19th c. Girl Female Women's American Nicknames & Baby Names for Genealogy February 20 2014

19th Century Women’s Victorian era Old Names & Nicknames

Hundreds of popular 19th century Victorian nicknames for Genealogy. We collect old nicknames, can you help? email ~debra with more. This is also a great source for girl baby names. Check out our Victorian boys, male nickname page here. Many of the old American names are biblical names. We keep a list of names from all the old family photos we handle and sell. ~debra


  1. Abbie or Abby is usually a nickname for Abigail.
  2. Ada may be a nickname for Adelia, Adela, Adelaide, Adele, Adeline, Adelle, Adeline, Adaline,Adelina, Adelpha, Adina, Adine, Adena, Adolpha, Adonia, Adora, Adorabelle, Adorlee, Adorlee.
  3. Addy or Addie may be a nickname for Adaline, Adeline, Adelia, Adella, Adelaide, Adelphia, Adda.
  4. Aggie or Aggy is usually a nickname for Agnes, Agnesia, or Agatha.
  5. Alfie may be a nickname for Alpha, Alfreda, Alfonsine, Alphonsine.
  6. Allie, Ally or Alli may be a nickname for Alice, Aileen, Alberta, Almena, Alyssa, Alyce, Alvina, Alva, Alura, Alula, Althea, Alta, Alpha, Aloysia, Alonza, Aloha, Almira, Alma, Allison, Allene, Alanna, Allegra, Alisa, Alla, Aliza, Aline, Alina, Alima, Alida, Adelita, Alfonsine, Alexis, Alethea, Aleta, Aldora, Alda, Aldora, Albinia, Alcina, Alarice, Alameda, Alanna, Alamena, Allison, Alison, Alexandra, Alexina.
  7. Alex may be a nickname for Alexandra, Alexina.
  8. Almy may be a nickname for Alma, Almida, Almeda.
  9. Alvie or Alvy may be a nickname for Alvenia, Alvena.
  10. Amorancy or Amorancey was found as a nickname for Amoransa.
  11. Ama for Amabel.
  12. Amma or Ammie, Ammy may be a nickname for America, Amelia, Amandine, Amorancy, Amorancey, Amoransa, Amoranca, Amata, Amber, Ambrosine, Amethyst, Amy, Ami, Amity, Amaline, or Amanda.
  13. Angie is a nickname for Angelina, Angela, Angel.
  14. Annie may be a nickname for Anne, Annabelle, Analine, Anna, Anita, Ann, Antoinette, Antimilla, Antemilla, Anstis or Antonia.
  15. Ardy or Ardie, Dena or Denie may be a nickname for Ardenia.
  16. Arvie or Villa may be a nickname for Arvilla.
  17. Barb may be a nickname for Bobbie, Barbara, Barbie or Barbary.
  18. Bartie may be a nickname for Barthena.
  19. Belle may be a nickname for Isabell, Isabella, Isabelle, Belinda, Rosabel, Rosabella, Arabella, Arabelle, Belia, Belva, Bela, or Bellanca.
  20. Bessie may be a nickname for Bess, Betsy, Bessy, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth.
  21. Beth may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Hepsybeth or Hepsibeth, Bethel, Bethany, Betha, Jobeth, Bethan, Bethann, Bethanne, Clarabeth, Lilybeth, Lorabeth, Loribeth, Maribeth, Marybeth, Sarabeth, Sarahbeth and Corabeth.
  22. Betsy for Elizabeth.
  23. Biddy or Biddie for Bridget.
  24. Birdie may be a nickname for Bert, Byrd, Birt, Delberta, Roberta, Bertalina, Elbert, Elberta, Alberta, Burt, Bertha, or other names, both male and female.
  25. Caddy or Caddie is a girl’s nickname for Cadelia, Candace, Caroline or Cadwyn.
  26. Callie and Lindy are nicknames for Clarinda.
  27. Cammie is a nickname for Camryn, Camille, Cameron, Camilla, Cameo, Camden, and Cambria.
  28. Cannie is a nickname for Americana, Candice, Candace, Candide, Candida, or Candy.
  29. Cara may be a nickname for Caraline.
  30. Carrie may be a nickname for Caroline, Carolina, Carolyn, Carol, or Carruth.
  31. Cenith may be a nickname for Acenith.
  32. Chere may be a nickname for Cheredal.
  33. Clara may be a nickname for Clarissa, Claribel, Clarabelle, Clarabell, Clarice, Clarinda, Claramae, Claresta, Clarimond, Claire. 
  34. Clar, Clare, Clarrie, Clarie, Rinda may be a nickname for Clarinda, as well as Lindy.
  35. Corie, Cory, Corry, Corrie may be a nickname for Cory, Cora, Corrine, Cornelia, Corella, Corette, Corrina, Correne, Corene, Corra, Coretta, Corabelle, Coral, Coraline, Cordelia, Corissa, Corisa, Corrissa, Corliss, Corey, Corence.
  36. Cornie short for Cornelia.
  37. Crece or Crese for Lucretia.
  38. Danie may be a nickname for Danielle, Dana, Dane, Alydane, Daniela, Daniella, Danella, Danelle, Danica, Danika, or Danya.
  39. Delia for Cordelia, Fidelia, Fedilia.
  40. Dell, Del, Dellie, Delly, Della for Odelia, Fidelia, Fedelia or also for Deliverance.
  41. Dolly for Dorothy.
  42. Dora may be a nickname for Medora, Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, or Theodora.
  43. Dot or Dottie may be a nickname for Eudora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dolores, Theodora.
  44. Eda may be a nickname for Edith or Edna.
  45. Effie may be a nickname for Josephine, Erphelia, Ephelia, Ophelia, Orpha, Orphelia, Euphemia, Evelyn, or Efa.
  46. Ella may be a nickname for Helen, Helene, Elva, Elvina, Elvira, Elsie, Elsa, Eloise, Elna, Elmira, Elnora, Eleanore, Ellice, Elma, Elyse, Gabriela, Gabriella, Elnora, Eleanor, Ellen or Luella.
  47. Elma may be a nickname for Gulielma.
  48. Elsie may be a nickname for Eliza, Eloise, Eloisa, Elissa, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elsa, Elise.
  49. Emma may be a nickname for Emily, Emmagene, Emaline, Emiline, Emmy, Emmy Lou, Emeline, Emelina, Emelyne, Emmaline, or Ema.
  50. Erphie or Erphy may be a nickname for Erphelia or Erphilia.
  51. Etha may be a nickname for Ethalinda, Etheline, Ethelia.
  52. Etta, Ettie, or Etty may be a nickname for Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Margaretta, Lenetta, Lenette, Jeanetta, Jeanette, Ethel, Georgietta, Antoinette, Euretta, Izetta or Loretta.
  53. Euddie, Eudy, Euddy may be a nickname for Eudora.
  54. Eva may be a nickname for Evangeline, Evaleen, Evelyn, Eve, Evaline, Evie, Eveline, Evette, Evetta, or Evita.
  55. Fannie, Fanny, Fran, Franny, Frannie may be a nickname for Frances, Franzenia, Franzia.
  56. Flo, Flora or Florrie may be a nickname for Florence.
  57. Flossie is a nickname for Francine, Florence Frances.
  58. Freda may be a nickname for Freida, Fredia, Freda, Fredella, Fredericka, Frieda, Frida, Frederique.
  59. Georgie may be a nickname for Georgene, Georgina, Georgine, Georgette, Georgia, Georgiana, George or Georgina.
  60. Gert, Gertie, Trudy are nicknames for Gertrude.
  61. Ginny for Virginia.
  62. Gollie or Golly is a nickname for Goline, Golinda.
  63. Grizzie (or in its proper form Grizel) is an old Scots, Scottish name for Grace. Grizzie also may be a nickname for Grizelle, Grizelda or Griselle.
  64. Gussie may be a nickname for Augustina, Augustine, August, Augusta.
  65. Haddie, Haddy or Heddy, Heddie may be a nickname for Hedda, Hedy, Hedda, Hedwig, Hadria, Haidee, Harriet, Harriett, Henrietta, Henriette, Hadden.
  66. Hallie may be a nickname for Mahala, Mahella, Mahalla Mahalia, or Mahaley.
  67. Hattie may be a nickname for Harriet, Harriett, Henriette, Henrietta, Haidee, or Hadria.
  68. Hepsy, Heppy, Heppie or Hepsi may be a nickname for Hepsybeth, or Hepsibeth, a Victorian era woman’s name.
  69. Hertie or Herty may be a nickname for Hortense, Hertha, Herta, Hertense, Hertensia.
  70. Hettie or Hetty may be a nickname for Henrietta, Natalie, Hazel, Hester, or Mehitable.
  71. Huldy is a nickname for Huldah.
  72. Ivey or Ivy may be a nickname for Ivanilla.
  73. Jane for Virginia.
  74. Jeannie may be a nickname for Jeannette, Jeanette, Jeanne or Jean.
  75. Jennie may be a nickname for Genevieve, Jane, Jennifer, Jenny, Jenevieve, Gennifer, Genna, or Jenni. Jenny has also been used as a nickname for Johanna. As in the famous singer Jenny Lind in the 19th century (Johanna Maria Lind (1820-1887), known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale").
  76. Jerrie or Jerry may be a woman’s nickname for Jerusha.
  77. Jessie may be a nickname for Jessica, Jane, Janet, Jeanette, Jesse, Jess. Jessamine.
  78. Jo, Josey or Josie may be a nickname for Josephine, Josephin or Josephina.
  79. Kezzy or Kezzie may be a nickname for Keziah, a Victorian era woman’s name.
  80. Kate, Katie, Katey, Katy, Kitty, Kittie or Kit may be a nickname for Kate, Katherine, Katharine, Catherine, Catharine, Kathleen, or Cathleen.
  81. Lallie may be a nickname for Ellen, Laila, Layla, Lelia, Laura, Helen, Eleanor, Lalage, Eulalia, Eula, Delilah, lalah, Lalita, Lilah, or Lillian.
  82. Lena may be a nickname for Celine, Selina, Celina, Magdelina, Magdelena, Madeline, Helen, Helene, Evaline, Darlene, Kathleen, Arleen, Arlena, Arlene, Aileen, Adaline, Adeline, Caroline, Carolyn.
  83. Lettie or Letty may be a nickname for Letta, Letha, Leta, Leatrice, Lettice, Leticia, Violet, Violetta, Viletta, Louisa, Loretta.
  84. Libby or Libbie may be a nickname for Liberty, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth.
  85. Lillie or Lilly may be a nickname for Lilla, Lillian, Lilian, Lily, Lilith, Lill, Lila, Lilia, Lilli, Liliana, Liliane, Lilyan, Lilias, Lili, Lilibet, Lila, Lilah, Lilac.
  86. Lindy is a nickname for Clarinda or Linda.
  87. Linny for Malinda.
  88. Lissie may be a nickname for Allissa, Alisa, Alice, Alicia, Lisa, Lisbeth, Malissa  or Melissa.
  89. Lizzie may be a nickname for Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Eliza, or Liza.
  90. Lottie may be a nickname for Charlotte, Lotta, Carlotta, Loretta, Charlotta.
  91. Lucy may be a nickname for Luciana, Lucida, Lucile, Lucette, Lucettie, Lucita, Lucerne, Lucerna, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucia, Lucretia, or Lucina.
  92. Lulu or Lula may be a nickname for Laura,  Luella, Luellen, Lucia, Lucretia, Louella,  Luelle, Ludella, Eulalia, Eula, Louise.
  93. Maggie or Maggy may be a nickname for Magdelina, Magdalena, Magdeline, Magdelina, Magda, Margaret, Margaretta, Magnolia, Margarita, Margareta, Margery, Marge, Madeline.
  94. Maha may be a nickname for Mahateth.
  95. Mallie is a nickname for Malvenia, Malvena, Malvina, Mallory.
  96. Mamie or Mame was a commonly used nickname for Marget, Margaret, Mary, Marie, Maria, or Marietta.
  97. Margret: We see many Irish immigrant women with the spelling of Margret, as opposed to the more common Margaret.
  98. Mary may also be a nickname for Marilla.
  99. Marthy is a nickname for Martha.
  100. Mattie may be a nickname for Martha, Meg, Margaret, Matilda, Mathilda, Madeline.
  101. Meda is a nickname for Almeda.
  102. Mena may be a nickname for Minerva, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Mina, Almena, Euphemia.
  103. Mercy may be a nickname for Amercia.
  104. Mice or Mesie used as a nickname for Alice. 
  105. Millie may be a nickname for Amelia, Millicent, Mildred, Antemilla or Antimilla.
  106. Mindy for Melinda, Arminda.
  107. Minnie may be a nickname for Minerva, Minna, Minetta, Mintha, Minta, Minette, Wilhelmina, Philomena, Armina, Arminda or Mina.
  108. Minta for Arminta.
  109. Molly or Mollie can be a nickname for Mary or Margaret. Polly is another nickname for Mary. Both can also be used as a name in their own right.
  110. Myrtie, Myrty, Myrt, Mertie, Mert, Merty are nicknames for Myrtis, Myrtle or Mertle.
  111. Nancy for Anne, Ann.
  112. Nabbie for Abigail.
  113. Nannie for Nancy.
  114. Nattie may be a may be a nickname for Natalie, Nadine, Natalia, Renata or other names.
  115. Nellie or Nelly may be a nickname for Ellen, Cornelius, Cornelia, Eleanor, Nelda, Helen, Helene, Janelle, or Janella.
  116. Nettie may be a nickname for Netta, Jennette, Juanita, Henrietta, Natalie, Harriett.
  117. Nina may be a nickname for Ehnina, Karenina, Antonina, Antonia.
  118. Nora may be a nickname for Elnora, Eleanor, Eleanora, Leonora, Norah and in Scotland, the female name Norman.
  119. Ollie may be a nickname for Olive, Ophelia, Olga, Ola, Olympia, Olena,  Olva, Olinda, Olivette or Olivia.
  120. Offie for Theophilus.
  121. Orpha or Orphie may be a nickname for Orphelia.
  122. Ora or Orie may be a nickname for Aurelia, Aurilla, Aura, Isadora, Orianna, Oriana, Oredie or Orilla.
  123. Orda, Ordel or Ordie may be a nickname for Ordelyea.
  124. Ortie may be a nickname for Orthha, Ortha, Orthelia.
  125. Ovie or Ovid may be a nickname for Ovidia, Ovedia.
  126. Parthy or Parthie may be a nickname for Parthena.
  127. Pat, Patsy, Patty, Pattie for Patience, also Martha Washington's nickname was Patsy.
  128. Peggy or Peg for Margaret.
  129. Polly is a nickname for Maria or Mary, which was derived from another nickname for Mary, Molly. Both are sometimes used as a name in their own right. (Note: Maria “Polly” Jefferson, (1778-1804) Daughter of Thomas Jefferson)
  130. Purlie may be a nickname for Pearl or Perle, Perla, Pearle, Perline.
  131. Rena may be a nickname for Renata, Rene, Renita, Renee, Renate, Irene, Serena.
  132. Rosey is a nickname for Rose, Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabelle, Rosabella, Rosalie, Rosalinda, Rosalind, Roslyn, Rosaline, Roseline, Rosaleen, Rosina, Rosamond, Rosanna, Rosannah, Rosmond, Roseann, Roseanne, Rose Ann, Roselle, Rosetta, Rosella, Rosalia, Roena or Rosemary.
  133. Sadie, Sadye or Saro may be a nickname for Sarah or Sara.
  134. Sally or Sallie for Sarah.
  135. Sep or Sephie may be a nickname for Sepha, Sephora.
  136. Sophie is a nickname for Sophronia, Sophia, or Sofia.
  137. Statie is a nickname for Anastasia, Statia, Staci, Stacie, Stacey.
  138. Susie is a nickname for Sue, Susan, Suzanne, Susannah, Susie, Susanne, Susanna, Suzanna, Susette, or Suzette.
  139. Tempe, Tempy, Tempie are nicknames for Temperance.
  140. Tillie, Tilly, Tildy may be a nickname for Matilda, Natalie, Tilda or Tallulah.
  141. Tina may be a nickname for Christine, Christina.
  142. Tish is short for Letitia.
  143. Trixie may be a nickname for Bea, Beatrix, Beatrice, Trixy.
  144. Trudy, Gert, Gertie are nicknames for Gertrude.
  145. Uvie, Uvvy or Uvy may be a nickname for Uvabelle.
  146. Vera may be a nickname for Guinevere, Veronica, Lavera, Verlene, Verena, Verene, Verina, Verine, Verla.
  147. Vesta, Vestie, Vesty may be a nickname for Silvestra or Vesteria.
  148. Vi may be a nickname for Violet, Viessa, Virginia, Vida, Vicenza, Vica, Vigilia, Violante, Virtue, Viveca, or others.
  149. Willa or Willie may be a female nickname for Wileen, Willene, Wilhelmine, Willabella, Willabelle, Willamina, Willamine, Willeen, Willene, Willemina, Willetta, Willette, Williamina, Willie, Williebelle, Wilmette, Willmina, Willmine, Willy, Willybella, Wilma, Wilmette, Wilmina, Wilna, Wilhelma or Wylma.
  150. Winnie may be a nickname for Winona, Winifred, Winnefred, Winefred, or Edwina.
  151. Zina may be a nickname for Zinaida. 
  152. Zora for Zoretha.
  153. Veda or Vede for Nevada. 
  154. Vergie for Virginia.
  155. Vide may be a nickname for Alvira.
  156. Vise (pronounced Vi cee) was a nickname for Louvisa.

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