna, Lufauna, Lufannie, Lufanny, Lufany
                          514. Lulu or Lula may be a nickname for Laura,  Luella, Luellen, Lucia, Lucretia, Louella,  Luelle, Ludella, Eulalia, Eula, Louise.
                          515. Lura
                          516. Lurintha
                          517. Lutera
                          518. Luthera, Lutheria
                          519. Lutita, Lutie, Luttie
                          520. Luvina, Luvinia, Luvey
                          521. Lydia, Dede, Dee
                          522. Lyvina
                          523. Mable, Mabel, Mabe, Mabey
                          524. Maggie or Maggy may be a nickname for Magdelina, Magdalena, Magdeline, Magdelina, Magda, Margaret, Margaretta, Magnolia, Margarita, Margareta, Margery, Marge, Madeline.
                          525. Maha may be a nickname for Mahabeth, Mahala, Mahalia.
                          526. Mahuldah, Mahulda, Huldah, Huldie
                          527. Maie, Mai
                          528. Maina, Mainey
                          529. Mallie is a nickname for Malvenia, Malvena, Malvina, Mallory.
                          530. Malora
                          531. Malta
                          532. Mamie or Mame for Marget, Margaret, Mary, Marie, Maria, or Marietta.
                          533. Madge for Magdelina, Magdeline, Margaret, Marjorie.
                          534. Manassas, Mannie, Mana
                          535. Manoah, Manoa, both male and female.
                          536. Maurine
                          537. Marah, Mara
                          538. Marcel, Marcele, Marcella, Marcelia
                          539. Margarita, Margherita, Margherite
                          540. Marilda, Realdy, Rildey, Rilda
                          541. Marialice
                          542. Marine, Marina
                          543. Marrilla, Marilla
                          544. Marsey, Marsina, Marsena
                          545. Marsylvia: Marsie, Marsy, Mars, Sylvia
                          546. Margaret, Peg, Peggy
                          547. Margeteta
                          548. Margret: We see many Irish immigrant women with the spelling of Margret, as opposed to the more common Margaret.
                          549. Marilla, Mary
                          550. Mary, Marey
                          551. Marrette
                          552. Marthey, Marthy, Marty, Marge, Patsy is a nickname for Martha.
                          553. Marvel, Marvelina, Marvella, Marvela
                          554. Marzel, Marzella
                          555. Masie, Mazie, Maisie, May 
                          556. Mattie for Martha, Meg, Margaret, Matilda, Mathilda, Madeline.
                          557. Matilda, Tillie, Mathilda, Hildah, Hilda
                          558. Mat for Martha
                          559. Maud, Maude, Maudie
                          560. Mae, May
                          561. Mayflower
                          562. Manage
                          563. Marniba
                          564. Massina, Messina
                          565. Matie for Matilda
                          566. Maven
                          567. Mavis, Mave
                          568. Mayotta, May
                          569. Mayme
                          570. Mayson, May
                          571. Maytee, May
                          572. Mazie
                          573. Meda is a nickname for Almeda.
                          574. Medorah, Med, Meddie, Dorah
                          575. Mehitable, Mehetable, Mehatable Hettie, Hattie
                          576. Melaninna
                          577. Melda, Imelda
                          578. Melissa, Lissa
                          579. Melnina
                          580. Melody, Mellody
                          581. Melvina, Mevinia, Vinnie, Mel, Mellie
                          582. Mena for Minerva, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Mina, Almena, Euphemia.
                          583. Menerie, Mennie
                          584. Melvina, Mellie, Mel, Vina
                          585. Mercy (may also be a nickname for Amercia)
                          586. Meriwether, Meriweather, Meri
                          587. Meribah, Meri
                          588. Meryl, Meril
                          589. Messina, Massina
                          590. Metta, Meta, Mita
                          591. Mexico
                          592. Mianna, Miannah
                          593. Mice or Mesie we've seen used as a nickname for Alice. 
                          594. Michal, Michaline, Michalina
                          595. Milcah, Millie
                          596. Millie for Mildreth, Millana, Milana, Amelia, Millicent, Mildred, Mildreth, Antemilla or Antimilla.
                          597. Mindwell
                          598. Mindy for Melinda, Arminda.
                          599. Minerva, Minnie
                          600. Minnesota
                          601. Minitour
                          602. Minna
                          603. Minnie may be a nickname for Mary Ann, Elmina, Minerva, Minna, Minetta, Mintha, Minta, Minette, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Armina, Arminda, Rasmine or Mina.
                          604. Mina, Minnie or Ellie for Elmina, Rumina.
                          605. Minerva, Nerva
                          606. Minta for Arminta.
                          607. Missouri
                          608. Mitt, Mittie, Mitty (interestingly, Mitt could be a nickname for Martha)
                          609. Molly or Mollie can be a nickname for Mary or Margaret. Polly is another nickname for Mary. Both can also be used as a name in their own right.
                          610. Mona
                          611. Moroa, Moroah
                          612. Mornilva, Mornie
                          613. Murinda
                          614. Myfanwy
                          615. Myrtie, Myrty, Myrt, Mertie, Mert, Merty are nicknames for Mertense, Myrtis, Myrtle or Mertle.
                          616. Naava
                          617. Nancy for Anne, Ann
                          618. Nabbie for Abigail
                          619. Nannie for Nancy
                          620. Namee
                          621. Naomi, Naoma, Omi, Omie
                          622. Narcissa
                          623. Nattie or Nat for Natalie, Nadine, Natalia, Renata or other names.
                          624. Nathie, Natthie for Asenath
                          625. Neamy, Naomi
                          626. Neeva, Neava, Neevah
                          627. Nellie, Nella or Nelly for Ellen, Cornelius, Cornelia, Eleanor, Nelda, Helen, Helene, Janelle, or Janella.
                          628. Nese, Nesie
                          629. Nessie
                          630. Nestor
                          631. Neriah
                          632. Nettie or Netta for Annette, Eunetia, Jennette, Henrietta, Natalie, Harriett.
                          633. Nev, Nevada
                          634. Nicolette, Nicoletta, Nicola, Nicky
                          635. Nimiah, Nimah, Nim
                          636. Nina may be a nickname for Ehnina, Karenina, Antonina, Antonia.
                          637. Nisha
                          638. Nita, Juanita
                          639. Noble
                          640. Nora for Elinor, Elnora, Eleanor, Eleanora, Leonora, Norah and in Scotland, the female name Norman.
                          641. Norcissa
                          642. Norman, Scottish female name
                          643. Normandy, Norma, Norman
                          644. Norva
                          645. Nunzia
                          646. Obedience, Obediently
                          647. Odeal
                          648. Oleta
                          649. Ollie may be a nickname for Olive, Ophelia, Olga, Ola, Olympia, Olena,  Olva, Olinda, Olivette or Olivia.
                          650. Oliva
                          651. Olive
                          652. Olwen
                          653. Oma, Omie (Omie may also be a nickname for Naomi)
                          654. Offie for Theophilus, Theophilius.
                          655. Ona, Una
                          656. Opal
                          657. Ophila, Ophilda
                          658. Oprah, Ophrah means "fawn" in Hebrew
                          659. Orien
                          660. Oris
                          661. Orlanda, Orlando
                          662. Orpha or Orphie may be a nickname for Orphelia.
                          663. Ora or Orie may be a nickname for Victoria, Aurelia, Aurilla, Aura, Isadora, Orianna, Oriana, Oredie, Orressia, Orlena or Orilla, Orcelia.
                          664. Orda, Ordel or Ordie may be a nickname for Ordelyea.
                          665. Orlena
                          666. Orramell
                          667. Oressia
                          668. Orcell, Orsell, Orsella
                          669. Orilla, Rilla
                          670. Ortie may be a nickname for Orthha, Ortha, Orthelia.
                          671. Otilla, Tillie
                          672. Ovie or Ovid may be a nickname for Ova, Ovidia, Ovedia.
                          673. Palmaneda, Pamaneda
                          674. Pamely, Pamela, Pammie
                          675. Pardon
                          676. Parasetta
                          677. Parlow, Parlie
                          678. Parne
                          679. Parnel, Parnell, Nell, Nellie
                          680. Parthy
                          681. Parthenia, Parthena, Parthie, Tenie, Thenie
                          682. Pat, Patsy, Patty, Pattie for Patience. Martha Washington's nickname was Patsy.
                          683. Pauline
                          684. Peachie, Peach
                          685. Pearl, Perletta, Perlettie, Perliettie, Pearlie, Pearlina
                          686. Peggy or Peg for Margaret.
                          687. Pegger
                          688. Penthesilia, Penthesia, Pentha
                          689. Permelia, Pemelia, Pamelia
                          690. Pernell, Pernella
                          691. Pernolia
                          692. Perces, Persis, Percy, Persy
                          693. Persephone, Persephonia
                          694. Persila, Persilah, Persilla, Persillia
                          695. Pharis, Pharady
                          696. Pheby, Phoebe, Phebe
                          697. Phenie for Tryphena
                          698. Phia
                          699. Phidelia, Phidie, Delia
                          700. Philadelphia, Delphia, Delphie, Phila, Phillie
                          701. Philinda, Phillie, Linda
                          702. Philomena, Mena, Phila
                          703. Phylotho
                          704. Phinetta
                          705. Phy, Lema, or Dema may be a nickname for Phydema, Phylema
                          706. Pleasentry, Pleasantry
                          707. Pleasant
                          708. Pluma
                          709. Pistole
                          710. Pleasant
                          711. Pocahontas
                          712. Polly is a nickname for Maria or Mary, which was derived from another nickname for Mary, Molly. Both are sometimes used as a name in their own right. (Note: Maria “Polly” Jefferson, (1778-1804) Daughter of Thomas Jefferson)
                          713. Poppy, British
                          714. Popsey, British
                          715. Posey
                          716. Preserved
                          717. Presilah, Presila, Presilia, Pressilia, Presilliah
                          718. Prissie or Prissy for Priscilla.
                          719. Prudence, Prudy
                          720. Purlie, Pearlie for Pearl or Perle, Perla, Pearle, Perline.
                          721. Quest, Questina, Questiva
                          722. Quill
                          723. Quilla, Quillie
                          724. Quincy, Quincia
                          725. Quinn, Quinnley
                          726. Quinney
                          727. Quintessence
                          728. Quintia, Quinta
                          729. Quintina
                          730. Quinty
                          731. Queen, Queenie
                          732. Questa, Questie
                          733. Quinby, Quenby
                          734. Quincy
                          735. Quarry
                          736. Quintessa Tessa, Tess
                          737. Racky
                          738. Rachael, Rachel
                          739. Rae, Ray
                          740. Raffaela, Raffy
                          741. Ramona, Ramonda
                          742. Rass or Rassy for Rasmine. also Minnie for Rasmine.
                          743. Rayoma
                          744. Rebanis
                          745. Rebecca, Rebechah, Rabecha, Rebechak, Rabachak, Rebacah, Rebichak
                          746. Regina
                          747. Reffa, Reffie
                          748. Rehan, Rehanna, Rehannah
                          749. Reizel
                          750. Rejzla
                          751. Rena for Lorena, Renata, Rene, Renita, Renee, Renate, Irene, Serena.
                          752. Renewed
                          753. Resolve, Resolved
                          754. Reethie, Reeth, Rethie, Reethy, Rethy may be a nickname for Retha.
                          755. Rhea or Ria for Maria.
                          756. Rhett for Henrietta, Henriette
                          757. Rhoda, Rhodie, Rhodey or Rodi, Rhodabell
                          758. Rhodaline
                          759. Rilla, Orilla
                          760. Rina
                          761. Rindy for Marinda.
                          762. Rintha for Emarintha
                          763. River, Rivers
                          764. Rivka, Rivvie
                          765. Rodabelle, Rhodabelle
                          766. Roma
                          767. Roe for Roella, Roelia, Roellia.
                          768. Romer
                          769. Rosey is a nickname for Rosealiza, Alerose, Rose, Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabelle, Rosabella, Rosalie, Rosalinda, Rosalind, Roslyn, Rosaline, Roseline, Rosaleen, Rosina, Rosamond, Rosanna, Rosannah, Rosmond, Roseann, Roseanne, Rose Ann, Roselle, Rosetta, Rosella, Rosalia, Roena or Rosemary.
                          770. Rossi, Rossie, Rossa
                          771. Roxa, Roxie, Rox for Roxanne
                          772. Ruby
                          773. Rue or Ru for Rue, Ruthy, Ruie, Rumina, Rumena, Ruhema, LaRue, Ruella, Ruenna.
                          774. Ruhema, Ruhie
                          775. Ruiamah
                          776. Ruth, Ruthetta, Rue, Ru
                          777. Sabina, Sabra, Sabara, Sabarah
                          778. Sadie, Sadye, Saidee or Saro may be a nickname for Sarah or Sara.
                          779. Sal, Sally or Sallie for Sarah.
                          780. Sal, Salome, Salomie, Saloma, Salume, Salinda
                          781. Sanctuary
                          782. Saphina
                          783. Saphira, Sapphira, Sapphirah
                          784. Sarepta, known as "Reppie"
                          785. Sarah, Sally
                          786. Sarra, Sarrah, Sarrie
                          787. Sassafrass Sassy, Sassie
                          788. Savannah, Savanna, Savie, and Savannah, Georgia
                          789. Selma
                          790. Sep or Sephie may be a nickname for Sepha, Sephora.
                          791. Sepha for Josepha.
                          792. Serah
                          793. Serepta
                          794. Shadrach, Shadrack, Shadey, Shade
                          795. Shamlyn
                          796. Sheba for Bathsheba.
                          797. Sheloah, Sheloa
                          798. Shem, biblical, Shemmie
                          799. Shiloh
                          800. Shirley, Shirl
                          801. Shubel
                          802. Sibbiah, Sibbia, Sibbie, Sibah
                          803. Sibilla, Sibillia, Sibilia, Sibila, Sibelia, Sibbelia, Sibbel, Sibble
                          804. Silas, biblical
                          805. Silence
                          806. Silomus, Siloma
                          807. Silvia, Silvie
                          808. Sinia, Sina, Sinah
                          809. Sinda, may be for Lucinda
                          810. Sissila, Sis, Siss
                          811. Sis, Sister
                          812. Snow
                          813. Sohila
                          814. Sonora
                          815. Sophina, Sophronia, Sophia, Sofia, Sophila, Sophilia: Sophie
                          816. Star
                          817. Statie is a nickname for Anastasia, Statia, Staci, Stacie, Stacey.
                          818. Stella
                          819. Sula
                          820. Surah, Sura
                          821. Surrissa, Syrissa
                          822. Susie is a nickname for Sue, Susan, Suzanne, Susannah, Susie, Susanne, Susanna, Suzanna, Susette, or Suzette.
                          823. Suvia
                          824. Sydia, Sydnah, Synthia, Syndah
                          825. Sylva
                          826. Szjena, nickname Jennie
                          827. Tabitha, Tab, Tabby or Tabbie
                          828. Talitha
                          829. Tamar, Tam, Tammy
                          830. Tamson, Tammy
                          831. Tamsie, Tam
                          832. Tannie, Tanna, Tannah, Tanny
                          833. Tempe, Tempy, Tempey, Tempie are nicknames for Temperance
                          834. Tenie, Tena, Tenia
                          835. Tennessee, Tennie
                          836. Terah
                          837. Terrebella, Terrabella
                          838. Tessatuth, Tessa
                          839. Tessie
                          840. Texas (Appalachian singer Texas Gladden), Texie, Tex
                          841. Thalia
                          842. Thankful
                          843. Theodicia, Theodocie, Theodosia: Docia, Docie, Dicia, Dosie
                          844. Theordora, Theodorah, Theordoria: Dora
                          845. Thenia, Thenie
                          846. Therina, Tharina
                          847. Thirza, Thyrsa, Therza, Therzie, Thursy, Thurza, Theriz
                          848. Therezay
                          849. Tillie, Tilly, Tildy for Otilla, Matilda, Natalie, Tilda or Tallulah.
                          850. Tiff or Tiffy for Tiffany, Tiffani, Tiffanie.
                          851. Tina for Christine, Christina, Celestine, Celestina.
                          852. Tiris, Tiras, biblical
                          853. Tirza, Tirzah, Tirzie, Tirzey
                          854. Tish is short for Letitia.
                          855. Tissie, Tissy
                          856. Tranquoline
                          857. Trinity, Trin
                          858. Trixie may be a nickname for Bea, Beatrix, Beatrice, Trixy.
                          859. Truda for Gertruda.
                          860. Trudy, Trude, Gert, Gertie are nicknames for Gertrude.
                          861. Tryphena, Phena, Phenie
                          862. Udolphia, Udol or Phia
                          863. Ulyssa, Lyssa
                          864. Una, Euna
                          865. Unicy
                          866. Ura, Ketura, Keturah
                          867. Uri, biblical
                          868. Ursa, Ersa, Ursie, Ersie
                          869. Uvie, Uvy may be a nickname for Uvabelle.
                          870. Vashti
                          871. Veda
                          872. Velma
                          873. Vera for Guinevere, Veronica, Lavera, Verlene, Verena, Verene, Verina, Verine, Verla, Verlia.
                          874. Vergie
                          875. Venus
                          876. Veronique
                          877. Vernick, Vernicka, Nickie, Nicky
                          878. Vesta, Vestie, Vesty may be a nickname for Silvestra or Vesteria.
                          879. Vicille, Vicie, Cillie
                          880. Victoire, Vic
                          881. Victoria after Queen Victoria 1819-1901 "Alexandrina Victoria" was called "Dina" when young. She was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death in 1901. On 1 May 1876, she adopted the additional title of Empress of India. She was baptised Alexandrina after one of her godparents, Emperor Alexander I of Russia, and Victoria, after her mother. 
                          882. Victory, Vic, Vicki
                          883. Vi, Vivie may be a nickname for Viola, Violet, Viessa, Virginia, Vida, Vicenza, Vica, Vigilia, Violante, Virtue, Viveca, Victory, or others.
                          884. Vinnie for Lavinia, Lavina
                          885. Viola, Ola, Vi
                          886. Vionetta, Netta, Nettie, Vi
                          887. Virginia, Ginny, Virge, Vergie
                          888. Vista, Vistie, Vis
                          889. Viva, Veva
                          890. Wales, Welsh, Welshie
                          891. Wanola, Ola
                          892. Welsh, Welshie, Wales
                          893. Welthy, Wealthy, Weltha
                          894. Whyla
                          895. Willa or Willie may be a female nickname for Willia, Wileen, Willene, Wilhelmine, Willabella, Willabelle, Willamina, Willamine, Willeen, Willene, Willemina, Willetta, Willette, Williamina, Willie, Williebelle, Wilmette, Willmina, Willmine, Willy, Willybella, Wilma, Wilmette, Wilmina, Wilna, Wilhelma or Wylma.
                          896. Wilda, Wildie, Willda
                          897. Wildgrube
                          898. Wilhelmina, Mina, Minnie, Willie, Helmy
                          899. Wilmont, Montie, Willa, Willie
                          900. Winnie for Winona, Winifred, Winnefred, Winefred, or Edwina
                          901. Woe
                          902. Woethe
                          903. Zeline
                          904. Zillie, Zilpha, Zilphia
                          905. Zina may be a nickname for Zinaida. 
                          906. Zora, Zorrie, Zorry for Zoretha.
                          907. Val for Valerie.
                          908. Vanzula, Vannie
                          909. Veda or Vede for Nevada. 
                          910. Vel may be a nickname for Velzora, Velmira, Velina, Vellina.
                          911. Vergie for Virginia.
                          912. Verity
                          913. Vide, Vira may be a nickname for Alvira.
                          914. Vida for Violet.
                          915. Vise (pronounced Vi cee) was a nickname for Louvisa 
                          916. Vista, Vistie, Vis
                          917. Welda
                          918. Wella
                          919. Xandra, Xandre
                          920. Xanthene, Xanthina, Xanthena
                          921. Xanthe
                          922. Xena
                          923. Xenia
                          924. Xenobia
                          925. Xenodice, Xennie, Dicey
                          926. Xylda
                          927. Yanet hebrew
                          928. Yetta
                          929. Yolanda
                          930. Youarkee, Arkie, Arkee
                          931. Zebina, Zebbie
                          932. Zelah, Zella, Zella, Zellah
                          933. Zelda
                          934. Zella
                          935. Zelma
                          936. Zemira, Zemirah
                          937. Zenda, Zinda
                          938. Zermah
                          939. Zerua
                          940. Zeruiah, both male and female, also known as Zeru
                          941. Zilpah, Zilpha, Zilphia, Zilphy, Zilpa, Zillie, Zilly, Zill
                          942. Zina
                          943. Zofa
                          944. Zorada
                          945. Zorbina, Zorbie, Bina
                          946. Zula, Zule, Zulie
                          947. Zulaica, my own relative is "Ida Zulaica Wilsey White" of NY, NJ to TX
                          948. Zynettia, Zynetta, Zynettie known as Nettie

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